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  1. 1. I left you last time with a promise. The redhead you should know is Kampol, Hunters best mate. Soon after they moved into their new flat, he bought home a classmate. This is Kenidy.
  2. 2. Kampol took his friend out to look at art. They talked about investments and insurance. It was all very romantic.
  3. 3. Under the light of the flaming toilet Kampol proposed.
  4. 4. To celibrate their engagement, they had Woohoo on a bench. Which obviously desturbed Crumplebottom. (I have Twojeff's ACR, I only just got it. I sure was suprised by this.)
  5. 5. Kam and Ken are my favourate couple at the moment. The dirty little exhibitionists.
  6. 6. Kam is a Fortune sim and had been rolling the want to make some money, so he decided to tutor his fiance for simoleons.
  7. 7. So back to the actual Heir. After his encounter with the Godly Siblings in Simhala, Hunter was heartbroken. He wallowed in his loss a bit. For a semester he just went to class and studied and gardened.
  8. 8. Life at uni trucked along. Streakers streaked.
  9. 9. Cheerleaders beat mascots up.
  10. 10. The streakers shrieked.
  11. 11. Students fell asleep in their food.
  12. 12. Kam and Ken didnt mind the cold as they tryed new park benches out.
  13. 13. Spring came and Hunter felt his spririt lift with the temperature. That could have been the blood of the god of life quickening in his veins. The sun was coming back.
  14. 14. He saw a familiar face walking past the house, it was Annie, the girl who thought his jokes were so funny. They had kept in touch over the last few years. She still thought his jokes were funny.
  15. 15. After a few lame jokes about bubbles and snail races, Hunter impulsivly took Annie's hand in his.
  16. 16. He reached up and tucked a wayward blond lock behind her ear. "You are so sweet, Annie, like honey."
  17. 17. And so began the wooing of Annie. Kam watched, somewhat confused, he had always thought his friend had been completely gay. .
  18. 18. Although at first Hunter found it strange, he came to love Annie. For her innocence and sweetness. He told her about how he was a Legacy Founder and how he wanted to settle in a little place called Mur Vale. .
  19. 19. Annie was very enthusiastic about the prospect. She is a family sim, settling down and having babies was her life dream. .
  20. 20. Hunter thought he was happy, but deep down inside he felt like it was a betrayal to Ant. .
  21. 21. This is Annie Hiatte, soon to be Mrs Aistrigh. She is a Family sim with the lifetime wish of six grandchilders. Her Personality is 4/4/4/7/6 and she is an Avid Gamer. Personally I think she is a bit boring but Hunter likes her, and he doesnt like many girls. .
  22. 22. "So Kam," said Hunter to his friend over his grilled cheese, "this is it, I've graduated, its time I got a job and settled down." "Uh cool..." "Say I've not mentioned this, but Im a legacy founder. Would you stay here and be a placeholder for when my offspring wanna got to Uni?" .
  23. 23. Without further ado Hunter is Dumped on his new lot. (Welcome to Mur Vale)
  24. 24. Hunter practices his binocular skills in anticipation of getting a job in the Intelligence Career path.
  25. 25. Sadly Hunter had enought stuff from his uni days to buy some stuff for his new house, so no lawn sleeping for him. I wasted lots on wall coverings and carpet, to make up difference. This is his cute little cottage.
  26. 26. Kitchen.
  27. 27. Dining area and the door to the bathroom.
  28. 28. Bedroom.
  29. 29. Welcome Party. They are (from the left) Kate Bassett, Sacha Lace, and some guy who I forgot the name of.
  30. 30. Now as Hunter goes to bed in his new home, I will introduce you to the neighborhood. Mur Vale is a sleepy little farming village. It has a shop, a park and a graveyard with a church. A few folk live here, some rich and some poor. Let us start with the rich.
  31. 31. This is Baccus Well leaving his lovely Mediterranean style Villa. His family are originally from a far of part of the world. They immigrated many generations ago.
  32. 32. This is his wife Sila, she is the Mayer of Simcity and also a successful writer of Murder Mysteries.
  33. 33. They have three kids. This is Chelsey.
  34. 34. Brian.
  35. 35. And Jaques.
  36. 36. Next door lives this little family, although their house is somewhat bigger.
  37. 37. The house was built recently by local celebraty Tyker Oberon. Not much is know abot her past and although she is pretty high up the Entertainment career path, she is very private.
  38. 38. She lives with her new husband, Wilfred and his teenaged daughter from another relationship. Wilfred is a very quiet spoken mad scientist who just wants his daughter to have everything she needs. His brother is Baccus Well, who lives next door.
  39. 39. His daughter is Magdelena is the product of a onenightstand with Sasha Lace, a famous woman in Mur Vale for her many conquests. Lena is a wilful and outgoing teenager who loves to gossip.
  40. 40. Next door in a simple and modern home where lives Pan Well and his young daughter Aurora. Little is known about this family, Pan works from home writing boring text books while raising his daughter. Aurora's mother is a mystery to everyone, even to Pan's own uncles Baccus and Wilfred.
  41. 41. This is Sacha and her dog Puma. Sacha is a woman loved by many, she has one child who she left to Wilfred to raise. She lives in her richly decorated little house, just two houses down from her daughter and three houses down from her little sister Sila.
  42. 42. This is Kate Bassett, she is a pleasant young scientist who lives alone in the local graveyard.
  43. 43. She doesnt really mind the other residents.
  44. 44. This is Jessy Moana and her little brother Joe, they live in a little rundown flat near town. Their parents died in a tragic volcano accident when Joe was a child. Jessy does her best to look after her little brother and pay the bills.
  45. 45. Often she made her money gambling in seedy bars with dodgy characters.
  46. 46. The teenager's flat was a hub for the local youth, becos of the lack of parental supervision.
  47. 47. The man feeding the toddle is Pan Cold, father of Baccus and Wilfred and grandfather of Pan Well (who was named after him). Pan is a romance sim with a strange longing for eternal life. The child is his son Thomas. The woman in pink is his latest partner who's name I have forgotten. She is pregnant with another of his children.
  48. 48. In his hunt for everlasting life Pan Cold made friends with some strange and terrible people. Although it wasnt quite what he planned, he got his wish.
  49. 49. At a great cost, he had to leave his newly childified son and his partner and dissapear with the strange vampires who would teach him how to survive the life of a vampire.
  50. 50. He came back to visit every now and then, Pan may be a cheating vampire but he is a loving father. (He is one of my favorite sims of all time.)
  51. 51. And now for something completely different, The Ottomas.I Motherloded them a nice old farmhouse, they are the rednecks of this little community.
  52. 52. Granny watches over the kids.
  53. 53. Sharla, behind her mother is in a relationship with Joe Moana.
  54. 54. I sorta like them despite how ugly they are. I hate playing them though, for some reason their lot lags heaps and I just cant be fucked forfilling wants so I just keep them alive everytime I play them, those kiddies only just learnt to go potty before they grew up.
  55. 55. Back to the Legacy, Hunter is of to work as a Desk Sergeant. His LTW is to top Intelligence but its not availible just yet so he will just have to make do.
  56. 56. He get home and runs around being chased by bees for a bit.
  57. 57. Maybe it was a warning from Chryseis to get breeding. Chrysies comes around for a visit every now and then, he often brings one of his many weird and interesting friends. He also invites Hunter to a little shindig one of his friends is having.
  58. 58. Not even vampires can resist Hunter when he starts telling jokes, he crack this chick up with a knock knock joke about Cape Daisies.
  59. 59. The party was at Sacha Lace's house.
  60. 60. Hunter felt a little uncomfortable at first, it seemed all the guests were lovers of Sacha's.
  61. 61. He loosened up a bit as he had a bit more to drink.
  62. 62. Sacha asked a lot of questions about him and his Legacy. It seemed Chryseis had told her about him.
  63. 63. They all danced and had fun, Hunter worried that she would put some moves on him but he was soon grateful for Chryseis's presence.
  64. 64. He kept Sacha busy.
  65. 65. It was a pretty fun party.
  66. 66. It was a pretty fun party.
  67. 67. A few days later in a huge Villa...
  68. 68. Chelsey warmed her hands in by the fire.
  69. 69. "Could you watch your brother," asked her father, "just for a bit, I have to get cleaned up for work."
  70. 70. Chelsey played with her brother while listening to the older woman talk about the new man who moved into Mur Vale. It was big news for such a little place.
  71. 71. "He is pretty cute." said Sacha as she folded. Her younger sister was hosting the card game. It was a ongoing tradition.
  72. 72. Lena smiled at her mother, "Isn't he starting a Legacy? He will have a wife." .
  73. 73. Sila snorted, "That hasn't stopped my sister before." .
  74. 74. Both Lena and Tyker looked down thoughtfully, although they were very good friends, they would always remember that Lena was Tyker's husband's love child to Sacha. .
  75. 75. Tyker looked under her cards, "Maybe, Sacha, you should through me a party to celebrate the birth of my first child and invite this Hunter Aistrigh." .
  76. 76. The next party Hunter went to with Chryseis was significantly different. .
  77. 77. Chryseis nudged him, "these ladies," he murmured "have almost as much power as I to effect your life here." It was a warning as much as a encouragement.
  78. 78. Tyker looked at him for a few seconds before smiling and offering a toast. "To your Legacy, let it be memorable."
  79. 79. Jessy leaned against the rubbish bin out in the yard. "I'm so jealous of you, Lena, your rich and you have a boyfriend wrapped around your fingers. I have never even had a date."
  80. 80. "The closest I get to a man is when Chryseis buys me a drink after he takes all my money from me at Lucky Cards." Lena smiled and laughed, "I wish I could go out to bars and have parties whenever I want, so I maybe we are even?"
  81. 81. Chryseis suggested a game of cards with Hunter and the sisters.
  82. 82. The game went well, Hunter managed to keep up with all the conversations, even the ones about makeup.
  83. 83. Although he wasn't very familiar with the game, he did well and came out with more anyone else.
  84. 84. As they left, Chryseis said, "That should do it, you are in now. They will be very helpful friends. Just be careful eh?" Hunter frowned at the back of the god back as he walked into a swirl of darkness and disappeared.
  85. 85. After being promoted to Lieutenant, Hunter decided it was high time Annie came to live with him. She doesnt look all that certain about it.
  86. 86. But after a spin and some confetti she is grinning and amping for some baby making.
  87. 87. After they got the baby making out of the way (and a little makeover), Hunter threw them a wedding party.
  88. 88. Chryseis turned up in very interesting formal wear.
  89. 89. The little service went smoothly.
  90. 90. But Hunter couldnt help think that it was wrong somehow. (This made me crack up.)
  91. 91. "Urp, yay, urp, baby!" Annie chucks all her cake back up again, still in her dress and all.
  92. 92. While the young couple went on there honeymoon, the house was extended..
  93. 93. Bigger dining area and a lounging area.
  94. 94. Nice big bedroom, am I temping fate with two cribs? Yes, but she does have the freetime more twins and triplet thingy, its very likely.
  95. 95. Annie tells Hunter the good news.
  96. 96. Aw look how cute they are with their little victory dance. (On a side note, despite hunter regretting the marriage, he rolled a want to have a baby, I thought that was pretty sweet. He may not have wanted to marry her but he wanted babies.)
  97. 97. Annie amused me here, she wanted to infuence someone to make a meal and just lazed while Hunter cooked for her. Whipped.
  98. 98. Annie changes her pjs and pops.
  99. 99. The next few days are sorta boring. Winter sets in, Hunter finds invisible bugs...
  100. 100. Annie plays Sims 3 in her pjs a lot.
  101. 101. Time seems to stretch on as they wait for the baby, Hunter finds himself watching his new wife as if he thought she would give birth any minute.
  102. 102. Finally one night Annie awakes feeling strange. She soon knows what woke her.
  103. 103. She grimaces through the pain. Hunter watches concerned, he knew enough about childbirth not to panic, but he couldnt help worrying.
  104. 104. He didnt really need to, with one last moan Annie twirled and held a little girl in her hands.
  105. 105. She handed the little girl to Hunter.
  106. 106. As hunter held his little girl in shock, Annie twirled again and suddenly they had two little babies. The second one was a boy.
  107. 107. And So I leave you with Hunter saying hello to his Children. I will introduce the little ones in part 3