Russell Willis Taylor: Curating our Future - Creating sustainable institutions


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Russell Willis Taylor, President & CEO, National Arts Strategies. Keynote at Museums Galleries Scotland 'Fortune Favours the Brave' Conference, 12th September 2013.

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  • Russell Willis Taylor: Curating our Future - Creating sustainable institutions

    1. 1. Curating Our Future: Creating Sustainable Institutions
    2. 2.  Why we matter  What sustainability really means  Four big challenges
    3. 3. Engagement Governance Change Value
    4. 4. I. Engagement The Challenge: Engaging visitors and communities as genuine collaborators
    5. 5. –from Field Notes January 20 post, “What’s your mandate?”
    6. 6. Remove barriers to the experience
    7. 7. It’s not a broadcast, it’s a conversation.
    8. 8.  We need data to know how to communicate with niche audiences; to know what they care about and when they listen  Social media  Learning during their experience  Building relationships without badgering them  Respect and caring for amateurs
    9. 9. If you aren’t at the (civic) table, you are probably on the menu.
    10. 10. The Challenge: How do we create the 21st Century Board to advance our work?
    11. 11. You have to put sand in the oyster – it’s the grit that makes the pearl.
    12. 12. Good Meeting = Time Saved + Lunch Time Wasted
    13. 13.  Accountable  Transparent
    14. 14. An average group of people with a great process will achieve more than a team of stars with a poorly designed process. Dave Owens Vanderbilt University Expert on Innovation
    15. 15. Reflects a culture where CEO and board are partners – sharing in risk, failure, and success. The Summit at Sundance: Roles of the Board discussion group
    16. 16. Is always engaged in strategic succession planning
    17. 17. Give, get or get off. Inspire, or retire.
    18. 18. The Challenge: Developing employees and systems that will transform organizations and the field
    19. 19. Everybody has a plan – until they get punched in the face. Mike Tyson
    20. 20. Hire as much for attitude as aptitude.
    21. 21. Culture Eats Strategy
    22. 22. The Challenge: Becoming indispensable to society, as organizations and as a field
    23. 23. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Warren Buffet
    24. 24. Curating Our Future: Creating Sustainable Institutions