Foundation for Regional & Rural Renewal - Access to Funding


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Foundation for Regional & Rural Renewal - Access to Funding

  1. 1. Jeanice Henderson Program Manager Education Arts & Ageing Access to Funding M&G NSW
  2. 2. Who is FRRR?  Our mission: To champion the economic and social strength of Australia’s regional, rural and remote communities through partnerships with the private sector, philanthropy and government.  In 2012/13 we distributed $5.4m to 652 community groups  1,900 organisation made applications, due to limited funds only able to award 34%.  We Partner with the private sector, philanthropy and governments to enable grants to organisations for charitable purposes - projects that demonstrate a wide public benefit, with a particular focus on small rural communities fewer than 10,000.
  3. 3. What do we do? We help to bring philanthropy to the bush 1. Provide grants to not-for-profit community organisations and act as a clearing house / referral service 2. Lend our DGR status to community organisations and hold funds on their behalf – Donation Accounts 3. Help to build local capacity to find local solutions to local problems.
  4. 4. Funding tailored to community demands  Culture, Arts, Tourism and Community Heritage (CATCH) – designed to help not-for-profit community groups in rural and remote areas achieve their creative visions and maintain vibrant communities for the benefit of both residents and visitors. – Supports the rich and diverse history and culture of rural and regional Australia, and to support and sustain cultural, arts, heritage and tourism activities.  Small Grants for Rural Communities – Contributes to social & community welfare, economic, environmental, health, education or cultural development – Collaborative grants program designed to make better, targeted use of funds;improving access for communities; provide a simple application process;
  5. 5. Funding tailored to community demands  General: – Caring for Ageing in Rural Australia (CARA) – Donor-Specific – such as ANZ Seeds of Renewal and McEwen Foundation Grants for the Goulburn Valley, Gardiner Foundation for Victorian Dairy Communities  Education: – Back to School Program – Rural Education Australia Program - REAPing Rewards Program  Natural Disaster Recovery: – Disaster Recovery Framework, including Repair-Renew-Restore grants; STEPS and GR&W
  6. 6. CATCH 2012/13
  7. 7. Three key steps to good grant writing 1. THINK - carefully. Why are you applying? 2. PLAN – the project. Six key questions:  What  Why  Who  How  When  How Much 3. WRITE Don’t forget to demonstrate strong community support and provide all the documents requested including quotes if applicable!
  8. 8. Helpful tools and resources p-10-tips-grant-writing# content/uploads/Grant_Writing_Handbook.pdf
  9. 9. Blyth Community unveils a new fence  Blyth, South Australia, successful in Small Grants for Rural Communities.  Enabled the design and installation of a heritage themed, laser cut metal panel fence surrounding the Padnaindi Reserve.  True community effort, with residents providing input into the design & erecting the panels over several working bees.
  10. 10. TRAK shines the lights on local art  The Tasmanian Regional Arts Kentish branch (TRAK), received a CATCH grant  Installation state of the art lighting system to enhance community exhibition space capabilities.  LED track floodlights suspended from the heritage building’s ceilings, to light exhibited art.  TRAK also secured CATCH funding for a new banner to help promote the Working Art Space.
  11. 11. Musical aspirations become reality  The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association – better known as CAAMA Music in Alice Springs, NT is a perfect example of how CATCH can create opportunities.  CATCH funding enabled a forum that brought together musically minded members of 11 remote communities.  CAAMA were able to refine current program to match the aspirations of participants.  The grant provided a stepping stone to secure further funding.
  12. 12. Thank you for your time Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal 114 Williamson Street, Bendigo Vic 03 5340 2399 @FRRR_Oz Jeanice Henderson Program Manager Education Arts & Ageing 03 5430 2399