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Multistate Edge Tutorial
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Multistate Edge Tutorial


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A walk-through of Multistate Edge MBE software with adaptive technology.

A walk-through of Multistate Edge MBE software with adaptive technology.

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  • 1. May 2011 Edition MultistateEdge Online MBE Questions Tutorial More questions. Better Questions. Lower Cost. http://MultistateEdge.comMultistate Edge’s user-friendly program provides students with thousands of practice questions for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), as well as comprehensive answer explanations, simulated exams, instant feedback, and detailed test result reporting features. MultistateEdge
  • 2. Logging into the Multistate Edge Study CenterSigning into the Multistate Edge program to study is easy. Just click on the Login to Study button at the top right of the screen.
  • 3. Logging into the Multistate Edge Study CenterAfter you sign into the Multistate Edge program, you are greeted by the Study Center home page, which provides explanations of the available software features.
  • 4. Choosing a Subject in Guided Learning Mode The Guiding Learning tab allows you to select 17, 34, or 51 questions (30, 60 or 90 minutes ofreview) by subject and will assess your strengths and weaknesses as you answer questions. The adaptive software in the Guided Learning tab will then assign questions to you in your problem areas within each subtopic as you progress through the material.
  • 5. Self Study: Study Mode v. Practice Exam ModeThe Self Study tab allows you to take tests in Study Mode or Practice Exam Mode. You can select the number of questions you’d like in each subject or subtopic. Each subject is expandable into sub-topics via the Expand/Collapse button. Expand/ collapse
  • 6. Self Study: Study Mode v. Practice Exam ModeIn Study Mode, you will see the explanations instantly after answering each question. Practice Exam Mode allows you to see the answer explanations only once the test is completed.
  • 7. Simulated ExamsMultistate Edge includes two full simulated exams. The simulated exams are timed like the real MBE with three hours for each set of 100 questions. Once you begin a practice exam, a countdown clock is displayed so you can easily track your timing.
  • 8. Viewing Test Results: SummaryYou can view test results as a summary of all questions answered by each subject and subtopic.The percentage covered reflects the percentage of questions attempted in each area available onMultistate Edge. You may also view a chart version of your results by clicking on the purple View Results Charts button.
  • 9. Viewing Results Charts by Subjects Clicking on the View Results Chart button will reveal charted performance by subject area. If youclick on a particular subjects bar graph, you can view a subtopic performance chart for that subject. Click to view by subtopic
  • 10. Viewing Results Charts by SubtopicsClicking on a subject in the chart, such as Constitutional Law in this example, reveals a chart displaying performance by each subtopic.
  • 11. Viewing Test Results: Tests Taken By clicking on the Tests Taken tab, you may view results for all past tests by date and time. You can revisit the results for an individual test by clicking on that specific test.Navigate test results with tabs
  • 12. Viewing Test Results: Tests TakenTest results for the most recent test are displayed here. The data is expandable by each subject and subtopic. You may click on any individual question for review and also view questions you marked for review.
  • 13. Viewing Test Results: Simulated ExamsUpon completion of one of the simulated exams, you will be able to view your results by subject and subtopic here as well.
  • 14. The GlossaryAn alphabetical legal glossary is provided for your reference as you progress through the material.
  • 15. The GlossaryBy clicking on the relevant letter and topic, you can view the glossary definition.
  • 16. Answering a Practice Question In Guiding Learning and Self Study mode, clicking on an answer choice will reveal the correctanswer and explanations for correct and incorrect answer choices. You may check the box in the bottom right if you want to review a particular question later. Some practice questions feature Exam Alerts. Our next screen provides details.
  • 17. Reviewing Exam AlertsExam Alerts provide you with real-time focus on frequently tested topics. Clicking on the orange Exam Alert button will automatically scroll down to the Exam Alert content.
  • 18. Answering a Practice Question: Eliminating an Answer ChoiceBy clicking to the right of an answer choice, you may visually eliminate answer choices to ease your decision process. Eliminate Choice
  • 19. Increasing the Font Size on Your ScreenClicking on the up and down “A” buttons in the top right of the orange answer bar will decrease and increase the font size on your screen. Change Font Size
  • 20. Test Results Upon CompletionAfter completing a test in either Guided Learning or Self Study mode, you will be presented with your test results. The data is expandable by each subtopic. You may click on any individual question to review and also view questions you marked for review here.
  • 21. Updating Account Info & Getting HelpThe “My Account” link in the top right of the screen to the left of “Logout” will bring you to your account information screen. You may update your information at any time. My Account
  • 22. My Account ScreenThis is a visual of the My Account screen where you can update your user information at any time.
  • 23. Get Some HelpClicking on the “Get Some Help” link in the top right of any study page will bring you to this screen. You may access this page at any time to view answers to frequently asked questions relating to your account and the Multistate Edge software. This page is continually refreshed. For further information please contact us at 1-800-BAR-EXAM or
  • 24. MultistateEdgeGet an EDGE on the MBE! Confidence. Convenience. Value. Guaranteed.