MULTIMEDIA SOLUTIONS<br /><br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />dnovak@multimediasolutions.c...
Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Social Med...
Broadcasters on Social Networks<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br />
Addicted to ‘Heroes’ – 100,740
Lost – 910,746
Grey’s Anatomy – 1,747,127
Dr. House – 625,362
The Office – 728,570
Gossip Girl – 1,377,895
True Blood – 386,797
Broadcasters keep specific twitters for news, popular shows, and PR
As CNN breaking news is very interactive with watchers (as twitter comments are directly reflected on CNN shows), it has t...
Examples – Followers
Lost on ABC – 53,027
CNN  Breaking News– 1,861,310
Discovery PR – 10,068
CBS News – 524,976
NBC News – 22,121
ESPN First Take – 24,818
The Office on NBC – 65,785
MTV – 186,746
BET – 50,487</li></li></ul><li>WWE on Facebook<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email - dnovak@multimediasolutions....
Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Hulu<br />...
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Multimedia Solutions Social Media and Mobile Entertainment Examples


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Multimedia Solutions finds and consolidates key social media and mobile application data and examples for the Entertainment industry.

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  • Multimedia Solutions Social Media and Mobile Entertainment Examples

    1. 1. MULTIMEDIA SOLUTIONS<br /><br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br /><br />Social Media and Mobile Applications – <br />Entertainment Industry Examples<br />July 17, 2009<br />
    2. 2. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Social Media in Entertainment<br />
    3. 3. Broadcasters on Social Networks<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />On Facebook, broadcasters keep general group page for updates<br />However, for most part Facebook group pages are fan-generated, differs from Twitter, in which networks feed live info<br />Examples – Fans<br /><ul><li>CNN – 396,519
    4. 4. Addicted to ‘Heroes’ – 100,740
    5. 5. Lost – 910,746
    6. 6. Grey’s Anatomy – 1,747,127
    7. 7. Dr. House – 625,362
    8. 8. The Office – 728,570
    9. 9. Gossip Girl – 1,377,895
    10. 10. True Blood – 386,797
    11. 11. Broadcasters keep specific twitters for news, popular shows, and PR
    12. 12. As CNN breaking news is very interactive with watchers (as twitter comments are directly reflected on CNN shows), it has the largest number of followers. Generally news networks with live feed and networks with younger target audiences (like MTV) tend to have more followers
    13. 13. Examples – Followers
    14. 14. Lost on ABC – 53,027
    15. 15. CNN Breaking News– 1,861,310
    16. 16. Discovery PR – 10,068
    17. 17. CBS News – 524,976
    18. 18. NBC News – 22,121
    19. 19. ESPN First Take – 24,818
    20. 20. The Office on NBC – 65,785
    21. 21. MTV – 186,746
    22. 22. BET – 50,487</li></li></ul><li>WWE on Facebook<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />
    23. 23. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Hulu<br />Established in 2007, provides commercial-supported free, live-streaming videos from various networks (NBC, Fox, ABC, and more)<br />Hulu keeps a Facebook group page with 35,432 fans<br />Hulu has 16,117 followers on Twitter<br />Updates are regular, and posted on Facebook and Twitter for audience interests<br />
    24. 24. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />CNN iReport<br />Join, report your own news, get on national TV! (if you are lucky)<br />320,858 reports worldwide<br />People update their own reports, CNN takes good ones onto TV<br />Generates interest among people, encourages participation<br />CNN takes iReport further – to Second Life<br />Users share stories in Second Life through iReport<br />“SL has been more than just a story-generating tool for CNN&apos;s iReport team; it&apos;s also helped them learn to nurture an online community.” - senior producer Lila King <br /><br />
    25. 25. Marvel on Twitter<br />
    26. 26. Social Media and Music<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />“Social Media Networks Are Music’s Curse and Salvation” by Elliot Van Buskirk<br />
    27. 27. MixPod<br />Create your own music playlist, absolutely free<br />Playlist shared for MySpace, Friendster, hi5, Bebo, websites, blogs & more.<br /><br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />
    28. 28. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Mobile Applications in Entertainment<br />
    29. 29. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Mobile Phone Market<br />As of Dec. 2008, the total mobile phone subscribers in the U.S. is approximately 271 million.<br />Compared to total U.S. population (around 306.7 million), the figure is at about 88%.<br />In 1Q of 2009, smart phones made up 13.5% of all mobile device sales, up from 11% in 1Q of 2008. Increasing smart phone sales are widely expected.<br />Increasing figures of smart phones will likely support more consumers to adopt mobile entertainment<br /><br />
    30. 30. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Mobile Entertainment Market <br />In 2008, mobile entertainment services (including mobile music, mobile games and mobile video services) generated worldwide revenues of nearly $24 billion<br />This figure is set to rise to a market value of $47.2 billion by end-2013.<br />Mobile music continues to be the dominant component of the mobile entertainment services pie, however, within mobile music, ring tones – the pioneering first entertainment service - have gradually given way to advanced services, such as ring back tones, streaming audio and full-track downloads. Worldwide mobile music revenue stood at $11.7 billion at end-2008 and is forecast to hit $19.2 billion at end-2013.<br />The value of the worldwide mobile gaming reached $5.5 billion by the end of 2008 and it will grow to $9.8 billion by year-end 2013.<br />Mobile video services are expected to grow rapidly in the years to come with the help of emerging presence of smart phones.<br />The worldwide revenues from mobile video will nearly triple to reach USD 18.2 billion by end-2013, up from USD 6.7 billion at end-2008.<br />By Portio research<br />
    31. 31. Paid Mobile TV<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Mobile TV benefits from US switchover – by financial times<br />FLO TV by Qualcomm and Mobi TV competes for Paid Mobile Phone market<br />By all U.S. channels going digital, more airwaves are open for mobile TV<br />Mobi TV trying to establish new channel of interaction with customers – feeding customers with show info, contextual related shows ad, and more – all real-time <br /><br />
    32. 32. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Free Mobile TV<br />Against Paid Mobile Phone services, broadcasters teamed up to develop Free Mobile TV service, able to stream right from the phone without any data transmission from telecom companies<br />63 stations from the 25 major broadcasters are on board. Those include NBC Television, Gannett Broadcasting, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Fox Television, Belo Corp., Grey Television, Scripps Television, Hearst Argyle Television, ION Media Networks and Lin Television.<br /><br />Mobile TV market, currently under slower than expected growth rate, will expand tremendously with the new platform, which will only require a device that is able to receive direct transmission from broadcasters – telecom companies out of the equation – <br />Mobile DTV is on Facebook<br />
    33. 33. NBC to Focus More on Mobile<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />NBC Universal doubling its share in mobile broadcasting market from 5% to 11% (2008 figure)<br />&quot;Four categories that drive the usage of mobile video are content, user experience, distribution and consumer adoption,“ -SalilDalvi, senior vice president of mobile platform development for NBC Universal Digital Distribution<br />NBCU Mobile provides full-lengths, ad-supported episodes of hit shows like “the Office,” “30 Rock,” “Life,” and more for free<br />Contents are key for mobile broadcasting serices – contents provided are generally focused on high-end phones like iPhones or Blackberry<br />
    34. 34. iTunes Store<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Probably the most well-known and the most successful business model for digital music market<br />Easy purchase<br />Easy storage directly to iPod or iPhone<br />
    35. 35. Movies on iPhone<br />Users can rent/buy movies @ iTunes Store<br />Rent typically $2.99/movie, $3.99/movie for new releases. $1 extra for HD movies.<br />Most movies are $9.99/complete purchase<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />
    36. 36. Movies on Blackberry<br />PDA Filx - $29.99 for membership, converted movie files downloadable<br />Movies converted for specific PDAs available online <br /><br />Blackberry Movie Machine – download the app <br /> on Blackberry, watch movies for free, <br /> premium movies are $1.99/month<br /><br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />
    37. 37. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Youtube<br />Six million videos viewed/month (figure from Jan. 2009)<br />Sources for media corporations to leak out trailers, sneak peak, and music tracks to generate public attention<br />Movie trailers on YouTube are widely successful at attracting views<br />i.e.) Transformers 2 (5 milion+ viewed), Terminator Salvation (6 million+ viewed – all trailers combined)<br />
    38. 38. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Music on Mobile<br />
    39. 39. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Music on Mobile<br />Ringtone Market in Decline -&gt;<br />New markets emerging<br />Ringback Tones<br />Market for ringback tones will see revenue triple by <br />2012 to $4.7 billion <br /> –research by MultiMedia Intelligence<br />&quot;Ringback tones are quickly becoming the &apos;Golden Child&apos; of the mobile music market, due to a winning combination of consumer popularity, and minimal impact from DRM or piracy. The current leading mobile premium content category of realtones is already facing challenges. Consumers increasingly are able to create their own ringtones. The price disparity compared to a full track download is also a growing factor.“<br />–Frank Dickson from MultiMedia Intelligence<br />Full-track Downloads (i.e. Apple Store)<br />A majority of both U.S. (84%) and global (66%) consumers were satisfied with the mobile downloading and listening experience, up from 26% of U.S. consumers in 2007. Additionally, the survey found that 29% of U.S. consumers, and 49% of global consumers said they were willing to accept advertising in return for free songs. <br />–Digital Media Wire (research by KPMG)<br />,-open-ads<br />
    40. 40. Mobile Gambling<br />Mobile gambling wagers expected to exceed $27.5 billion by 2013 – Juniper Report<br />Mobile lotteries will be the largest money-spinners, with gross revenues of nearly $7.9 billion worldwide by 2009, followed by sports betting ($6.9 billion) and casino-style gaming ($4.5billion) – Juniper Report<br />Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />
    41. 41. Phone – 201.969.0161 ext. 306<br />Email -<br /><br />Thank You.<br />Call or email us, we will get you closer to your customers.<br />