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Gaming consoles
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  • 1. Gaming Console Video Games
  • 2. Overview :Console games are more commonly referred to asvideo games.They are played on a device specially made forgame play called a video game console.The player interacts with the game through acontroller, a hand-held device with buttons andjoysticks or pads. Video and sound are receivedby the gamer though a television.Examples of consoles include the MicrosoftXbox,Sony Playstation, Nintendo GameCube, andNintendo Wii.
  • 3. Evolution in Vedio Games:1967 : A rectangular brown wooden box with two attached controllers, andthus the name "Brown Box". Invented by Ralph H. Baer ,also known as "TheFather of Video Games"
  • 4. Soundless1972 : Magnavox Odyssey
  • 5. Play stationThe biggest fantasies of the kids of all ages - the PlayStationSony has already presented three of its variants, namely the PS1,PS2 and PS3, apart from the much awaited PS4, which will be theeighth generation of the video game consoles.The PlayStation 4 or PS4 Features :● 3D technology along with the 3D Blue Ray and 4K2K (3640 x 2160 pixel image)technology.● Hard disk drive of 1.5 TB and a minimum of 2 GB RAM.● Comprises of a 3.0 USB port along with the HDMI connecting port.● The storage capacity of the PS4 will be as per the SSD and cloud computing
  • 6. Microsoft XBoxXBox 360 Features :● 512MB RAM● 5.1-channel Dolby Digital surround sound.● An optional hard driveThe Microsoft Xbox 360 comes in three versions:● Xbox 360 comes with a 20GB hard drive and no HDMI cable.● Xbox 360 Elite is the fancier package, with a 120GB hard drive and an HDMI cable.● Xbox 360 Arcade has no hard drive and no high-definition cables (neither component video nor HDMI are included), but it is the cheapest way to get into the world of Xbox 360.Xbox 720 : Cuming soon ....
  • 7. Microsoft Kinect :The new 3D motion-tracking camera from Microsoft allows you toplay games without anything in your hands.You are the controller with Kinect .The Video Kinect feature, which allows you to video chat with otherXbox LIVE users.It will even track you if you move around the roomTo enjoy Kinect, one need at least 6-10 feet between oneself andthe Kinect.
  • 8. Thank you !