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A critical look at fruits in Food Production for all levels

A critical look at fruits in Food Production for all levels



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    Fruits Fruits Presentation Transcript

    • FRUITS Murage Macharia
    • FRUITS Specific Objectives  By the end of this sub-module unit, the trainee should be able to:  define terms  classify fruits  factors to consider in selecting fruits  explain methods of preparing fruits  explain methods of producing fruit dishes  describe methods of presenting fruit dishes  Prepare, produce and present fruit dishes  explain qualities of fruit dishes Murage Macharia
    • Definition of terms  Fruit is the edible seed bearing portion of some cultivated or wild shrub, trees and plants. Fruits can be eaten raw and served at the beginning and the end of a meal. Murage Macharia
    • Classification of fruits Type 1. Stone fruits Have a hard un edible kennel inside the fruit Example Avocado Peaches Apricots Grapes Plums Cherrie Mangoes 2. Soft fruits fleshy Strawberries Blackberries Pawpaw Ripe bananas Water melons Sweet melons 3. Citrus fruits Oranges Lime Murage Macharia Lemons Tangerine
    • Cont… Type Example 4. Tropical Passion fruits Yellow passion Tree tomato fruit 5. Hard fruits Apples Pears Murage Macharia Guavas Bananas pawpaw
    • Factors to consider in selecting fruits      Buy fruits in season Choose good quality fruit They should appear fresh and firm to the touch Should be clean free from disease or pest damage and un-bruised. They should be free from moulds, shriveling or wilting Murage Macharia
    • Methods of preparing fruits      Cutting Slicing Dicing Peeling Coring Murage Macharia
    • Methods of producing fruit dishes Fruits can be eaten: Rawsalads, juices, snacks, garnishes, cocktails, p latters.  Cooked – jams, jellies, fritters, puddings, pastries, pies, cakes, syrups. Murage Macharia
    • Methods of presenting fruit dishes        Clean serving equipment Appropriate serving equipment Fruit should not overflow Use appropriate garnishes Serve fruit dishes at their correct temperatures Portion sizes should be correct Serve with suitable accompaniments Murage Macharia
    • Qualities of fruit dishes     Good flavour Appropriate temperature Good texture Have appropriate colour Murage Macharia