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Marketing Services by Inspire Communications

Marketing Services by Inspire Communications



Presentation on Marketing Services by Murtaza Ahmed of Inspire Communications to the Department of Public Administration of Karachi University

Presentation on Marketing Services by Murtaza Ahmed of Inspire Communications to the Department of Public Administration of Karachi University



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    Marketing Services by Inspire Communications Marketing Services by Inspire Communications Presentation Transcript

    • Who We Are…
    • Murtaza Ahmed CEO Murtaza began his career as Client Services Executive in 2001 with Leo Burnett Pakistan known as Manhattan Communications Karachi. In years time he was promoted to Account Manager and was given individual Clients to handle such as Berger Paints Pakistan, Millac Foods, Telenor Pakistan, SSGC, Askari MasterCard and many more From there MAK moved to explore more in Advertising & joined Synergy Advertising in 2003 as Account Manager to handle some of the prestigious names in Pakistan such as Microsoft Pakistan, Air Blue and Bank Alfalah Limited in the year 2004 Murtaza got promoted to Group Account Manager and headed a team of 4 members looking after PR and Client Management. In 2005 MAK joined Microsoft Pakistan as PR Manager Pakistan & Middle East and developed few major strategies and liaison with Private sector and Government sector for Microsoft Pakistan, after working for a year at Microsoft Murtaza moved back to Advertising side and Joined JWT group in Contract Advertising as Senior Account Manager handling some of the Major clients of Agency Trakker Group, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, ARY Group and City District Government Karachi (CDGK). MAK Got numerous performance bonuses and got himself recognized as the PR Guy in the Group and in the Media world and was given a short name MAK. and got promoted to Director PR & Events of WPP Pakistan and was awarded and youngest PR professional of WPP Pakistan by Mr. Magazine Pakistan in July 2007. Last Job was with Evernew Group as Account Director for Evernew Concepts an ATL wing of Evernew which had Silkbank, Pak Suzuki, Pak Qatar Takaful & few other clients.
    • Tahir Nadeem Creative Director Tahir Nadeem has been working in the Communication business for the last 16 years. He worked at Argus, Synergy and Evernew Concepts as Creative Director and has worked on various clients like KFC, Tapal, Silkbank, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Faysal Bank, Allied Bank Limited (ABL), National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Agfa-Gevaert Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited and State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan, Bank Alfalah, Air Blue, SSGC Siemens and Habib Bank Limited. Also, he’s headed as Editor publications like TV Times, Men’s Club and Extra and was the Executive Director of Celsius Publications, an Interflow group company. He headed as Creative Director the Creative Departments at ARY Digital and at Evernew Entertainment. He worked as performing artist with Tehrik-e-Niswan and has written and directed for television.
    • Our Objective To maintain a thorough balance from conceptualization through product positioning to an effective performance in the marketplace by influencing consumer preferences and changing lifestyles The right blend of strategy, creativity, technology &…. us Our specialty is to connect customers to brands & no one does it better than us. Why? Because we know people make brands
    • Mission & Vision To create ideas that inspire enduring belief We will ensure success for our clients’ brands, however challenging the environment, and strive to operate with integrity at all times
    • The Props
      • Fully trained and dedicated professionals in every discipline
      • A team capable of coming up with out of this world ideas and methods for positioning your products
      State of the designing & graphics tools
    • Benefits To You… We help you gain customer confidence, retention & satisfaction We penetrate awareness of your target audience by using immense forms of integrated marketing We instill good feelings, perceptions & loyalty for your brands in the market! We arouse interest, trigger desire and motivate the target market to take action We aim for 100% accuracy & pay very close attention to detail of every project We reach beyond traditional mediums & implement some of the more newer mediums to stand out!
    • We Can Be…
    • Services That We Offer
      • Out of home (OOH)
      • Seminars
      • Product Promotions
      • Sports Sponsorships
      • Public Relations
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Creative Designing
      • ATL & BTL Activities
      • Direct Marketing
      • Market Surveys
      • Events Management
      • Product Launches
      • Documentaries
    • Our Expertise
      • Creative Designing
      • Strategic Planning & Consulting
      • PR Strategy & Marketing
      • Brand Experience Events
        • Rural/Social Marketing
        • On ground Field Activation
      • Internal Communication
    • Today We are here to Talk about Service Marketing It is the youth who sees a great opportunity hidden in just these simple services, who sees a very uncommon situation, a humble position, who gets on in the world.
    • What is Services Marketing ???
    • Few General Answers Services marketing is a form of marketing which focuses on selling services A selection of services developed to offer customers a choice within a particular range. Services are deeds, processes and performance Services marketing  is a sub field of marketing, which can be split into the two main areas of goods marketing (which includes the marketing of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and durables) and services marketing.
    • Services Marketing Basics
    • Activities or benefit that one party can offer to another that are essentially intangible and do not result in ownership of anything, may or may not involving a physical product
    • - Service doesn’t grow at expense of others—it helps other sectors -Service is equally capital intensive -Not always service after product—it happens simultaneously -With growing competition, intangibility is becoming the differentiator The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.
    • Reason for growth -Affluence (Privileged Circumstances) -Leisure time -Life expectancy - Working wives -Technology components of product -Environmental complexity---tax / legal -Environmental & ecology awareness -New product development
    • Broad categories -Business Services -Communications -Construction & Engineering -Health care -Distribution -Education -Environment -Finance -Tourism -Recreation -Transportation
      • Services Provided by Hospitals, Hotels, Banks, Insurance, to result in Customer satisfaction.
      • Services by companies and also manufacturers and Technology companies e.g. IBM – IT services
      • Services Sector:
      • Transportation, Communication, Electricity, Gas,
      • Trade, Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, Health, Amusement, Recreation, Educational, Legal, Management, Household, Private, Government
      • Customer Services:
      • Services provided to support Company’s Core Products.
    • Services Dominates Most of the Economies Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, November 2010 Finance, Insurance, Real Estate 20% Wholesale and Retail Trade 16% Transport, Utilities, Communications 8% Health 6% Business Services 5% Other Services 11% Government (mostly services) 13% Manufacturing 14% Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Construction 8% SERVICES
      • The most basic difference is Intangibility
      • – Related Marketing Implications
      • – Services cannot be Inventoried
      • – Fluctuation in Demand.
      • Services cannot be: - Easily Patented
      • Readily displayed or be easily Communicated to customers
      • Assessed in Quality of Services
      • New Services concepts can be easily copied by Competitors’
      • Decisions about Advertising content are challenging, as is Pricing
      • Price Quality relationship complex
      • Cost of unit of service is difficult to determine
      • Absolute and Fastest rate of growth is in Services sector.
      • Export of Information, Knowledge, Creativity, Technology are growing in economies worldwide.
      • Lead in development of Service Industry was taken by Banking & Health Care services. These Service Industries continue to evolve and become more competitive.
      • The need for effective Services Management and Marketing Strategies as manufacturing and technology industries also need to provide quality Services to compete worldwide.
    • The Services Marketing Triangle Internal Marketing Interactive Marketing External Marketing Company (Management) Customers Employees “ enabling the promise” “ delivering the promise” “ setting the promise”
    • The Services Triangle & Technology Company Customers Providers Technology
    • Implications of Service Processes (1) Seeking Efficiency May Lower Satisfaction
      • Processes determine how services are created/ delivered
      • process change may affect customer Satisfaction.
      • Imposing new processes on customers, especially replacing people by machines, may cause dissatisfaction
      • New processes that improve efficiency by cutting costs may hurt service quality
      • Best new processes deliver benefits desired by customers
        • Faster
        • Simpler
        • More conveniently
      • Customers may need to be educated about new procedures and how to use them
    • Implications of Service Processes: (2) Designing the Service Factory
      • People-processing services require
      • customers to visit the
      • “ service factory / Office / Agency,”
      • so:
      • Think of facility as a “stage” for service performance
      • Design process around customer
      • Choose convenient location
      • Create pleasing appearance, avoid unwanted noises, smells
      • Consider customer needs--info, parking, food, toilets, etc.
    • Implications of Service Processes: (3) Evaluating Alternative Delivery Channels For possession-processing, mental-stimulus processing, or information processing services, alternatives include: 1. Customers come to the service factory 2. Customers come to a retail office 3. Service employees visit customer’s home or workplace 4. Business is conducted at arm’s length through - physical channels (e.g., mail, courier service) - electronic channels (e.g., phone, fax, email, Web site)
    • Capacity Implications of Service Processes: (4) Balancing Demand and Capacity
      • When capacity to serve is limited and
      • demand varies widely, problems arise
      • Because service output can’t be stored:
      • 1. If demand is high and exceeds supply, business may be lost
      • 2. If demand is low, productive capacity is wasted
      • Potential solutions:
      • Manage demand
      • Manage capacity
    • Implications of Service Processes: (5) Applying Information Technology
      • All services can benefit from IT,
      • but mental-stimulus processing
      • and information-processing
      • services have the most to gain:
      • Remote delivery of information-based services “anywhere, anytime”
      • New service features through websites, email, and internet (e.g., information, reservations)
      • More opportunities for self-service
      • New types of services
    • 7P’s of Service Marketing 1. Package of Service (Product ) Five product levels -Core product -Basic product -Expected product -Augmented product -Potential product 2. Pricing -Not always cost plus—demand driven—differential pricing 3. Place -1 or 2 levels -Agents /Brokers –Franchisee 4. Promotion -Direct / PR / Branding/ Corporate Advertising 5. People -Internal Marketing 6. Physical Evidence -Tangible Clues 7. Process Management -Analyze & Optimize
    • Thank You Questions?