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Student exchange australia2012.mushfiqul haque mukit

  2. 2. Whether you’re interested in a short summer program, a semester program or an academic year program you’ll find this brochure a great place to start. Toward the back, we highlight Gap year and school leaver contents options and provide a summary of additional programs that Prog Programs at a glance 2 are pitched towards people who have completed their Eligi Eligibility 3 secondary education. Free information evenings & online sessions 4 We have many years experience in delivering high quality Stu Student exchange programs 5-6 programs. All our staff have either been exchange students, S Safety and wellbeing 7 have lived, worked or studied overseas. They understand the Online student resources 8 challenges involved and are committed to providing you Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd 9-10 with a high level of service and support throughout. How do I apply? 11 Disclaimer: the information contained in this brochure is correct at the time of printing, January 2012. Student Exchange Australia New Our customer service commitment 12 Zealand Ltd and Student Placement Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd reserve the right to change program specifications at any time. Frequently asked questions 13-14 Host an exchange student 15 Business relationships 16 Gap year options 17-18 COVER IMAGE: Emma-Lee Foy (bottom right), on exchange in The Netherlands, our first Indigenous Scholarship Winner 2011, WA1 experienceiseverythingTM
  3. 3. programsat a glance Age Program Description Program Features Page Secondary Student Exchange Programs Summer Explorer Program Short term exchange program over the summer break. Spend 14 -19 2-3 months in France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, 5 Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand; living with a host family and attending school. Semester Exchange Program Spend 4-6 months in one of over 20 destinations; 14 - 19 6 living with a host family and attending school. Departures early in the year or mid year. Year Exchange Program Spend 10-12 months in one of over 20 destinations; 14 - 19 6 living with a host family and attending school. Departures early in the year or mid year. Additional Gap year and school leaver options Sports Scholarships USA Use your sporting skills to access generous sports 16 - 26 scholarships to study at a university in the USA. 17-18 Open to recreational or amateur sports men or women of low, average and high level ability. Study USA The program gives you access to a wide range of generous 16+ 17-18 academic scholarships from a large number of universities across the United States. Live & Learn Spend up to 3 months in France or Germany; living with a host 18 - 30 17-18 family and helping them learn English. Great stepping stone for a working holiday. Au Pair Spend 12 months in the US, France, Germany or Spain; living 18 - 30 17-18 with a host family and caring for their children. Pocket money included plus the chance to attend Evening 2
  4. 4. experienceis everything TMWe are looking for bright, open minded,flexible young people who are willing to moveoutside their comfort zones and who want tolearn about the world and themselves.Being an exchange student is a challenging, rewarding and funexperience. You’re not a tourist or a guest. You’re actually living inyour host country as a member of that community.You’ll be placed with a host family and attend a local school.You’ll live like a local and become immersed in the culture.You’ll learn the language and gain invaluable internationalexperience. You’ll learn a lot about yourself.Student exchange programs promote tolerance, maturity and Challenge Yourself selfindependence. They also encourage an international perspective.In a very competitive world these are highly sought after qualities. Please don’t think living and studying overseas is easy:Experience is everything™. It requires courage to travel half way round the world to live in a new community very different from your own.Investment for Life It requires an open mind to live in another culture,Being an exchange student is an investment for life and to observe and appreciate the differences and to trulycomplements your formal education in important and exciting learn from the experience.ways. The experience of living, studying or working overseas It requires flexibility to attend a new school, make newcan bring enormous rewards: friends and perhaps learn a new language. learn another language and open career doors you You will find that all the familiarity of home – the ways of doing didn’t know existed things, the people, sights, sounds, smells - are suddenly no get to know how others live and come to see the world longer there. You will be confronted with completely different from another perspective ways of seeing and understanding the world around you. test yourself and acquire independence and maturity You become immersed in the local community. make new friends and appreciate old ones even more You may encounter homesickness and culture shock gain experience and judgement particularly in the early stages of the program. learn about the world first hand But if you have realistic expectations and are prepared to challenge yourself then it can be a life changing experience.Long after you return home your exchange experience willinfluence and inform your life. It will provide you with a substantial Eligibilitybackdrop from which to make future study and career choices. You are eligible to participate on the Summer Explorer,Employers are increasingly alert to the benefits of student Semester, or Year exchange programs if you meet theexchange. Your experience will set you apart from the crowd and following requirements:mark you as someone who has proven themselves in challengingcircumstances. still at school when you apply have maintained the equivalent of or better than a C grade average since Year 9 (Australia) have achieved a National Certificate of Educational Gap year options Achievement at the appropriate level, or produce a statement If you are finishing school soon why not spend from your school about anticipated levels of achievement when your Gap year as an exchange student? the certificate is awarded (New Zealand) It’s a great way to see more of your world before are in good physical and mental health starting your career or further studies. are mature and open-minded A number of countries will accept high school graduates on their exchange programs. Call us on 1300 135 331 are flexible, adaptable, responsible and ready to learn (in Australia) or 0800 440 079 (in NZ) and we’ll discuss your are between 15 and 18 years old (exceptions may be made options with you. Please also take a look at the programs for 14 and 19 year olds) pitched towards people who have completed their secondary Please note that Gap year option programs have different education which are outlined on pages 17-18. eligibility criteria. 3 experienceiseverythingTM
  5. 5. information Feedback from studentsevenings & and parents who attended our information sessionsonline sessions “Interesting. Informative. Reassuring!” Jess (Sydney) “It covered everything that I wished to know.” Tom (Auckland) “Very motivating and informative.”Free Information Evenings Joshua (Sydney)Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd holds over 60 free “Informative, comprehensive, well presented.” Melissa (Wellington)information evenings across Australia and New Zealand each year. “Open, well presented, informative.” Tom (Canberra) “The information session was fantastic - very friendly and informative.” Susie (Melbourne) “Well organised, honest, up front, helpful.” Hannah (Melbourne) “Very, very good, especially hearing from someone who has been on exchange. Really did cover everything.” Caitlin (Brisbane) “Interesting. Makes you aware of the challenges.” Tui (Cairns) Invitation where: when: “Good presentation. Information evenings are Information evenings start at Questions answered thoroughly.” held on a monthly basis in 7.30pm and run for about Jacqueline (Adelaide) Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne an hour and a half. They are “Very interesting. Clear and and Sydney and at regular friendly and free and are the concise.” Ellen (Perth) intervals in Adelaide, Cairns, best way for us to address your Canberra, Christchurch, Darwin, specific questions in person. uestions Gold Coast, Hobart, Perth, Toowoomba, Townsville and Wellington. Come and meet our staff Hear comprehensive information on all aspects of exchange Listen to former exchange students talk about their experiences Ask questions Listen to questions asked by other students and parents Meet other students who are considering going on exchangeFor details of dates and venues go to our website.Online Information Sessions On DemandIf you live remotely from the major cities or cannot get The On Demand Info Session is a prerecorded videoalong in person you can either watch our On Demand presentation you can watch anytime you like, from themedia presentation or attend one of our LIVE Online info comfort of your own home. Our staff will talk you throughsessions. Our online sessions provide access to the same all aspects of exchange via streaming video, while youcomprehensive information presented at all of our city watch a presentation.sessions and they are an extremely convenient way for you tohear from our National Director and Program Managers. LIVE Online The Live Online Info Session is conducted by a senior OW member of our staff using a service which allows us to REGISTER N meet online and over the telephone. You will be able to Go to our website meet our representative over a video internet connection, ask any questions and watch a presentation. When you register you will be sent detailed instructions on how to join the 4
  6. 6. SummerExplorerPrograms BenefitsOur Summer Explorer Programs Avoid interrupting your schooling. Gain new skills and confidence.offer the chance to be an You can choose between an early or late Pushing beyond your comfort zone is aexchange student without departure in November and you’ll be back great way to lift your horizons and gaininterrupting your schooling home in time to resume your studies. experience. Give yourself a competitiveat home. If these departures don’t suit, talk to our edge in your future career or studies. staff because we can often make individual Make new friends. Aussie and Kiwi arrangements if you are prepared to pay exchange students are popular the world a little extra.Duration over and there will be many opportunities Boost your language skills. to make friendships that can last a lifetime.You can go for 2 – 3 months You’ll be surprised how much your Long-term benefits. You will gain from language will improve in just 2 or 3Destinations months. You’ll soon be communicating the experience in ways that will help yourYou can go to France, Canada, future study and career choices. freely in Italian, French, German, JapaneseGermany, Italy, Japan, Spain, or maybe even Spanish, Danish,Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Norwegian or Swedish. What a great way VisasAustralia and New Zealand Our Summer Explorer students usually to lift your entry score just a few months before your final school exams. enter the country on a tourist visaDeparture A big plus for your future studies. which means there are no lengthy visaStudents typically leave in November processes beforehand.and get back home in time to resume Spend your summer holidaysschool or uni. You can also leave at overseas. Experience a traditional Pricesother times of the year but be sure to European Christmas, snow (hopefully!) For details on prices, applicationtalk to us about your requirements. for the New Year in Japan, home life and deadlines and departure dates, please indoor activities with your host family and refer to our pricing and scholarship flyer new friends instead of the stereotypically or visit our website. warm summer Christmas we so often My exchange was without a doubt experience.the best thing I’ve ever done! I wouldn’thave wanted it any other way! It wastruly humbling to be able to experience adifferent culture first-hand, discover aspectsof French life that were totally new andunfamiliar to me, and explore and appreciatethe beauty of another country. I met someof the most amazing people, experienced anew way of life (and food!), and did thingsI’d normally never get the chance to do.I learnt so much from my exchange – notonly in terms of my French, but also about ARY VIDEO LIBRmyself, and what I want to do in the future.Given the chance, I would go back and doit all over again! It was truly the experienceof a lifetime. View our onlineClaire Munro, NSW, France video library on our website5 experienceiseverythingTM
  7. 7. Semester & Year Programs Benefits Attend School. School is the social Our Semester and Year Live Like a Local. You can be hub of the program. It’s where you will programs are the most a tourist at any stage of your life but make friends, get involved in sporting popular choice for students students on our long programs frequently and social activities and where you’ll looking to gain an in-depth say they become part of the social fabric get to try new subjects or extend your of their host community. They start to think exchange experience. understanding of familiar subjects. and feel like a local. They build networks They also represent of friends that frequently last a lifetime. Being away from home excellent value for money. Their knowledge of the country increases Being away from home for up to and their capacity to put matters in perspective matures and grows. 12 months can be a challenging experience and it is not for everyone. High Level Language Skills. Duration If learning another language is one of You’re not on holiday and you are You can apply for a program of either your motivations then our long programs definitely not a guest. Homesickness can 4 - 6 months (semester) or provide an opportunity to really hone your occasionally be acute. You sometimes 10 -12 months (year). skills. On a long program you can relax think that you’ll never get the language. in the knowledge that you have plenty of But you’ll find that as you negotiate these Destinations time to adjust, make mistakes, practice and other little hurdles along the way you’ll You can go to Argentina, Australia, and learn. You’ll gain a level of fluency that acquire a whole new level of confidence Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, only comes with prolonged immersion. and independence. The benefits are not Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Independence and Confidence. handed to you on a plate. Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Although difficult at first, you’ll be amazed Norway, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, at how your self confidence improves as Early Bird Discount Switzerland, UK, and the USA. you adjust to your new life overseas. You receive a $500 (semester) Your sense of independence will increase Departure and your awareness of the world around or $750 (year) discount if you submit your application You can choose from departures in you will change forever. before the relevant Early Bird Deadline: January - February, March (Japan) Open Doors. Students frequently tell or July - September. 31st March for programs departing us that their exchange experience opened between the following October - March study and career doors they had not previously known existed. Your experience 31st October for programs departing overseas provides you with an opportunity between the following April - September During the past 4 months I think to reflect on your options and priorities. I was only homesick for the first week, Competitive Edge. Employers are Visas around Christmas and my birthday. increasingly alert to the benefits of student All participants are required to enter their I wasn’t as homesick as I thought I would exchange. Your experience will set you host country with the appropriate student because I was having WAY too much apart from the crowd and mark you as exchange visa and/or be travelling with a fun. My Spanish has improved more than I expected or hoped for, and I love someone who has proven themselves in passport accepted by their host country. speaking and understanding another challenging circumstances. language. I’m definitely coming back to Make Lasting Friendships. Prices Spain one day. Thanks for everything! The friends you make on exchange For details on prices, application deadlines Rhiannon Rennie, VIC, Spain frequently remain for life. You will share and departure dates, please refer to experiences that easily transcend borders, our pricing and scholarship flyer or visit cultures and generations. our 6
  8. 8. safety &wellbeingThe safety and wellbeing of our students is ourhighest priority. We understand that student excitementat the adventure ahead is often mirrored by parental anxiety.Supporting and guiding our students and families through asafe and secure experience is our key objective.We do this by: Local Support Structure ort helping prepare students prior to departure All students have a local coordinator appointed to support them and providing them with high quality advice gh throughout their time overseas. The coordinator – typically the and information about their exchange experience mother or father of a returned student - is there to provide first level support to students and families. If a student is experiencing being available to parents throughout the exchange for any roughout a problem they can talk with their local coordinator who will offer questions or concerns advice and assistance. Coordinators are in regular contact with our always using recognised airlines like Qantas, Air N nes New Zealand, professional staff to share information or seek advice. BA, Air France, Emirates, Lufthansa, Thai, Mala fthansa, Malaysian, etc. Our partners keep us informed of any developments affecting the only working with established and reputable o ed overseas partners students’ exchange. We, in turn, contact parents if there are any ensuring that host families are personally int interviewed in their issues that require their attention. homes and that selection procedures and criteria meet with The chart below shows the support structure that is available statutory requirements of the host count country to all students. ensuring that each student has a loca coordinator for regular dent local contact and close support and adv pport advice Parent and Student Handbooks providing all outbound participan with a MasterCard und participants All students and parents will receive a handbook prior to the multi-currency Cash Passport card to simplify overseas ash pre-departure orientation with our staff. Each handbook contains access to funds s comprehensive information on every aspect of our exchange including comprehensive medical, baggage and cancellation mprehensive program, what to expect, how to prepare prior to departure and insurance in our parti participation fee providing high quality advice and information about the exchange training our staff a coordinators on a regular basis and experience. providing an e viding emergency ‘phone service which students or families ca call 24/7 if they experience a genuine emergency amilies can Student comm communicating openly and regularly with all parties to the e exchange – parents, students, overseas partners etc Natural Family Host Family regularly monitoring government travel warnings from DFAT (Australia) and MFAT (New Zealand) CoordinatorWe understand that, with the excitement and anticipation of anupcoming exchange, students and their parents may not absorb allrecommendations/information at one sitting. That’s why we include Partner Organisationour advice and information in our orientations and in our printedand online materials. Similar but more locally specific advice isincluded in orientations in the host country. 7 experienceiseverythingTM
  9. 9. exclusive to our app licantsMy Exchange – loads more info about things like coping with homesicknessA Personalised Online Resource and culture shock, tips on how to get along with a new& Reporting Centre for Students language, host family, friends, school, and heaps moreOnce you’re accepted on to our program you’ll be given access a ‘My Docs’ area where all your important documents are keptto ‘My Exchange’ - a personalised online resource and reporting as PDFs in one place. These might include:centre packed with info to help you prepare and make the most of – Invoices, insurance certificate, flight itineraries etcyour exchange. With a secure login, you can access: – Host Family profile and related correspondence – Your original application links and resources about your host country – Important correspondence and emails an online travel journal allowing you to keep track of your – Travel Release forms experience with text and images – Details of your returned student advisor a summary of your profile and program information including detailed information on what to expect whilst on exchange, links to videos of returned students talking about their how to prepare and what to take experience emergency and contact details a personal dashboard, with quick access to news and updates from us We know how hard it is to keep track of all the paperwork and information. My Exchange is a great way to keep everything to do an easy reporting facility allowing you to send updates directly with your exchange in one place and stay connected to us while to us whenever you need or via monthly e-post cards & you’re away. quarterly 8
  10. 10. student exchangeaustralia new zealandOur Mission is to offer the unique experience of living andstudying in another culture and to enable young people to developthe skills and awareness that will enhance their future potential.Experience is everythingTM.Our Organisation Low CO2Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd is incorporated in Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd is officially certifiedAustralia as a not-for-profit company and is registered with the as a Low CO2 organisation. This means that we undergo regularNew Zealand Companies office. We are registered as a secondary carbon audits by the Carbon Reduction Institute in order toexchange organisation with Departments of Education around understand how much CO2 emission we are producing.Australia and with the Ministry of Education in New Zealand. This allows us to investigate opportunities to cut downLong established relationships with our international partners on these emissions through more efficient energyensure the highest standards of care and support to participants. practices and staff education. We also purchaseWe maintain a network of volunteer community coordinators carbon credits to help offset our emissions basedthroughout Australia and New Zealand who work in support of on the results of the audits.students and families during the exchange experience.Our StaffAll of our staff have either been exchange students themselves,have lived overseas, hosted a student, speak other languages orhave travelled extensively. They understand the challenges facedby students, families and volunteers. This experience assures youof the very highest levels of service and support.Our Community CoordinatorsOur Community Coordinator network extends across Australiaand New Zealand. Our coordinators conduct student interviews,participate in information sessions and supervise the experienceof our inbound students and host families. Training for ourcoordinators is conducted throughout the year in a variety ofvenues to ensure that our network is up-to-date and well informed.Our Customer Service CommitmentWe provide you with a clear written commitment of the customerservice standards you can expect from your dealings with StudentExchange Australia New Zealand Ltd (see page 12). If at any time inyour dealings with our organisation you feel we are not meeting ourCustomer Service Commitment you are invited to let our NationalDirector know. ARY VIDEO LIBR View our online video library on our website 9 experienceiseverythingTM
  11. 11. Scholarship AwardsStudent Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd is proud to offer ScholarshipAwards in the names of the following distinguished individuals:RAWDON DALRYMPLE FAY WILMERDINGRawdon Dalrymple was born in Sydney and went to school and Fay Wilmerding was an exchange student to Sweden in there. He was Rhodes Scholar for NSW in 1952 and She completed a Bachelor of Arts at Brown University (Providence,graduated from Oxford with first class honours in Philosophy, Politics Rhode Island, USA) in 1961. She went on to spend 10 monthsand Economics. He lectured in philosophy at Sydney University and studying language in France and teaching English. She returned tothen joined the Department of External Affairs in 1957. He joined the the US where she was employed in the student exchange industryAsian Development Bank in Manila in 1967 as Alternate Director, and was subsequently asked to manage high school exchangewas then minister in the Australian embassy in Jakarta from 1969 to programs in Australia.1972, and ambassador to Israel from 1972 to 1975. From 1968 to 1998, Fay played a leading role in the developmentIn 1981 Mr Dalrymple was appointed ambassador to Indonesia, of exchange opportunities in Australia and the founding of newin 1985 ambassador to the United States and in 1989 ambassador programs. She was instrumental in establishing internationalto Japan. He was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in education opportunities for thousands of exchange students, both1985. After retiring from Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1994 Rawdon Australians going overseas and young people coming to Australia.Dalrymple had a number of business and government appointments. Her work contributed strongly to the formation of student exchangeFrom 1966 until 2002 he taught courses in international relations programs we know a visiting professor in Government and International Relations Since leaving her thirty year career in the exchange student industryat the University of Sydney. He has published articles in journals Fay has completed a Bachelor of Laws with first class honours atin Australia, the United States, France and Canada and writes the University of Technology (Sydney). In 2007, she achieved hera monthly column in a leading Japanese newspaper. His book Masters in Criminology from the University of Sydney. She wasContinental Drift: Australia’s Search for a Regional Identity was admitted as a Legal Practitioner of the Supreme Court of NSW inpublished by Ashgate in March 2003. 2004 and has worked assisting a Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW and with Legal Aid NSW. Fay Wilmerding Rawdon Dalrymple AO T TOP RIGHT: G Georgia Bryers, Indigenous S Scholarship Winner 2011, NZ A ABOVE: G Grace Casey, Indigenous SCHOLARSHIPS S S Scholarship Winner 2012, NSW L LEFT: E Emma-Lee Foy, our first Indigenous S Scholarship Winner 2011, WA See our pricing and scholarship flyer (a photographed on cover) (also or visit our website for information about our scholarships. Over 12 partial and full scholarships are 10
  12. 12. student exchange application process How to apply. We recommend you attend one of our information evenings before you apply. This ensures both students and parents understand the challenges and the benefits of being an exchange student and that the program is right for you. Your application is what represents you to us, our overseas partners and prospective ensive host families. It allows us to get a comprehensive profile of the student and their interests. plete Give yourself a few weeks to properly complete the application with input from your parents, your school and your doctor. Step 1 - Download an application form from our Step 5 - We’ll then send your application to website or call us on 1300 135 331 (in Australia) or your country of choice. 0800 440 079 (in New Zealand) and we’ll organise to send one to you. Step 6 - When you’re accepted by our overseas partner, we’ll give you access to your personalised Step 2 - Complete and return your application ‘My Exchange’ online resource centre and arrange form together with your $500 deposit (fully refundable a time and place to provide you and other students if your application is not accepted). You should be sure with a comprehensive pre-departure orientation. to apply at least 3 - 4 months prior to departure. See our website for up to date application deadlines. Please note there is a separate form for the USA. Please contact our office Step 7 - Prepare for lift off! prior to completing your USA application form. Step 8 - Once you’ve left home and arrived in your Step 3 - We will acknowledge its receipt and liaise host country you’ll be met by a representative of our with you regarding missing information or anything that’s overseas partner, or your host family or coordinator. not clear. We will check it for eligibility. While you’re away, you’ll be supported by a network of people - your host family, your local coordinator, our Step 4 - One of our staff or local coordinators overseas partner organisation and Student Exchange will come to your home (or a mutually agreeable venue) Australia New Zealand Ltd. See page 7 for more detail. to meet with you and, if possible, your parents. Provided you meet our eligibility criteria and the interview confirms your suitability then you will be formally notified of your Home Coming - Once you’ve arrived home, acceptance on the program. we’ll send you a “Welcome Home Pack” and stay in touch with you about upcoming opportunities. Then you start the next chapter of your life with a unique experience to share with family and friends.11 experienceiseverythingTM
  13. 13. our customer servicecommitmentStudent Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd aims to provide students andparents with a high quality of service, care and support both before and during theexchange experience to minimise the stress and maximise the rewards. We will guarantee your country of choice We will deal promptly and fairly with issues and concernsYou can expect to be accepted for your country of choice You can expect a prompt, courteous and professional responseprovided you meet our normal eligibility criteria and there are to any question or concern.places available. If, for example, you are interested in going to Our offices are open between 9am and 5:30pm Monday to FridayJapan we will not try and convince you that Argentina would and we can be reached on 1300 135 331 (Australia) orbe a better choice (or vice versa). 0800 440 079 (New Zealand). We will provide you with friendly and helpful advice We provide a 24/7 emergency phone service in the event of aat every stage of the process genuine emergency affecting the health or wellbeing of a student.You can expect to receive friendly and helpful advice at all times. Students and parents are provided with this number prior to departure.We are open and honest about the challenges of being anexchange student. We want students and parents to be well During the working week we will respond to your emails withininformed before making a commitment. 24 hours of receipt, often much sooner.All applicants are assigned a particular staff member who will We will actively assist you in resolving any concerns or complaintslook after you from the time you apply until you return home. you may have. We encourage you to be in touch with ourAll our staff have either been exchange students themselves, National Director, if we don’t meet your expectations.have lived overseas, hosted a student, speak other languages or Call 1300 135 331 (Australia) or 0800 440 079 (New Zealand).have travelled extensively. They enjoy their work and want to help. We will be open and equitable in all our dealingsWe’ve learnt that what people want is information. Our staff You can expect to receive clear and even handed informationcommunicate regularly with everyone involved to ensure you have and advice at all times.the information you need. If your staff member is out of the office We clearly explain what is and isn’t included in your program feewhen you call, then another staff member will be on hand to assist. so there are no surprises. We tell you where your money goes. We will support students, families and volunteers Our Prices, Terms & Conditions, Cancellation & Refund Policy,throughout the experience Price Guarantee and Rules are all published on our website andYou can expect us to provide a high level of support throughout in other written materials.the experience. All students are allocated a Local Coordinator who We will respect your privacy and confidentialityis there to assist and support whilst they are on exchange. You can expect your personal information to at all times be kept inWe are in daily communication with our overseas partners and we secure operating environments that are not available to the public.commit to keeping parents fully informed of any issues or concernsthat arise whilst a student is on exchange. We will not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any information we hold about you to anyone outside Student Exchange Australia NewWe will be open and honest with students and parents and we Zealand Ltd and our recognised partner organisations.expect the same in return. We maintain strict privacy and confidentiality policies in line withWe provide all applicants with personalised online resources that relevant legislation in Australia and New Zealand.are available before, during and after the exchange.We provide departure and arrival orientations for our outbound andinbound students.If a student encounters a problem, we work with everyone involvedto resolve the issue in an open and transparent 12
  14. 14. questionsStudent Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd dwants you to feel well informed about ourprograms. Here’s a sample of our mostfrequently asked questions and our answers.If you want further info or have furtherquestions, please call us on 1300 135 331 nd)(in Australia) or 0800 440 079 (in New Zealand).Is my country of choice guaranteed? What will my host family be like and how are they selected?Yes. Unlike other exchange organisations we guarantee your Host families overseas come in all shapes and sizes – just as theycountry of choice provided you meet all normal eligibility criteria do at home. Your host family might be like your family at homeand there are places available. or maybe not. It could be two parents and teenage children, or a single parent, or an older couple or a childless couple.Am I eligible to apply to go on exchange? Whatever their configuration, host families are motivated to openIf you meet our eligibility requirements on page 3 then, yes!, their home to a teenager from overseas and be part of theiryou can apply with confidence. learning experience. Just like at home, overseas host families areAre there language requirements? interviewed and undergo an application screening process whichIt depends where you’re going. There are language requirements complies with the requirements of your host country.for Argentina, Austria, Germany and Italy which may be met by Can I go with a friend?2 years of study at school or an intensive short course. Denmark You and your friends can apply for the same programs but you willrequires some study of a language other than English. Japan not be placed in the same host family. The idea of exchange is toand France require two continuous years of language study prior meet new people and immerse yourself in a new culture. Being withto departure. That means there are no language requirements for your friends from home can limit this experience. You need to grabover a dozen countries! Feel free to call our friendly staff on this opportunity and make it your experience.1300 135 331 (Australia) or 0800 440 079 (New Zealand) todiscuss your particular circumstances. What support will I get while overseas? A local volunteer coordinator is assigned to every student andWho will I stay with while on exchange? will be there to assist you. If you encounter problems the localYou will live with a host family. Host families are volunteers who coordinator and our partner organisation will be able to guide andare eager to share their life with a teenager like you. You may live support you through the issue. Our office staff will be in regularin any part of your host country and you may have more than one contact with our partner organisation and with your parents tohost family during your experience. coordinate and support your experience.Will I have to repeat my school year when I get home? What is expected of me?Maybe yes. Maybe no. This is a decision to be made in consultation Taking yourself out of your comfort zone means being responsiblewith your school or education authority and your parents. and making decisions for yourself – within the context of the rulesIt is important to speak with your school early on in the process and regulations of the program. You will mature while adapting toabout how being an exchange student will impact upon your life in another country. You are expected to live as a local and it willenrolment. This may differ according to whether you participate be up to you to make adjustments in order to integrate into youron a short or a long program and whether or not you have new host family and community. You will need to be open-mindedcompleted your schooling before participation commences. and non-judgemental, patient and fair. Being an exchange studentDoes my family have to host someone while I am away? is a fantastic opportunity to grow.No. Can I work part-time when on exchange?But can we host a student from overseas? That depends on a few factors. First, your host country may haveYes! We would be happy to discuss hosting with your family and laws which govern whether teenagers can work. Second, you’llarrange an interview and reference checks. We welcome enquiries need to take into consideration your responsibilities at school andfrom all potential host families and would be pleased to consider with your host family and friends. The aim of the exchange is toyour family too. experience life as a teenager overseas and to contribute to your host family and school environment. If part-time work prevents you from achieving these aims then it is not such a good idea. However, if your peers in your host country have part-time jobs and doing so is a normal part of that community, then it is highly likely that you will find the opportunity to earn a little pocket money.13 experienceiseverythingTM
  15. 15. Can I go to more than one country? Where does the money go?If you wish to apply for a semester in one country and a Student Exchange Australia New Zealandsemester in another country we are happy to make the Ltd is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation whichnecessary arrangements. But please be aware that there means there are no shareholders to Recruitment Recruitment Careand Care & & selection and selectionare visa and cost considerations. whom profits can be distributed. of students of students support of support of We are ‘fee for service’ which means students in students inCan I speak to a former exchange student? the hosting the hosting Getting Getting that program fees are used to cover country countryOf course. We are happy to connect you with one of our students to students to the costs of providing the program, & from their and from theirReturned Student Advisors. Returned Student Advisors are destination destination both here and abroad. As a rough guideformer exchange students who have participated on an program costs break down as follows:exchange in your host country. They are happy to share their • 25% of program costs occur beforeexperiences with you and can provide advice on all manner of you leave and go toward the recruitment and selection of studentsdetail regarding being an exchange student to your destination. for their overseas experience. These include professional staff inI’m 19. Am I too old? Australia and New Zealand, processing of applications, student andYou’re probably too old for our high school programs, but we family interviews, resource materials, orientation and assistancehave some great Gap year options for you to consider. with visas and a contribution to general overheads.You might like to do your bachelor degree in the US as the • 27% of program costs go toward getting students to and fromrecipient of a sports or academic scholarship! Or you could their destination. These include domestic and international airfareswork in France, Germany, Spain or the US as an Au Pair. What with recognised airlines, airport transfers, insurance and processingabout teaching English to your host family for just 15 hours per of tickets.week in exchange for food and accommodation in France or • 48% of program costs arise in the hosting country and goGermany. You might find what you’re looking for through our toward the care and support of students. These include full timesister organisation, Student Placement Australia New Zealand professional support staff, recruitment and selection of volunteer(see page 17), or call us on 1300 135 331 (Australia) or host families, recruitment and selection of local coordinators,0800 440 079 (New Zealand) and we’ll see what we can do. provision of arrival orientations, development of resource materialsCheck out for details. and facilitation of school enrolments, etc.How do I pay? A study1 by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling1. A $500 deposit is payable on application, which is fully found that it costs up to A$433 a week or over A$22,500 a yearrefundable if your application is not successful. to keep a teenager at home. Compare this to the cost of our2. The balance of the program fee is payable in installments participation fee and the value of our programs is immediately clear.commencing on acceptance to the program. A student exchange program is an investment for life. Experience is everything™. 1 Source: AMP NATSEM Income and Wealth Report December 2007 Acceptance of conducted by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling. Submission of application for 6 x monthly application Early Bird Discount & installments Scholarship applicants $500 deposit Acceptance of Fully refundable 3 x monthly My 11 month Student Exchange trip to Brazil has had a big application for if your application installments all other applicants impact on my future because it has allowed me to experience a is not successful culture totally different from my own Australian background. I lived with a family I had never met before and now I can’t wait to visit them again. I now have much more confidence in myself and I know that I can adapt to whatever happens to me in life. I have learnt another language (Portuguese) and have now studied and lived in a foreign country, not dependant on my parents - apart from money. I did it on my own and I loved it and if I can do that, then I can do anything. Keith McCann, WA, 14
  16. 16. exchange student sWhile you are contemplating becoming an exchange student,there are students somewhere overseas who are excitedlyanticipating their experience in Australia or New Zealand.Hosting an overseas student is a great way to experiencestudent exchange without even leaving home. We are alwayson the lookout for good host families.The Stuart Family Interested in hosting? nVictoria, Andrew and their two children from the Nort Northern Beaches Being a host family is a fun, rewarding and challenging experience.of NSW, hosted Simon from Denmark. nmark. Host families come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and ages. Retired couples, single parents with or without children, couples with primary school children, couples with teenagers and “It’s been a fantastic experience so far... It’s been great having perience a family pet… all can apply to become a host family and all canan older brother for our young kids. Simon has b been a fantastic role benefit in many ways from the exchange experience.model...Simon helps around the house a lot. O of the first things he he One To learn more about hosting a student at your place, view videossaid to us during the first couple of days he was here was what should uple w at, call us on 1300 135 331my chores be? I was delighted to hear him say that.” ted (in Australia) or 0800 440 079 (in New Zealand), have a chat andVictoria, Host Mum we’ll send you an information pack.“These students are coming out, they’ here, and they’re going to ming they’relive with someone. If you think you’r a great family and will be able to ou you’relook after another family member - It’s great for them, it’s great for you, milyeveryone benefits. Give it a go, there’s only been benefits.”Andrew, Host Dad ad ARY VIDEO LIBR View our online video library STUDENTS MEET OUR on our websiteLio, Germany Luca, Italy The Arrow FamilyCheck out our website to learn more about the students “Becoming a Host family for an international student has beenwho are soon to arrive in Australia and New Zealand. We have much more than we expected. We thought it would be greatteenage boys and girls from Europe, Japan, USA and Latin for our kids to learn a little about another language and maybeAmerica on their way for 2-3 months and 5 or 10 months. something about another country. Instead, we gained another family member and some great new friends, her parents from Germany. We get to show off our country and learn so much about hers. What a fantastic experience for all of us.” Melissa, Host Mum The Smith Family “We migrated to Oz/WA five years ago...and us now having a foreign exchange student has made us fall in love with Australia (WA) all over again! There is so much to see, do and experience here down under.... and you can really show-off and relish in all the diversity (in your own state) here in Australia. These experiences with our exchange student have created bonds and memories of a lifetime! Thank you Student Exchange Australia New Zealand for this wonderful opportunity!” Stephany, Host Mum 15 experienceiseverythingTM
  17. 17. businessrelationshipsDepartments of Education STA TravelStudent Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd is registered Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd works exclusively withas an exchange provider with Departments of Education and STA Travel for all our travel needs. STA Travel is a world leader inother regulatory authorities in every state and territory across youth travel. With a global network of offices their staff are alwaysAustralia. Registration entails meeting strict standards in the close at hand. STA Travel believes that travel is the best education.provision of care and support to participants. We maintain communication with departmental officials to ensure with all regulatory requirements.• NSW Department of Education and Training• QLD Department of Education and the Arts• Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) Australian Federation of Modern• Tasmanian Qualifications Authority (TQA) Language Teachers Associations• SA Department of Education and Children’s Services The AFMLTA supports Student Exchange Australia and New• WA Department of Education and Training Zealand’s Language Scholarships and members of state MLTAs• NT Department of Employment, Education and Training assist in the selection process by interviewing short-listed• ACT Department of Education and Training scholarship applicants in their target language. Australian Federation ofStudent Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd is also registered Modern Language Teachers Associationswith the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Student ExchangeAustralia New Zealand Ltd has agreed to observe and be bound bythe Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students Access Prepaid Worldwidepublished by the Minister of Education. Copies of the Code are Multi-currency Cash Passport enables cardholders to load bothavailable on request from Student Exchange Australia New Zealand foreign currencies and Australian and New Zealand Dollars ontoLtd or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website at one card and can be reloaded as many times as they want the life of the card, within the applicable limits. Whether the cardholder is travelling to one destination or to a number of different destinations, the Multi-currency Cash Passport is the better way to carry travel money.Council of Australian Student Exchange www.cashpassport.comOrganisations (CASEO)Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd is a founding memberof the Council of Australian Student Exchange Organisations(CASEO). CASEO acts to promote the importance and educational Carbon Reduction Institutevalue of student exchange programs and seeks improvements in The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) is committed to protectingthe policy and regulatory framework. CASEO aims to provide a our environment by encouraging businesses to reduce their carboncoherent and unified voice on key issues affecting emissions. Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd works withthe industry. Our National Director, Nick Lorentzen, the CRI to reduce our CO2 emissions and encourage our studentswas the founding President of CASEO. to take a responsible approach to climate Zealand Council for InterculturalEducationStudent Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd is a member of theNew Zealand Council for Intercultural 16
  18. 18. studentplacement Age Program Descriptionaustralia GAP YEAR OPTIONSnew zealand 14 - 19 High School ProgramsOverseas opportunities for 16 + Sports Scholarships USA This program allows Aussie and Kiwi students to utilisewhen you’ve left school their sporting skills to gain a university education in theIf you are too old for a high school student exchange USA, often for less than it costs to study in Australia orprogram or if you have older brothers and sisters who might New interested in gaining overseas experience then our sisterorganisation, Student Placement Australia New ZealandPty Ltd, may have a program to suit. We help facilitate theplacement of young people who have left school into work,training and study programs overseas.Gap year options available: 16 + Study USA Sports Scholarships USA The program gives you access to a wide range of Study USA generous academic scholarships from a large number Live & Learn - France or Germany of universities across the United States. Au Pair - USA, France, Germany and SpainOther programs: Work & Travel USA Internship/Trainee - USA 18 - 25 Live & Learn Spend up to 3 months in France or Germany;Free Information Sessions living with a host family and helping them learn English.You might like to attend one of our Free Information Sessions Great stepping stone for a working learn more about our Gap year options… or attend an info Participants will live with a host family in France or Germanysession online. Check out and receive free board and lodging. In return they willfor more details on programs, prices and info sessions. spend 15 hours a week (weekends free) teaching or conversing in English with members of the family. You INFO SESSIONS ONLINE NE E can attend a language school or travel around your host country on weekends but you will need to make all your own arrangements and cover all costs. This is a program for adults, so you will have the freedom to meet friends, do sports, go out in the evenings, etc. But you also have the obligation to behave responsibly and respect your family. This is a great option for Gap year students before pursuing a working holiday. 18 - 30 Au Pair Spend 12 months in the US, France, Germany or Spain; living with a host family and caring for their children. Pocket money included plus the chance to attend Evening College.Student Placement Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd(Incorporated in Australia).AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALANDPO Box 1420, Suite 2590, PO Box 83000Mona Vale NSW 1660 Wellington 6440,Australia New ZealandPhone 1300 135 331 Phone 81 101 489 052 * Please see relevant program information page and website for full eligibility details.17 experienceiseverythingTM
  19. 19. Eligibility Program FeaturesIf you’re enrolled in your final year of high school, you’re eligible forour high school programs. See pages 3 and 6 for details.You must be interested in beginning or continuing an undergraduatecareer in the US and meet the following eligibility criteria:• Be between 16 and 26 years of age.• Practice soccer, tennis, golf, or basketball.• Fit in to one of the following categories: – Current High School student. – High School graduate. – Currently attending university (classes can be transferred). – University graduate (classes can be transferred).• Attend an International Showcase event in the USA where your skills and abilities will be assessedStudy USA is open to students interested in beginning or continuing anundergraduate career in the US and who meet the following eligibility criteria:• Current High School student.• High School graduate.• Currently attending university (classes can be transferred).• University graduate (classes can be transferred).• International Students are eligible to apply but the granting of visas is at the discretion of the US consulates.• Are open minded and flexible.You are eligible to participate if you meet the following requirements:• in good physical and mental health• are between 18 and 25 years old• are mature, open-minded and ready to learn• have good organisational skills and patience• have a genuine interest in learning about other cultures and languages• are flexible, resourceful, and adaptable to new and unfamiliar situationsYou are eligible to participate if you meet the following requirements:• Are 18 through 26 (USA) or 27 (France & Spain) or 30 (Germany) years of age• Enjoy children aged 3 months to 12 years, and in most cases have at least 200 hours experience in caring for children (babysitting, etc.)• Successfully pass a selection interview• Successfully pass a psychometric test (US only)• Enjoy helping children grow and develop, and are willing to enrich the lives of your host family by sharing your culture and traditions• Are a responsible person who is willing to make a one year commitment to experience your host country’s culture by living as a member of a local family, and providing up to 45 hours of child care assistance each week• Have completed high school• Are conversant in English, in good health, energetic and enthusiastic, non-smoker and are a licensed driver (not required in Spain) 18
  20. 20. Student Exchange Exchange hange h Australia New Zealand Ltd d (Incorporated in Australia). AUSTRALIA Postal Address PO Box 1420 Mona Vale NSW 1660 Australia Phone 1300 135 331 Fax 02 9997 0701 ABN 49 101 489 356 NEW ZEALAND Postal Address Suite 2590 PO Box 83000 Wellington 6440 New Zealand Phone 0800 440 079 Fax 0800 440 079 The Australian manufacture of the paper used for this Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd catalogue meets the international standard ISO 14001 for environmental management. This paper TMcertified under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme (PEFC) which assures consumers that the is20 experienceiseverything utilised forestry products can be traced from a certified, responsibly managed forest through all stages of processing and production by a chain of custody process.