Repaso ingles 1 eso


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Repaso ingles 1 eso

  1. 1. Completar con `to be´1. John´s dog ___ very friendly.2. Robert ___ ten years old.3. These flowers ___ very pretty.4. The two schools ___ close to each other.5. Math ___ not a very difficult subject.6. ___ dinner ready?7. This computer ___ very easy to use.8. All the windows ___ open.9. Sue and Jane ___ neighbours.10. His hair ___ curly.Have got1. I _________ some apples.2. I _________ (not) any shoes.3. He _________ a new car.4. They _________ (not) a new car.5. How many children ________ he ______ ?6. We _________ (not) a dog.7. I _________ (not) any food.8. They _________ some fruit.9. She _________ (not) any friends.10. I´m busy, I _________ (not) a lot of time.11. This flat is great, it ________ a lot of space.12. What ________ you ________ ?13. ________ you ________ a pencil?14. We ________ (not) any fruit.15. They ________ (not) much money.16. They ________ a lot of happiness.17. We ________ (not) a new computer.18. Málaga ________ a lot of nice hotels.19. He ________ (not) any problems.20. Madrid ________ many old buildings.21. ________ you ________ an aspirin?22. I ________ (not) any cigarettes.23. ________ you ________ brothers and sisters?24. Kim ________ a new watch.25. ________ you ________ you plane ticket?
  2. 2. Use the correct possessive adjectives1. Pedro and Isabel are Spanish. ______ family is from Spain.2. Juan is not at school. ______ father took him to the doctor.3. Beatriz is married. She showed us ______ ring today.4. Jorge has a car. ______ car is new.5. There are many student’s at school. ______ school as 500 children.6. Jose and Maria are dancers. ______ older brother is a singer.7. Pepe and I have an English class together. ______ teacher is Ms. Smith.8. Juanma has a van. ______ van is very old.9. Silvia is wearing a dress. ______ dress is yellow.10. My family has a dog. ______ dog’s name is Lady.11. The teacher told me not to bring ______ cell phone to school.12. When I was in France last year I stayed at ______ father’s house.13. Elizabeth has a skateboard. ______ skateboard is blue.14. Peter is Dutch. ______ family is from Amsterdam.15. I have one sister. ______ name is Debbie.16. I have a pen. ______ pen is red.17. Nacho forgot ______ book.18. Luis and Miguel talk like ______ father.19. Alex and I were late for ______ class.20. Princess Leticia is wearing ______ new Chanel glasses.21. Where are ______ keys? I can’t find them.22. Where do you keep ______ money, in the bank?23. Ana sees ______ mother every day.24. The cat eats ______ food quickly.25. We bring ______ books to class.Use the correct subject pronoun ( I, you, he...)1. Jesus is not English. _____ is Spanish.2. Tony and Lisa are in love; _____ are going to get married.3. This is my first job. _____ am very exited.4. Have _____ seen my new car? No I haven’t.5. _____ am going home this weekend.6. Will you look after our hamster please? _____ will need food and water.
  3. 3. Utiliza la presente simple afirmativa1. I ________ (go) shopping with my brother.2. We sometimes ________ (use) a dictionary in class.3. My friends ________ (study) Italian at their school.4. School ________ (finish) at three o´clock.5.You ________ (live) near me.6. He ________(like) rap music.7. She ________ (do) her homework before dinner.8. We ________ (play) tennis in school on Wednesday afternoon.9. I ________ (watch) TV in the evening.10. My mother ________ (teach) art.Hacer las frases en negativa1. I study French._____________________________________________2. School finishes at two o´clock._____________________________________________3. You copy from other students._____________________________________________4. We think English is easy._____________________________________________5. My friends play volleyball._____________________________________________6. I watch TV on Saturday morning._____________________________________________7. She speaks Chinese._____________________________________________8. The dog likes cats._____________________________________________9. They listen to pop music._____________________________________________10. I play with my hamster every day.
  4. 4. Presente Simple1. I _________ (play) tennis after school2. You _________ (start) school at nine o´clock.3. We _________ (have) lunch at school.4. They _________ (watch) TV after dinner.5. She _________ (not get up) at seven o´clock.6. We _________ (go) to bed at nine o´clock.7. What time _________ I (get) up?8. What _________ she _________ after school?9. He _________ (play) football.10. Susan _________ (go) to the cinema.11. My mother _________ (start) work at half past seven.12. What _________ they _________ (do) in the evening?13. How _________ you _________ (spell) that in English?14. Brian _________ (get) up at eight o´clock.15. Where _________ John and Martin _________ (go ?16. Serena _________ (not know) what to do.17. Wendy _________ (not like) to do shopping.18. My grandfather _________ (not live) in London.19. My sisters _________ (walk) to school every day.20. My best friend _________ (like) math.21. My brother and I _________ (have) breakfast half past seven.22. My cousin _________ (study) biology.23. We _________ (go) to the cinema at the weekend.24. When _________ Mary _________ (start) school?25. Gill _________ (not work) in a supermarket.What time is it?. Comienza con Its...11:0012:1509:2004:3001:45
  5. 5. 05:5507:3503:25