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Mongodb open source_high_performance_database

  1. 1. Open source, high performance database Presentation by: Chris Scheich Phone: 703-282-1636 Email: Website: 1
  2. 2. • Introduction to 10gen• Comparison between Mumps & MongoDB• MongoDB built for Electronic Records• Introduction to MongoDB• MongoDB Security• OSEHRA / 10gen Collaboration Effort 2
  3. 3. 10gen is the company behind MongoDB.Founded in 2007• Dwight Merriman, Eliot Horowitz Set the direction &• Doubleclick, Oracle, Marklogic, HP contribute code to MongoDB$73M+ in Funding Foster community &• Flybridge, Sequoia, NEA, Union Square ecosystemWorldwide Expanding Team Provide commercial services• 140+ employees• NY, Palo Alto, London, Dublin, Sydney Provide MongoDB management services 3
  4. 4. The MongoDB community and ecosystem areexpanding.Community•9,000 people participated in 23 MongoDB Days in 2011 Set the direction &•42 MongoDB User Groups contribute code to•Global reach with events in London, Munich, Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing MongoDBEcosystem•IaaS and PaaS partners offer Cloud hosting solutions Foster community•MongoDB Database-as-a-Service offerings available & ecosystem•Business Intelligence, Security, and Hadoop integration solutionsoffered by partners•Customized hardware and storage Provide commercial services Provide MongoDB management services 4
  5. 5. 10gen provides commercial services forMongoDB. SUBSCRIPTIONS Set the direction & developer and production support, commercial contribute code to MongoDB license and MongoDB Subscriber Edition Foster community CONSULTING & ecosystem community & Foster ecosystem expertise on a project basis TRAINING Provide for developers and administrators commercial services“MediaMath is growing fast and our data volume throughput requirements aregoing up very quickly. MongoDB and 10gen have been extremely helpful Provide MongoDBpartners for us in scaling our data infrastructure.” management services Vince Li 5
  6. 6. #2 ON INDEED’S FASTEST GROWING JOBS JASPERSOFT BIGDATA INDEX Demand for MongoDB, the document-oriented NoSQL database, saw the biggest spike with over 200% growth in 2011. 451 GROUP GOOGLE SEARCHES “MONGODB INCREASING ITS DOMINANCE” 6
  7. 7. • MUMPS • MongoDB • Created 1960 • Created 2009 • Document / Object oriented • Document Oriented Database database • Designed with latest NoSQL theory • Predates C and has a very different • Open Source Technology syntax and terminology • Massive Community• Difficult to hire people that know this • Drives innovation technology • Cost effective• Expensive to maintain • Hot technology, lots of buzz, attracts• Time consuming to change / adapt to new sharpest and brightest minds, large user requirements base• Difficult to integrate with new solutions / • Easy to find resources with MongoDB skill technologies sets • Build from ground up for Cloud Computing Architecture 7
  8. 8. • Examples: HL7, EDI, MARC, MODS, DDMS• Electronic records typically document oriented in nature: XML, JSON, Free text, or even binary• Massive variation in used fields – Sparse data problem in RBMS• Constantly evolving to support all the business cases• Volume and velocity often in Big Data scale 8
  9. 9. {"ClinicalDocument": { "recordTarget": { "patientRole": { "patient": { "name": { "given": "Henry", "family": "Levin", "suffix": "the 7th” }, "birthTime": {"value": 19320924} }, "providerOrganization": {"name": "Good Health Clinic"} } }, "author": { "time": 20000407130000+0500, "assignedAuthor": { "assignedPerson": {"name": { "given": "Robert", "family": "Dolin", "prefix": "Dr.” } }, "representedOrganization": { "name": "Good Health Clinic” } } }} 9
  10. 10. MongoDB wascreated to makeit easy to code,scale, and Agile and Scalablemanagedatabases. 10
  11. 11. • Scale horizontally over commodity hardware• RDBMSs great so keep what works – Ad hoc queries – Fully featured indexes – Secondary indexes• What doesn’t distribute well? – Long running multi-row transactions – Joins – Both artifacts of the relational data model• Do not homogenize programming interfaces• Local storage first class citizen for DB storage 11
  12. 12. General Rich data Full featured SophisticatedPurpose model indexes query language Native language Easy to Easy mapping drivers in all Simple to setup to object Use oriented code popular languages and manage Operates at in- Dynamically Fast & memory speed Auto-sharding add / removeScalable wherever possible built in capacity with no downtime 12
  13. 13. { title: ‘MongoDB’, contributors: [ { name: ‘Eliot Horowitz’, email: ‘’ }, { name: ‘Dwight Merriman’, email: ‘’ } ], model: { relational: false, awesome: true }} 13
  14. 14. MySQL MongoDBSTART TRANSACTION; {INSERT INTO contacts VALUES userName: “joeblow”, (NULL, ‘joeblow’); emailAddresses: [INSERT INTO contact_emails VALUES “”, ( NULL, ””, “” ] } ); LAST_INSERT_ID() ), ( NULL, “”, LAST_INSERT_ID() );COMMIT; 14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. • MongoDB does not need any pre-defined data schema• Every document could have different data! {name: “will”, {name: “brendan”, eyes: “blue”, aliases: [“el diablo”]} birthplace: “NY”, aliases: [“bill”, “la ciacco”], {name: “matt”, loc: [32.7, 63.4], pizza: “DiGiorno”, boss: ”ben”} height: 72, loc: [44.6, 71.3]} 16
  17. 17. Better data locality In-Memory Distributed Architecture Caching Replication /HA Replication /HA Relational MongoDB Horizontal Scaling We just cant get any faster than the way MongoDB handles our data. Tony Tam CTO, Wordnik 17
  18. 18. • SSL – between client and server – Intra-cluster communication• Authorization at the database level – Read Only/Read+Write/Administrator• Security Roadmap (tentative) – Pluggable authentication (PAM) 2.4 – Auditing 2.4 – Cell level security 2.6 – Common Criteria certification 18
  19. 19. NoSQL ispopular for MongoDB makes 10gen is thedevelopment & it easy to code, company behinddeployment of scale, and MongoDBdata-centric operate NoSQL.applications. 19
  20. 20. • MongoDB is open source and there is no cost to download and use it• 10gen are experts in database technology• OSEHRA are experts in Healthcare solutions• Combine 10gen and OSEHRA expertise to build a working prototype that will directly benefit our Veterans Healthcare 20