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YTÜ introduction

YTÜ introduction






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    YTÜ introduction YTÜ introduction Presentation Transcript

    • YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY görsel görsel ve spotYildiz Technical University (YTU) whose vision is to be a leading institution of internationalstanding represents a unique milieu of education, research and culture in Turkey.YTU inherits our outstanding science, technology, and culture and pioneers open access toacademic research, technology and arts. Being one of the most well-known universities ofTurkey, it is conducive to the achievement of the goal of the development and welfare of thesociety.YTU is one of the leading government institution dedicated to engineering sciences educationin Turkey. In addition to being 3rd oldest university of Turkey with its history dating back to1911 it is regarded as one of the best universities in the country. The university’s mission is topromote development and cooperation at the national and international level by providingoutstanding professional knowledge and skills in the educational fields.YTU offers a range of programmes at the undergraduate and graduate level, ranging fromengineering disciplines, humanities to social sciences. Today YTU has 10 Colleges most of whichare related to engineering, 2 Graduate Schools, 1 Vocational School of Higher Education, 1Vocational School for National Palaces and Historical Buildings, 1 Vocational School for ForeignLanguages and more than 25,000 students. Besides, it has nearly 1,500 academic staff rangingfrom research assistants to professors.
    • A MESSAGE FROM THE RECTOR In today’s world, universities have an increasingly significant role of pio- neering the transition to and beyond the information society, and as the fundamental institutions for education and research; they also produce a synthesis of universal and national valuesas they offer orientation for so- ciety on multiple levels. Yildiz Technical University is deeply aware of these new developments and is now taking definite steps towards providing high quality, universal and contemporary education with a student-focused ap- proach. The interdisciplinary graduate and post graduate academic programs in en- gineering and architecture and also in the sciences, social sciences and art taught by our distinguished academic staff which epitomizes the aim of our university in educating the individual of the information age. This indi- vidual is imbued with problem-solving and scientific thinking skills, learns first and foremost how to learn and knows how to grasp, interpret and ap- ply basic concepts and to question, analyse, synthesise and think critically. We are witnessing a period of acceleration in student, academician and program mobility in the world, which has encouraged us further to enter a restructuring process in education and research to perfect our facilities in order to attain universal standards. We give a chance to our domestic and foreign students to study together in a culturally interactive atmosphere at the historical facilities of our campuses and we are confident that this atmosphere will contribute greatly to our aim of educating the individual of the information age. The pre-eminent values of Yildiz Technical University are reason and sci-Prof. Dr. Ismail Yuksek ence and here we aim to educate scientists and intellectuals, providing the Rector younger generation with a full preparation for a successful career and life. My wish is that your study here will fill your heart with strength, pride and happiness YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY
    • HISTORY OF YTUThe stages our university has passed through in its distinguished past are outlined below. In the 1959-1960 semester a department of specialization was opened at the Istanbul Tech- nical School which awarded the titles of Professional engineer and professional architectKondüktör Mekteb-i Âlisi / The Conductors (Technicians) after a year’s study.School of Higher Education (1911-1922) The Istanbul State Engineering and ArchitecturalThe Kondüktör Mekteb-i Âlisi/Conductors (Technicians) School of Higher Education wasfounded in 1911 in order to meet the “science officer” (known previously as conductors, and Academy Period (1969-1982)today as technicians) requirement of the Municipality Public Works Section. The school was The school was established as an autonomous higher education and research institutionmodelled on the syllabus of the “Ecole deConducteur” and was affiliated with the Ministry with Law no. 1184 of State Engineering and Architectural Academies published on 3 Juneof Public Works. Enrolment began on 22 August 1911. 1969. Law no. 1472 ruled for the closing of special vocational schools in 1971, and enginee- ring schools were affiliated with the Istanbul State Engineering and Architectural Academy.Nafia Fen Mektebi / The School of Public Works (1922-1937)The school’s name was changed to Nafia Fen Mektebi/School of Public Works in 1922 and The Yildiz University Period (1982-1992)the duration of education was increased to 2,5 years in 1926 and 3 years in 1931. The Istanbul State Engineering and Architectural Academy and affiliated schools of engine- ering and the related faculties and departments of the Kocaeli State Engineering and Archi-The Istanbul Technical School (1937-1969) tecture Academy and the Kocaeli Vocational School were merged to form Yildiz UniversityFollowing the increase in public facilities and the requirement for technical services, Law No. with decree law no.41 dated 20 June 1982 and Law no. 2809 dated 30 March 1982 which3074 published on 19 December 1936 which came into effect on 1 June 1937 ordered the accepted the decree law with changes.closure of the Nafia Fen Mektebi and the establishment of the Technical School to supply The new university incorporated the departments of Science-Literature and Engineering,workforce for the gap between technical officers and professional engineers. The school the Vocational School in Kocaeli, a Science Institute, a Social Sciences Institute and the Fore-had a 2-year program for technical officers and a 4-year program for engineering and was ign Languages, Atatürk Principles and the History of Revolution, Turkish Language, Physicalgiven buildings, which are still in use today, from the Yildiz Palace annexes and moved here. Education and Fine Arts departments affiliated with the Rectorate.In the early period the school had construction and mechanical science departments edu-cating students as technical officers and engineers. From the 1942-1943 semester on elect-ricity and architecture departments were founded as part of the department of enginee- Yildiz Technical University Period (1992)ring. The Law dated 26 Law no. 3837 dated 3 July 1992 renamed our university Y›ld›z Technical University. The Engi-September 1941 on the transfer of the Istanbul School of Professional Engineers and the neering Faculty was divided into four faculties and restructured as the Electrical-Electronics,Technical School to the Ministry of Education transferred the school from the Ministry of Construction,Public Works to the Ministry of Education. Mechanical and Chemical-Metallurgy Faculties and also included the Faculty of EconomicsThe decree of the Ministry of National Education dated 7 June 1949 founded the Cartog- and Administrative Sciences within its organization. The Kocaeli Faculty of Engineering andraphy and Land Survey Engineering Department and began education in the 1949-1950 se- the Kocaeli Vocational School were released from our university to be restructured as Kocaelimester as the first institution for engineers in Turkey in this field. In the 1951-1952 semester University.the department for the education of technicians was closed. Today our university has 10 Faculties, 2 Institutes, the Vocational School of Higher Education, the Vocational School for National Palaces and Historical Buildings, the Vocational School for Foreign Languages and more than 25,000 students.
    • YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITYVISIONOur vision is to become one of the most-preferred world universities with our educational,research and cultural environment.MISSIONOur mission is to create a university which pioneers education, scientific research, technologicaldevelopment and artistic work aimed at the progress of society and the increase of the qualityof life within an understanding of national and international solidarity; and educates creative,enterprising, questioning and ethical students equipped with universal values, who constantlyrenew themselves, aim for lifelong learning and are capable of analysis and synthesis.
    • CAMPUSESYILDIZ CENTRAL DAVUTPASA AYAZAGAFACULTY OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING FACULTY OF EDUCATION SCHOOL OF VOCATIONAL STUDIESDepartment of Computer Engineering Department of Educational Sciences Department of Technical ProgramsDepartment of Electrical Engineering Department of Computer Education and Instructional Department of Economic and Administrative ProgramsDepartment of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Technologies (CEIT)Department of Control and Automation Engineering Department of Foreign Languages EducationFACULTY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND MARITIME FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCEDepartment of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department of Western Languages and LiteraturesDepartment of Marine Engineering Operations Department of Biology Department of PhysicsFACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Department of StatisticsDepartment of Industrial Engineering Department of ChemistryDepartment of Mechanical Engineering Department of MathematicsDepartment of Mechatronics Engineering Department of Turkish Language and Literature Department of Humanities and Social SciencesFACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERINGDepartment of ArchitectureDepartment of City and Regional Planning Department of Civil Engineering Department of Environmental EngineeringFACULTY OF ECONOMIC AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES Department of Geomatic EngineeringDepartment of Economics FACULTY OF CHEMICAL AND METALLURGICALDepartment of Business Administration ENGINEERINGDepartment of Political Science and International Relations Department of Chemical Engineering Department of Mathematical EngineeringVOCATIONAL SCHOOL OF NATIONAL PALACES AND Department of Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringHISTORICAL BUILDINGS Department of BioengineeringDepartment of Technical Programs FACULTY OF ART AND DESIGNINSTITUTES Department of ArtGraduate School of Social Sciences Department of Communication DesignGraduate School Of Natural And Applied Sciences Department of Music and Performing Arts SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES Department of Basic English Department of Modern Languages
    • YILDIZ CENTRAL CAMPUS FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Department of Computer Engineering 15 Department of Electrical Engineering 17 Department of the Electronics and Communication Engineering 18 Department of Control and Automation Engineering 19 FACULTY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND MARITIME Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering 21 Department of Marine Engineering Operations 23 FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Department of Industrial Engineering 25 Department of Mechanical Engineering 26 Department of Mechatronics Engineering 27 FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE Department of Architecture 29 Department of City and Regional Planning 31 FACULTY OF ECONOMIC AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES Department of Economics 33 Department of Business Administration 34 Department of Political Science and International Relations 35 VOCATIONAL SCHOOL OF NATIONAL PALACES AND HISTORICAL BUILDINGS Department of Technical Programs 37 INSTITUTES Graduate School of Social Sciences 38 Graduate School Of Natural And Applied Sciences 40
    • FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL & Department of Computer ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Engineering YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering consists of Department of Computer develop their professional knowledge › Computer Engineering Engineering, initially founded as by following the national and › Control and Automation Engineering Electronic Computation Division in international developments related 1970, continued its activities as a part to Computer Engineering, v) who can › Electrical Engineering of Engineering Faculty between 1983 take responsibility and/or authority › Electronics and Communication Engineering and 1992, following the reorganization and fulfill the requirements, in both in 1992 the department became individual and team work, vi) who are departments having 2620 undergraduate, 462 graduate students and 129 full time academic staff. a part of Faculty of Electrical respectful to ethical values. The vision of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics is to be preferred domestically and recognized internation- Engineering and Electronics. Computer Engineering Program is ally with the environment of science, education and research it presents. The vision of the department is currently operating with full time Our mission is to graduate engineers with continued determination towards seeking new knowledge, focus on determined as “developing into 3 Professors, 9 Assistant Professors, life long learning, analytical thinking abilities, internationally acknowledged knowledge and experience to ad- a department which guides the 1 Instructor, 14 Research Assistants information technology sector and part time 1 Professor, 1 Assistant dress the needs of the society and the necessary team sprit while honoring entrepreneurship and ethics to be the worldwide both in academic and Professor. pioneering institute for research and technology development technological fields”. The department of Computer In order to satisfy the vision and the mission; our faculty provides the opportunity of a successful career with its The objectives of the department Engineering consists of three divisions. highly qualified academic staff, powerful technical infrastructure and wide range of electronic resources. Being are to produce graduates i) who can › Computer Sciences Division in the centre of the industrial and R&D region provides the possibility of collaboration and partnership with the analyze, design and apply software › Software Division organizations. and/or hardware systems, ii) who can › Hardware Division produce algorithmic solutions via analytical thinking to the problems, iii) who has the technical expression ability in their native language and in other languages required by their CONTACT profession, iv) who can refresh and Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yildiz - Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Contact Phone : +90 212 383 2385 Department of Computer Engineering Fax : +90 212 259 4967 Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı www.elk.yildiz.edu.tr 34349 Yildiz - Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Phone : +90 212 383 2399 Fax : +90 212 258 748914 www.ce.yildiz.edu.tr 15
    • Department of ElectricalEngineering YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERINGDepartment of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Departmentwith well-respected faculty and has two divisions:selected students, is one of the oldest › Power SystemsElectrical Engineering Departmentin Turkey. Electrical Engineering › Electrical Machines and PowerDepartment has been pursuing its Electronicseducational and research work since Both undergraduate and graduate1942. level education (MSc and PhD) areThe mission of the department offered at the department with ais to educate future Electrical total of 10 professors, 4 associateEngineers with solid background on professors, 23 assistant professors andfundamental concepts to shape the 15 research assistants.future of Electrical Engineering. The Department has just establishedOur objective is to emphasize hands- a research labs on renewableon education as well as strong energy in addition to its main labstheoretical background to enable such as electrical circuits lab, highour graduates to solve even the most voltage lab, electrical machines lab,difficult engineering problems easily. power electronics lab, lightning and illumination technologies lab and power systems lab. Contact Department of Electrical Engineering Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yildiz - Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Phone : +90 212 383 2423 Fax : +90 212 259 4869 www.elm.yildiz.edu.tr 17
    • Department of the Electronics Department of Control and and Communication Engineering Automation Engineering YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERINGYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING The purpose of the Department of The Department is unique in having assistants in the following four The mission of the Department of The department offers not only the Electronics and Communication the only GSM test and measurement divisions: Control and Automation Engineering undergraduate program but also Engineering is essentially to provide laboratory in Turkey. The Department is to provide world-class research graduate degrees including MSc and › Electronics professional training in the world- has also all basic laboratories such as and training of engineers who will Ph D programs. The undergraduate class level and at the same time to circuits, communications, antennas › Telecommunications advance innovations that transform program includes the courses of participate actively in applied and and Microwaves, and power › Circuits and Systems “Science to Intelligent Systems.” For Control Systems, Control Systems theoretical research. So the graduated electronics, microprocessor based control and automation engineers, Labs., Multivariable Control Systems, › Electromagnetic Fields and future will be a time of significant Process Control, Mechatronics, Robot engineers have universal acceptance, system design laboratories. The Microwave Techniques solid foundation, ability for learning Department academic staff consists challenge, as well as a time of Modelling and Control and Computer and leadership during their lifetimes of 7 professors, 2 associate professors, significant opportunity. Aided Control. The graduate program and of course strong ethical values. 9 assistant professors and 21 research The Deparment of Control and includes the courses of System Theory, Automation Engineering will Linear and Nonlinear Control, Petri- seek efficient solutions to the key Nets and Supervisory Control, Fuzzy Research, on the other hand, has The students may specialize in optoelectronics, signal processing, Logic Control, Adaptive Control, the vital importance in the higher the fields of circuits and systems, data transmission, synchronization science and engineering problems collaborating with academia, Optimal Control and System Analysis education. In the Electronics and electronics power electronics, and equalization, coding techniques, Control. Communication Engineering communications, signal processing, speech processing, scattering and industrial partners and recognized Department, high quality academic electromagnetic fields, microwave diffraction problems, antennas and national and international masters. programs provide a strong theory and techniques. radar, active and passive microwave background for the directed research Some of the major research activities devices and systems, broadband that form a part of the Master are: Artificial intelligence and its matching. of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of applications, pattern recognition, VLSI Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in design, solid-state electronics, either Electronics or Communication Engineering. Contact Contact Department of Electronics and Department of Automation and Communication Engineering Control Engineering Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yildiz - Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey 34349 Yildiz - Beşliktaş - Istanbul - Turkey Phone : +90 212 383 2479 Phone: +90 212 383 2464 Fax : +90 212 259 9321 Fax: +90 212 259 4967 18 19 www.ehm.yildiz.edu.tr www.kom.yildiz.edu.tr
    • FACULTY OF NAVAL Department of Naval Architecture ARCHITECTURE AND MARITIME and Marine Engineering The Naval Architecture and Marine by renovating its educational YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND MARITIME The Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Operations, founded in 1967 Engineering Department roots back infrastructure with respect to to meet the needs of Turkey for naval architecture and marine engineers, with 40-year-experi- into 1967 and has been founded in technological improvements in ence, is one of the oldest two institutions in this field in Turkey. 1982 as a new department and carries industry, accreditation criteria and on educational activities for more than international education standards. In addition to the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Operations 40 years. educating the engineers which the industry of marine needed, the Department of Marine Naval Architecture, Ship The department aims to educate Hydromechanics and Ship Machines Engineering Operations was founded to meet the needs of engineers working in seagoing engineers equipped with the ability constitute the three divisions of ships in 2008. These two departments have been functioning under the Faculty of Mechanics to design, develop and construct the Naval Architecture and Marine so far, was restructured under the Faculty of Naval Architecture and Maritime to carry out its economically all types of vessels and Engineering Department. These three educational and research activities in 2009. machinery systems. The Department divisions continue to educational and This faculty has not only supported the process of training qualified engineers of Turkey, but of Naval Architecture and Marine research activities with 15 lecturers (5 also enabled the use of human resources more efficiently by increasing the effectiveness in Engineering, up to now, having over professors, 3 associate professors, and 1000 Naval Architect and Marine 7 assistant professors) and 11 research the field of maritime. Engineers graduated and dedicated assistants. to the Marine Industry continues to its dynamic development process CONTACT Faculty of Naval Architecture and Maritime Yildiz Technical University Barbaros Bulvarı, 34349 Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 2980 Fax: +90 212 383 2989 Contact +90 212 236 4165 Department of Naval Architecture www.gidf.yildiz.edu.tr and Marine Engineering Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı gidf@yildiz.edu.tr 34349 Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 2848 Fax: +90 212 236 416520 www.gim.yildiz.edu.tr 21
    • Department of Marine Engineering Operations Department of Marine Engineering Operations is founded classification and insurance societies, ship maintenance YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND MARITIME in 2008, and a brand new department under The Faculty of and repair work fields, and shipyards as well. Naval Architecture and Maritime, whose root in YTU goes Undergraduate program includes one year prep. class for back to 1967. The aim of the department is to meet the English, four years of engineering education including qualified workforce on board and in this manner to educate theoretical, laboratorial and engine room simulation and train students according to the IMO STCW conventions. lectures, one training in field, one applied open sea ship Graduates are employed mainly in seagoing ships both at training in merchant vessels (6th semester for 6 months) operational and management levels. At the operational and optional summer school. Hereafter, an engineering level they are employed as engineer officers, and at degree is given to the graduates. management level as chief engineer or second engineer officers. The most important feature of Marine Engineering Operations program is its education is substantially Graduates can also has the opportunity to choose positions practical. from the establishments in marine industry, coveringContactDepartment of Marine EngineeringOperationsYildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı34349 Besiktas, Istanbul, TurkeyPhone: +90 212 383 2949Fax: +90 212 383 29 42www.gmim.yildiz.edu.tr 23
    • Department of Industrial FACULTY OF MECHANICAL Engineering ENGINEERING Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering concerning the use, development and management of sciences and the social sciences. The curriculum of our department takes both these factors into consideration. who are competent in team work, constantly renew themselves in the light of developments, are capable of work force, knowledge, equipment Our aim is to become the leading analytical thinking and producing new and processes. department in the discipline of ideas and have internalized ethical YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, incorporating the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Industrial engineering has a different industrial and system engineering values. Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering has since its foundation in 1993 educated engineers who provide structure and thought system where the educational quality Our department has 2 divisions and its solutions to the requirements of their industry in the 21st century. compared to other branches of constantly improves with an academic staff includes 2 Professors, The faculty provides engineering education with the aims of presenting theoretical and practical knowledge, engineering. The most important innovative curriculum, to become a 1 Associate Professor, 8 Assistant developing the ability of using knowledge, recognizing systems and forming new systems and raising aware- difference is the focus on the whole source of R&D practices within the Professors, 5 Ph.D Research Assistants rather than the part, in other words, industry and to pioneer national and and 9 Research Assistants ness of social responsibility. the whole of the system. The second international scientific work. The aim of the faculty is to educate engineers possessing enterprising, investigative qualities, equipped with the important difference is the emphasis Founded in 1983, our department Divisions knowledge and experience required to work in technical, administrative and R&D work in the industry, trained in on the human factor in all manners produces scientific knowledge to › Operation Research the practice of continuous learning, skilled in team work, analysis and synthesis, able to produce solutions and of industrial engineering applications. meet national and international › Industrial Engineering technology, open to technological developments, capable of universal thought and sensitive to environmental Therefore, industrial engineering requirements and educates and cultural values. intersects with both the basic natural enterprising industrial engineers CONTACT Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yildiz - Beşliktaş - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 2765 / 2766 Contact Fax : +90 212 261 6659 Department of Industrial Engineering www.mak.yildiz.edu.tr Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yildiz - Beşliktaş - Istanbul - Turkey Phone : +90 212 383 2865 Fax : +90 212 261 6659 www.enm.yildiz.edu.tr24 25
    • Department of Mechanical Department of Mechatronics Engineering Engineering The Department of Mechanical Engineering was founded technological developments and are able to produce Mechatronic engineering is the enables them to solve a wide range Department of Mechatronics in 1937 within the body of the Istanbul Technical School. technology; carry out national and international research, integration of mechanical engineering of mechanical, electrical and software Engineering began to offer BSc degree The department applies a curriculum working towards produce solutions to industrial problems and contribute to with electronics, computer systems, problems, allowing them to participate program in 2009-2010 academic year in the benefit of our society and humanity within universal national growth. and advanced controls to design and in multidisciplinary design teams. the College of Mechanical Engineering. criteria, transforming research results into technology and The department has 7 divisions and its academic staff construct products and processes. Mechatronic engineers are employed by The department aims to educate YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING focusing on specialization with optional branch education, includes 20 professors, 5 associate professors, 20 assistant Mechatronic engineering is one of the product developers and manufacturers engineers who possess strong analytical furthering its mission to become the leader among similar professors, 11 teaching staff and 46 research assistants. newest branches of engineering with by the mining industry, by the aerospace skills and exhibit practical ingenuity institutions of national and international reputability. applications to every sector of society. and defence sectors, and by the with high ethical standards and a strong The aim of the department is to provide the necessary Cameras, video cameras, photocopy government and industry research sense of professionalism. education to raise engineers who are capable of assuming machines, atm machines and many groups. Wherever there is potential for The department currently consists of active roles in the technical, administrative and R&D work other intelligent products are simple improvement through the integration of 2 professors, 2 associate professors, of industrial enterprises, can produce solutions, possess and typical examples of mechatronic computer and electrical hardware with 4 assistant professors, 2 electronics the abilities of analysis and synthesis, follow and apply systems. The mechatronic engineering mechanical systems there is a need for technicians and 5 research and teaching program provides a broad-based mechatronic engineers. In the future, assistants. education in the basic principles of mechatronic engineers will be in great Divisions mechanical, electrical and computer demand as more industries seek to apply › Hydromechanics and Hydraulic Machinery engineering. the evolutionary advances in computers, › Design Mechatronic engineers possess electronics, sensors, and actuators to › Mechanics the core skills of mechanical and improve their products, processes and › Materials and Manufacturing Technologies electrical engineers. Their knowledge services. › Machine Theory, System Dynamics and Control › Automotive › Heat and Thermodynamics Contact Contact Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechatronics Engineering Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yildiz - Beşliktaş - Istanbul - Turkey 34349 Yildiz - Beşliktaş - Istanbul - Turkey Phones : +90 212 383 2776 / 2777 Phone : +90 212 383 29 79 Fax : +90 212 261 6774 Fax : +90 212 261 66 59 www.mkm.yildiz.edu.tr www.mkt.yildiz.edu.tr 26 27
    • FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE Department of Architecture The Department of Architecture was department aims to transmit basic The department carries out various The Faculty of Architecture has a history of 65 years and its dynamic scientific, cultural and intellectual development, out- founded in the 1942-1943 academic year architectural knowledge, to develop activities in monitoring and applying standing academic staff and graduates have placed it among the select and respectable institutions of our country. and since then it has constantly strived to architectural competence, aid in the international educational standards and The vision of the faculty is to sustain its position as a pioneering and dynamic faculty which produces and applies science at change and transform itself around the transformation of an aesthetic view into is a member of the EAAE (European universal standards through research, is sensitive towards modern, democratic and ethical values, resists political pressure in principle of modernization. form, to teach intellectual methods and Association for Architectural Education) Today, the movement on an international approaches enabling the use of creativity and the CIB (International Council for consideration of the public good, enriches the professional field of architecture with historical and cultural values of identity, scale of the individual and information has and to instruct students in the protection Research and Innovation in Building and produces and realizes utopias and is preferred in the national and trans-national sphere for its educational, research and cul- of personal rights within the legal context Construction). tural environment. become increasingly important and our department and its esteemed academic and to establish a sense of professional The department has four divisions with The mission of the faculty is to educate leading, multi-faceted, confident, ethical, enterprising, liberal minded, socially re- staff incorporating this outlook produce ethics. academic staff including 14 professors, sponsible and ecologically sensitive students who can think analytically, define problems with a critical view, produce cre- knowledge in the field of architecture, In addition to the organization of 20 associate professors, 29 assistant ative solutions to problems, possess knowledge and information in their field, who have acquired the ability to synthesize, disseminate this knowledge both in symposiums, exhibitions, conferences, professors, 4 teaching staff, 8 research are able to apply their professional knowledge and abilities, are inclined to team work, can use technology, love their profes- theoretical and practical fields in various seminars and workshops, extracurricular assistants holding PhDs, 36 research YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE sion, can reflect their professional understanding to all contemporary fields of their lives, possess a sense of responsibility contexts and pass this knowledge on to educational activities include student assistants and 1 specialist holding a PhD. and initiative, who are at peace with society and themselves, value remaining neutral and lifelong constant education. future architects. exchange programs, technical trips and The educational program of the internships. The faculty is continuing work towards the improvement of total quality in the fields of education and research in European architecture within the scope of the EU and GATS processes and incorporates 2 departments at graduate levels and 12 pro- Division Subdivision grams at postgraduate level. Building Theory and Design › Environmental Design The faculty publishes Megaron, a three-monthly virtual journal with national academic refereeing. › Architectural Design Theory and Methodologies The faculty has more than 10 thousand graduates and there are more than 1320 graduate, more than 300 postgraduate and › Computer Aided Architectural Design 120 PhD students at the faculty at present. The academic staff includes 22 professors, 22 associate professors, 35 assistant › Architectural Design Issues Building Science › Building Elements and Materials professors, 5 teaching staff, 63 research assistants and 2 specialists. › Housing Production and Building Management › Structural Systems › Building Physics CONTACT Architectural Conservation › Evolution of Historical Environment › Renovation and Conservation Faculty Of Architecture History of Architecture › History of Art and Architecture Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yildiz - Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Contact Phones : +90 212 383 2585 / 2586 Department of Architecture Fax : +90 212 261 0549 Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yildiz - Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey www.mmr.yildiz.edu.tr Phones : +90 212 383 2597 / 2598 Fax : +90 212 261 892928 www.mim.yildiz.edu.tr 29
    • Department of City andRegional PlanningIn line with the data of the changes in the world and the factsinternational science of urbanism and of the country, made the educationthe discipline of planning, the aim of of professionals with a broad point ofthe program is to educate students view who observe just conduct in thewho can examine the economic, organization of urban behaviour in thesocial and physical development name of public-oriented sustainableof Turkey and can both guide and life and progress its principle.produce decisions at all planning units Our department has two divisionson the organization of economic, and its academic staff includes 6social and physical spaces at all scales professors, 3 associate professors,of human settlements. YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE 12 assistant professors, 13 researchOur department is the first of its kind assistants and 2 specialists.in the field and has, via a curriculumsensitive to developments andDivisions SubdivisionsCity Planning › Urban Planning › Urban Design › Urban Renewal and PreservationRegional Planning › Regional Planning Contact Department of City and Regional Planning Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Yildiz - Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Phones : +90 212 383 2634 / 2635 Fax : +90 212 261 0549 www.sbp.yildiz.edu.tr 31
    • Department of EconomicsFACULTY OF ECONOMICS ANDADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES The Department of Economics is the disciplines (i.e. history, sociology, The department has 4 divisions and its YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES first department of the Faculty of law, business administration); and academic staff includes 8 professors, Economic and Administrative Sciences the applications of quantitative 3 associate professors, 4 assistant which was founded in 1992. techniques in economics. In professors, 6 lecturer holding PhDs The education aims at forming a other words; both the orthodox and 12 research assistants.The Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences was founded in 1992 with the aim of producing solid base of notions of economics characteristics of economics and for students, as well as improving its interdisciplinary dimension areknowledge on economic and social analysis, and to educate individuals equipped with a level of knowl- the students’ ability to think like an included into our education. Theedge and ability meeting the requirements of the business world in the present and future. economist and analyze economic opportunity to offer lots of newCurricula of all the departments of our faculty aim to provide our graduates with the education that will phenomena in various dimensions. courses renders our program flexibleenable them to smoothly adapt to rapid and sudden changes contemporary society faces in the social To this end, our education; endows and open to improvements andand economic fields and to make the necessary analyses and produce solutions. the students with the ability to make progress. use of concepts and contexts of other Divisions › Economic Theory › Economic History › Political Economy › International Economics and Economic DevelopmentCONTACTFaculty of Economics and Political SciencesYildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349Besiktas - Istanbul - TurkeyPhones: +90 212 383 2515 / 2517 ContactFax: +90 212 259 42 02 Department of Economics Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarıwww.iib.yildiz.edu.tr 34349 Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 2520 Fax: +90 212 259 4202 www.ikt.yildiz.edu.tr 33
    • Department of Business Department of Political Science Administration and International Relations YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCESYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES Department of Business Business Administration Department One of the three departments of the Faculty of Economic The curriculum includes a wide spectrum of lectures. Administration has been continuing offers three postgraduate programs and Administrative Sciences, the Department of Political The aim of the program is, with English correspondence its education and training activities to enable students to develop Science and International Relations was founded in 1999. and diplomatic correspondence lessons in addition to since 1996. With its continuous further skills in particular areas of With a view of educating specialists in the field of core courses, educate individuals who can commit their physical and technological BA. The two postgraduate programs international relations and political science, the department ideas into writing and communicate them effectively and development, and increasing number of the department are Business aims to convey to its students the main and contemporary are successful in human relations, possess qualities of of academic staff, it provides students Administration and Human Resource knowledge and concepts on political processes and representation and a sense of general culture and speak to receive academic studies at Management which require the structures, political theory, policies, the functioning, legal at least one foreign language well. The department has advanced level. preparation of a master thesis framework, history and historical stages of the international 2 divisions and its academic staff includes 4 professors, 8 The purpose of the department whereas the third program provides system and to endow them with the ability to analyse associate professors, 4 assistant professors, 1 teaching staff is to educate highly qualified and an MBA diploma. There is a growing events and phenomena with scientific method and to think and 14 research assistants. 30 % of courses are taught in skilled business administrators demand for each of our postgraduate critically and analytically. Emphasis is placed upon Turkey’s English. and entrepreneurs with extensive programs every year. position in the international system and its foreign relations, academic knowledge and analytical and the main dynamics of political life in Turkey are taken thinking ability as required by the up with a universal and comparative approach. private and public sector. Divisions Divisions › Political Science › International Relations › Accounting and Finance › Commercial Law › Numerical Methods › Management and Quantitative Methods › Production Management and Marketing › Cooperative Trading System › Organizational Behaviour Contact Contact Department of Political Sciences and Department of Business Administration International Relations Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey 34349 Yildiz - Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 2536 Phone: +90 212 383 2549 Fax: +90 212 259 4202 Fax: +90 212 259 4202 34 www.isl.yildiz.edu.tr www.sbu.yildiz.edu.tr 35
    • YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › VOCATIONAL SCHOOL OF NATIONAL PALACES AND HISTORICAL BUILDINGSVocational School Of NationalPalaces And HistoricalBuildingsThe decision to found the Vocational School of National Palaces Education at the Vocational School of National Palaces andand Historical Buildings was taken by a protocol between the Historical Buildings is carried out in buildings in the garden ofTurkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) Presidency and Yildiz Yildiz Palace.Technical University and the school began to admit students in The duration of education is 2 years.the 2007-2008 academic year.The primary target of the school is to educate the mid-leveltechnical staff required for the maintenance and repairof palaces and pavilions of the TBMM National Palacesnationwide.Department of Technical Programs› Building Preservation and Renovation Program› Interior Preservation and Renovation ProgramThe programs accept applications from graduates ofconstruction, construction design, decorative arts,restoration, conservation, woodwork, furniture anddecoration, interior organization and interior designdepartments of vocational high schools withoutexamination. Contact Vocational School of National Palaces and Historical Buildings Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı 34349 Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Phones: +90 212 259 2083 / 2084 Fax: +90 212 327 3782 www.myo.yildiz.edu.tr 37
    • Graduate School of Social Sciences The Social Sciences Institute was founded in 1983 in order to educate enterpris- GRADUATE AND PhD PROGRAMS ing, creative, research-oriented social scientists and artists who have internal- Departments and Programs ized universal values and today provides postgraduate education in 18 pro- Atatürk Principles and the History of Revolution grams affiliated with 8 divisions. › Atatürk Principles and the History of Revolution Postgraduate The Social Sciences Institute provides postgraduate education aimed at spe- cialization and strives to form a modern and strong infrastructure for education. PG › Atatürk Principles and the History of Revolution PhD The target of the Institute is to become an institution protecting social, ethical and universal values, disseminating technology, science and art across society Administration › Administration Management PG and producing workable projects meeting the demands of industries and so- › Human Resources Management PG ciety. › Administration Management (Second Education For more than 25 years Yildiz Technical University has been preparing students without Thesis) to enter the world of work at an advanced level through our postgraduate de- Art gree programmes. The masters programmes equip our graduates in a range of › Museum Studies PG social science, arts and humanities subjects including business administration, › Art and Design PG economic, political science, education, language history, art and design, litera- › Interactive Media Design PG ture, foreign languages etc. The graduate programmes are all led by expert fac- › Proficiency in Art ulty and prepare students with all the relevant technical skills for their chosen Economics subject. The research capability and experience ensures that our programmes › Economics PG are based on the latest techniques and knowledge. These are continually devel- › Economics PhD Educational SciencesYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITYİ › INSTITUTESYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITYİ › INSTITUTES oped and updated through our extensive network of international collabora- tions, which students also experience and benefit from. › Education Administration and Supervision PG › Education Administration and Supervision without The graduates are fully prepared for the world of work – in industry, commerce Thesis PG and academy or as entrepreneurs – at home and internationally. They are pre- › Educational Programs and Teaching PG pared with a multidisciplinary and international perspective as well as with › Educational Programs and Teaching PhD socially responsible and ethical competencies. We consider that this combina- Foreign Language Education tion is essential for students to embark on challenging full-time careers in the › Foreign Language (English) Education PG modern globalised environment. The students of the school are prepared with › Foreign Language (English) Education without Thesis PG the multi-disciplinary abilities and perspective that make the transition to their › Turkish as a Foreign Language PG careers exciting and rewarding. Foreign Languages and Literature › French Translation and Interpretation PG › Multilingual Interpretation without Thesis PG › Interlingual and Intercultural Contact › Translation Studies PhD Graduate School of Social Sciences Political Science and International Relations Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros › Political Science and International Bulvarı 34349 Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey › Relations PG Phone: +90 212 383 3117 Turkish Language and Literature Fax: +90 212 227 44 71 › Old Turkish PG www.sbe.yildiz.edu.tr › Turkish Literature 38 › Turkish Literature PhD
    • GRADUATE AND PhD PROGRAMS Departments and Programs Mechanical Engineering Department Graduate School of Natural Architecture Department › Energy MSc and PhD program › Computational Architecture MSc and PhD program › Heat Processing MSc and PhD program › Construction Development and Planning MSc and PhD program › Manufacturing MSc and PhD program And Applied Sciences › Architectural Design MSc and PhD program › Construction MSc and PhD program › Estate and Estate Management MSc program › Machine Theory and Control MSc and PhD program › Architecture History and Theory MSc and PhD program Mechatronics Engineering Department › Restoration MSc and PhD program › Mechatronics Engineering MSc and PhD program › Construction MSc and PhD program Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department On July 20th, 1982 Yildiz Technical University, Graduate School Becoming an academically powerful graduate school where › Construction Physics MSc and PhD program › Materials MSc and PhD program of Natural and Applied Sciences was established and both MSc the education is at an international level and which has a great Biology › Extractive Metallurgy MSc and PhD program › Biology MSc program Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department and PhD studies began to be exercised with 6 departments influence on community development. Bioengineering › Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering MSc and PhD program and 11 programs. There are 24 departments and 105 graduate programs at the › Bioengineering MSc and PhD program Marine Engineering Operations Department Today, Institute of Science and Technology contains 24 Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Chemistry Department › Marine Engineering Operations MSc and PhD program departments and totally 105 MSc and PhD programs. › Analytical Chemistry MSc and PhD program Physics Department › 51 MSc, › Inorganic Chemistry MSc and PhD program › Physics MSc and PhD program The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences aims › 6 MSc non-thesis, › Biochemistry MSc and PhD program Statistics Department to help increase the number of distinguished scientists in our › Physicochemistry MSc and PhD program › Statistics MSc and PhD program country, who are able to generate science and technology, › 7 MSc non-thesis evening education programs and › Organic Chemistry MSc and PhD program Urban and Regional Planning Department who can enable that science and technology to be used for › 41 PhD programs. Chemical Engineering Department › Urban Transformation and Planning MSc program public and economical good and who contribute to science › Chemical Engineering MSc and PhD program › Urban Protection and Planning MSc program 59 of these programs are related to engineering, 26 of them to Civil Engineering Department › Urban Environment and Design MSc program and technology generated worldwide, in terms of both of architecture and 20 of them to basic sciences. › Geotechnics MSc and PhD program › Landscape Planning MSc program quantity and quality. The institute, which carries out the aforementioned programs › Hydraulics MSc and PhD program › Urban and Regional Planning PhD program with 496 lecturers in total, graduated 441 MSc and 135 PhD › Coastal and Harbor Engineering MSc and PhD program › Mechanics MSc and PhD program NON-THESIS Programs The mission of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied students in the end of 2008-2009 academic year. 1428 MSc › Transport MSc and PhD program Architecture Department Sciences is and 648 PhD students received education in 2008-2009 YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › INSTITUTESYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › INSTITUTES › Construction MSc and PhD program › Interior Decoration MSc program › to educate innovative, creative, enterprising and questioning academic year. Computer Engineering Department › Construction Development and Planning MSc program individuals who will internalize moral values and who have the Foreign national students are also accepted to graduate › Computer Engineering MSc and PhD program › Construction Physics MSc program aptitude to cooperate, programs with the fidelity to principles of universal science. Control and Automation Department Education of Science and Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers › Control and Automation MSc and PhD program › Physics Teaching MSc program, › to promote expertise-oriented education and create a 23 foreign national students are attending graduate and Environmental Engineering Department › Chemical Teaching MSc program “learning” university community in graduate studies, postgraduate programs currently. › Environmental Sciences and Engineering MSc and PhD program › Mathematics Teaching MSc program › to attach priority to scientific research and technological Electrical Engineering Department › Electrical Machines and Power Electronics MSc and PhD program NON-THESIS Evening Education Programs development intended for higher living standards, and to › Electrical Foundation MSc and PhD program Architecture Department spread technology and science among the society with a Electronics and Communications Engineering Department › Construction Development and Planning MSc program sense of national and international cooperation and solidarity. › Electronics MSc and PhD program › Construction Physics MSc program The Institute of Sciences aims to educate creative, enterprising, Contact › Communications MSc and PhD program Civil Engineering Department investigative individuals suited to teamwork who constantly Map Engineering Department › Construction Management MSc program Graduate School of Natural and › Geomatics MSc and PhD program Industrial Engineering Department renew themselves and have internalized ethical values; and Applied Sciences › Remote Sensing and GIS MSc and PhD program program › Occupational Safety MSc program believes in the importance of creating a university community Industrial Engineering Department Map Engineering Department Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı based on sustainable learning. › Industrial Engineering MSc and PhD program › Estate Appraisal and Development MSc program 34349 Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Our institute carries out work which prioritizes scientific Phone : +90 212 383 3107 › System Engineering MSc program Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department research and the development technology in order to facilitate Mathematics Department › Metallurgical and Materials Engineering MSc program Fax : +90 212 227 4470 the dissemination of technology and science in society in › Mathematics MSc and PhD program Physics Department www.fbe.yildiz.edu.tr Mathematical Engineering Department › Physics MSc program 40 41 national and international collaboration. › Mathematical Engineering MSc and PhD program
    • DAVUTPASA CAMPUS FACULTY OF EDUCATION Department of Educational Sciences 45 Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies (CEIT) 46 Department of Foreign Languages Education 47 FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE Department of Western Languages and Literatures 49 Department of Biology 50 Department of Physics 51 Department of Statistics 52 Department of Chemistry 53 Department of Mathematics 54 Department of Turkish Language and Literature 55 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences 56 FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Department of Civil Engineering 59 Department of Environmental Engineering 60 Department of Geomatic Engineering 61 FACULTY OF CHEMICAL AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING Department of Chemical Engineering 63 Department of Mathematical Engineering 64 Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 65 Department of Bioengineering 66 FACULTY OF ART AND DESIGN Department of Art 69 Department of Communication Design 70 Department of Music and Performing Arts 71 SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES Department of Basic English 73 Department of Modern Languages 74
    • Department of Educational FACULTY OF EDUCATION Sciences The Department of Educational “Teaching Science and Mathematics The Faculty of Education was founded in 2003 with the purpose of educating teachers, directors and specialists Sciences was founded in 1989 in order in Secondary Education”. Two preferred by all educational institutions who will contribute to the determination of our national educational to serve the vocational courses to undergraduate programs “English policies and become leaders in the information society. The active educational environment of our faculty is Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Language Teaching” and “Computer supported by educational technologies and assists in teaching creactive thinking, problem solving and assum- and Chemistry. The department Sciences Teaching” are offered at the ing responsibility to educational candidates. The faculty meticulously updates theoretical and practical educa- aims to train teachers, managers faculty as well. tion in all fields and levels. and specialists who would be the The aim of the department is to train pioneers of the society. As a result teachers, directors and specialists who The Faculty of Education aims at training teachers, managers and specialists who contribute to the enhance- of the restructuring of the Turkish ment of our country’s education policies and who are favored by all educational institutes. can follow international developments Counsel of Higher Education, in their respective fields, adopt an The active educational environment of our faculty is supported by educational technologies and assists in Educational Sciences department interrogative attitude suitable to the focused on postgraduate programs YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF EDUCATION teaching creative thinking, problem solving and assuming responsibility to educational candidates. The faculty production of knowledge, are capable meticulously updates theoretical and practical education in all fields and levels. since term of 1998–1999. In 2003, with to take part in research shaping the establishment of the Faculty of society, know and use technology, The faculty incorporates the Department of Educational Sciences, Department of Computer Education and In- Education, the unit became a part of a establish connections between theory structional Technologies and the Department of Foreign Language Education. Department of Educational Sci- new faculty. and practice, teach how to teach ences offers graduate programs whereas the other two departments offer undergraduate programs. The Department of Educational and provide guidance in learning There are 34 academicians and 8 administrative staff in the faculty. Sciences is currently offering M.A. and create student-centred learning and Ph.D. programs in “Curriculum environments. and Instruction”, and M.A. program The department has 4 divisions with in “Educational Management an academic staff of 2 professors, Administration Supervision Planning 1 associate professor, 6 assistant and Economics”, and “Psychological professors, 1 teaching staff and 7 Counseling and Guidance” and research assistants. graduate non-thesis M.Ed. program in CONTACT Faculty of Education Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler-Istanbul-Turkey Contact Phones: +90 212 383 4800/4804 Fax: +90 212 383 4808 Department of Educational Sciences Davutpasa Campus 34210 www.egf.yildiz.edu.tr Esenler-Istanbul-Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 4818 Fax: +90 212 383 480844 www.egb.yildiz.edu.tr 45
    • Department of Computer Department of Foreign Education and Instructional Languages Education Technologies (CEIT) English Language Teaching (ELT) Department functions within the Foreign Languages Education Department in scientific and critical thinking, and keeping the track of technological changes. the Faculty of Education at Yildiz Technical University in The Department aims to train prospective teachers of Computer Education and Instructional students as computer teachers with international institutions are interested Davutpaşa Campus. It was established as a unit within English who are conscious, responsible, and guided by Technologies Department is a theoretical and practical professional in and make some researches in the Faculty of Science and Letters in 2000. In 2004 it was modern principles of education, are armed with the skills department of Yildiz Technical knowledge for primary and high following areas: Factors affecting the established under the Faculty of Education at Yildiz used in contemporary education, and have acquired the University’s Education Faculty. schools. Second is to educate students use of CAI, Distance Learning, and Technical University. ability to design lessons that compatible with technological Students are graduated from the as instructional technologists with Blended Learning methods in schools; The Department of Foreign Language Education offers changes. department as “Computer Teacher”. knowledge of designing, developing, and improving learning environments a B.A. program in English Language Education and two The department offers a 4 years applying and evaluating instructional using these methods in the way of Research areas include applied linguistics, pedagogy, graduate programs. teaching of culture and literature, classroom management, educational program. The Department materials and educational software those factors. has two computer laboratories and in the light of appropriateness for the The vision of the division of English Language Teaching is developing course materials and technology, and skills YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF EDUCATIONYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF EDUCATION two classrooms for its students. curriculum and the pedagogical level composed of educating teachers and researchers who are teaching. of target student mass. guided by the principles of modern education, following The vision of CEIT department is to be recognized as a leading department The academic staff consists of 1 in the subject of educating computer assistant professor, 2 instructors, and Graduate Programs teachers and CAI (Computer Assisted 6 research assistants. The department › M. A. program in ELT Instruction) experts, and be the most has one chair of Computer Teaching preferred CEIT department in Turkey. and Instructional Technology. › M. A. program in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language The undergraduate program has The academic staff having The M.A. program in ELT introduces major theoretical and methodological issues two aims: First of them is to educate relationships with several national and in English Language Teaching, and provides students with a firm foundation in the theoretical and applied aspects of the field. The M.A. program in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language has been opened on the basis of need for teachers who can teach Turkish to foreigners and to young Turkish citizens living abroad. Contact Contact Department of Computer Education and Department of Foreign Languages Instructional Technologies Education Davutpasa Campus 34210 Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler-Istanbul-Turkey Esenler-Istanbul-Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 4843 Phones : +90 212 383 4860 / 4863 Fax: +90 212 383 4808 Fax : +90 212 383 4808 46 www.bote.yildiz.edu.tr www.yde.yildiz.edu.tr 47
    • FACULTY OF ARTS Department of Western AND SCIENCE Languages and Literatures The French Translation and Interpretation Program at the fields of terminology, lexicology, technical translation, Department of Western Languages and Literatures was computer-aided translation, multilingual project Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Arts and Science provides high-quality education in the fields of founded in 1992; and its four-year program aims to educate management, localization, literary translation and criticism, basic sciences and language and also aims to establish an awareness of critical thought in its students translators and interpreters competent in the fields of to meet the requirements of external partners and to make to develop their abilities of independent research and constant self-renewal. interpreting, literary translation and technical translation. our department a world-renowned centre of translation The faculty educates creative individuals who will form the intellectual force serving society and sci- A good command of French is sought in applicants to the studies. ence in the fields of science and literature. The educational approach of the faculty is guided by the department. In addition, a second language choice from The department is formed of a single division with an awareness of a world led by reason and science. English, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish is also taught as academic staff of 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 1 YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE part of the four-year program. assistant professor, 10 teaching staff, 9 research assistants Numerous elective courses introduced at all departments every semester allow students to gain The vision of the department is to offer high-quality and 1 specialist. knowledge in scientific topics outside their main branches and therefore prepare for their professional lives in a more comprehensive manner. education structured around modern technology in the field of translation studies, to educate our students in the The basic courses presented at all departments of our university are also taught at the faculty. CONTACT Faculty of Arts and Science Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Contact Phones : +90 212 383 4100 / 4104 Department of Western Languages Fax: +90 212 383 4106 and Literatures www.fed.yildiz.edu.tr Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 43 81 Fax: +90 212 383 43 8148 www.bde.yildiz.edu.tr 49
    • Department of Biology Department of Physics The biology department of Yildiz field. The department provides a high The Department of Physics carries out educational, The department has 6 divisions with an academic staff Technical University was established education standart which enables our research and development activities in basic and applied including 12 professors, 7 associate professors, 14 assistant in 1998. The state of art facilities students to contribute to academia physics. Our aim is to educate well-qualified and ethical professors, 3 teaching staff, 7 research assistants holding has been planned for research and and industry. physicists with the laboratory experience and knowledge PhDs, 16 research assistants and 3 specialists. teaching activities in the department There are two research groups in to contribute to R&D work and technology production. which will fulfill the requirements of the department which work on Both engineering students and undergraduate students high end research and education. phytochemistry and molecular continue work at the Solid State, Thin Film, Photonics, For now, the department offers only biology fields. In these two fields the Polymer, Organic Electronics and Optical Spectroscopy Master of Science Degree. department offers Masters degree. laboratories. The department also incorporates a Computer The mission of the department is The academic staff of 2 professors, 3 Simulation Laboratory, a Carbon Nanotube Simulation to train students in international assistant professors and 5 research Laboratory and a Theoretical Liquid State Laboratory where standards on molecular biology, assistants continue their educational YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCEYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE simulation work is carried out. genetics and biotechnology fields and and research activities. also to prepare our students capable of following the latest research and Divisions technology developments in the › Atom and Molecular Physics › General Physics › High Energy and Plasma Physics › Mathematical Physics › Nuclear Physics › Solid State Physics Contact Contact Department of Biology Department of Physics Davutpasa Campus 34210 Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 4461 Phone : +90 212 383 4231 Fax: +90 212 383 4106 Fax : +90 212 383 4106 50 www.bio.yildiz.edu.tr www.fzk.yildiz.edu.tr 51
    • Department of Statistics Department of Chemistry Today, statistics has become an important tool in the depending on the needs and interests of students. In The Department of Chemistry at Yildiz Technical University The aim of the Department of Chemistry is to become work of many academic disciplines such as medicine, addition to, a number of service courses are offered to gain was founded in 1982. The Department offers degrees in a pioneering international institution of education and psychology, education, sociology, engineering and a wide perspective of knowledge. chemistry at the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. levels. The Department research focused on research and inquisition in technology physics just to name a few. Statistics is also important in The department’s goals are to acquaint students with the presently has 75 faculty members, all of whom participate and educate chemists with competent knowledge in both many aspects of society such as business, industry and role played in science and technology by probabilistic and in the undergraduate and graduate educational programs. the traditional and modern branches of chemistry and able goverment. Because of the increasing use of statistics in statistical ideas and methods and to provide instruction The Department of Chemistry has laboratory facilities and to work in all branches of the chemical industry. so many areas of our lives, it has become very desirable in the theory and application of tecniques that have been modern instrumentation to support the sophisticated to understand and practise statistical thinking. This is found to be commonly useful. chemical research. The members of the department are important even if you do not use statistical methods engaged with a wide range of research projects which are directly. The curriculum is designed to supply students with a nationally and internationally recognized. competent level of information in the field and develop Therefore, in the narrow sense, statistics can be considered their ability in line with these aims, and contains basic YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCEYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE as the tool of decision making under uncertainty. mathematics courses as well as courses on statistical Founded in 1990, the Department has long recognized the applications. Divisions relation of statistical theory to applications. Considering The Department of Statistics has an academic staff of 3 › Analytical Chemistry this fact the department offers a program, which is flexible, professors, 5 assistant professors, 7 research assistants. › Inorganic Chemistry › Physical Chemistry Divisions › Organic Chemistry › Biochemistry › Theoretical Statistics › Applied Statistics Contact Contact Department of Statistics Department of Chemistry Davutpasa Campus 34210 Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 44 16 Phone: +90 212 383 4131 Fax: +90 212 383 44 20 Fax: +90 212 383 4134 52 www.ist.yildiz.edu.tr www.kml.yildiz.edu.tr 53
    • Department of Mathematics Department of Turkish Mathematics is a branch of science used now in almost all areas with the advancement of scientific technology, The department was founded in 1948 and its curriculum was designed in line with these facts with the contribution Language and Literature developing intellectual ability and assisting in the search for of our teaching staff, graduates and employers in the the unknown. science industry. The aim of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature is to educate specialists in the field by providing Department of Mathematics has been active since 1982 The department has 6 divisions with an academic staff a basic education and prepare students to more advanced as a department in the Faculty of Arts and Science which including 6 professors, 2 associate professors, 25 assistant work after graduation and raise well-equipped scientists is one of the ten faculties of Yildiz Technical University. professors, 3 teaching staff, 17 research. competent in research and analysis. The first undergraduate education began in 1984 at the department. Still now, in addition to undergraduate The curriculum aims to provide students with a education, there are graduate programmes (MSc and Ph.D.) comparative and interdisciplinary view by referring to both and research activities going on. eastern and western literature. Courses, featuring diverse YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE fields of content, move beyond traditional structures andYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE present students with different options. Divisions The department has 2 divisions with an academic staff of 3 › Theory of Analysis and Functions professors, 4 assistant professors and 8 research assistants. › Algebra and Number Theory › Geometry › Fundamentals of Mathematics and Mathematics Logic Divisions › Topology › Turkish Language › Applied Mathematics › Turkish Literature Contact Contact Department of Mathematics Department of Turkish Language Davutpasa Campus 34210 and Literature Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Davutpasa Campus 34210 Phone: +90 212 383 4311 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Fax: +90 212 383 4314 Phone: +90 212 383 44 41 54 www.mat.yildiz.edu.tr Fax: +90 212 383 44 40 55 www.tde.yildiz.edu.tr
    • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences The department does not as of yet offer undergraduate develops, coordinates, and offers a required civilizations or postgraduate courses, and its academic staff includes 4 course and electives to the entire student body of Yildiz professors, 2 associate professors, 5 assistant professors and Technical University. These courses aim to equip students 4 teaching staff. with an analytical and critical approach for understanding, interpreting, and analyzing their society in particular and the world at large. Presently, the department does not offer degree programs of its own. The members of the department have degreesYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE from different disciplines including Sociology, History, Philosophy, Political Sciences and Cultural Studies. Their research projects cover a large span, from the study of the Ottoman Empire to contemporary issues such as poverty and urbanization. Contact Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Phones: +90 212 383 4485 / 4486 Fax: +90 212 383 4485 56 www.itb.yildiz.edu.tr
    • FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Department of Civil Engineering The main goal of the department is to provide an educational research and development activities, to establish and The history of the Faculty of Civil Engineering runs parallel to the history of our university. The department and the engi- programme which will be highly recognised in national and raise awareness of standards and regulations and to give neering programs within its body aim to educate students who can compete on an international level. As a result of work international levels as well as contributing to scientific and precedence to professional ethical guidelines. carried out within the infrastructural and systematic framework necessitated by educating engineers able to compete in the technological development and welfare of the society as a Following a year-long auditing process, the YTU Department international field, the curricula of the departments have been reorganized in view of international criteria. whole. of Civil Engineering was awarded the ISO : 9001-2000 Quality The new educational model of the faculty founded on the philosophy of total quality was based on accredited models like The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and Management System certificate by BVQI UKAS (UK) on 10 deeply rooted engineering departments. The aims of the March 2005. In 2007, the department received competence ABET and other similar models. Within the scope of the Sustained Improvement of Quality in Education Project (EKS‹P) “Total department are to contribute to the production of knowledge documents from the Association for Evaluation and Quality for Education and Application-Research” work is being carried out at the Departments of Construction Engineering, within the understanding that scientific research activity is Accreditation of Engineering Education Programs (MÜDEK) for Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering and Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. indispensable for sustainable growth and to educate, within a both the 1st and 2nd curricula. The departments are equipped with modern locations and laboratories to perform their educational and research and de- modern understanding of education, construction engineers The department hosts a Structural Engineering Laboratory, a YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING velopment activities. who can assume responsibility in public works programs at Hydraulics and Coast and Harbour Engineering Laboratory, local, national and international levels. a Transportation Laboratory, a Geotechnics Laboratory, a › Hydraulics and Coast and Harbour Engineering, Transportation, Construction Materials, Structural Engineering and Sur- Civil Engineering concerns a wide scope of engineering Mechanics Laboratory and a Construction Materials Laboratory. face Mechanics Laboratories affiliated with the Department of Construction Engineering, applications including bridges, dams, reservoirs, roads, rail The academic staff of the department includes 13 professors, › CBS and Digital Mapping Technologies, Measurement Technics, Calibration, Digital Image Processing and CBS, Photgram- systems, harbours, airports, residential and business buildings 8 associate professors, 18 assistant professors, 7 teaching staff metry Laboratories at the Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering, and clean and waste water systems. and 38 research assistants at 7 divisions. › And the Environment Laboratory at the Department of Environmental Engineering continue to actively provide educa- The department aims to elevate the standards of the tional services. construction industry to the international level, to prioritize There are three separate CAD laboratories within the body of our faculty. The Departments of Construction Engineering and Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering also have their own CAD laboratories. Divisions A number of research and development projects supported by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council › Structural Engineering › Hydraulics of Turkey), DPT (The State Planning Agency), KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization) and the Uni- › Transportation versity Research Projects Coordinatorship are realized at our departments. › Geotechnics › Mechanics › Construction Materials › Construction Management CONTACT Faculty of Civil Engineering Contact Davutpasa Campus 34220 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Department of Civil Engineering Phone : +90 212 383 5101 Davutpaşa Campus 34220 www.ins.yildiz.edu.tr Esenler - İstanbul - Turkey Phone : +90 212 383 5356-57 Fax: +90 212 383 535858 www.inm.yildiz.edu.tr 59
    • Department of Environmental Department of Geomatic Engineering Engineering Environmental Engineering is the branch of engineering distribution, waterborne diseases, wastewater disposal The Department of Geomatic Engineering which was measurement devices, automatic drawing systems and GPS concerned with the protection of the quality of natural and decontamination, later including in its field of interest founded as the “Cartography and Cadastre Engineering” and remote perception techniques. living spaces, the prevention and restoration of pollution other elements like the air and the soil which form the Department in 1949 and the name Geodesy and The Department of Geomatic Engineering was awarded a and the provision of environmental conditions suitable environment. Photogrammetry Engineering was adopted 1982. document of competence by the Engineering Evaluation to human health. The emergence of Environmental The vision of the department is to give our students an The Department of Geomatic Engineering aims to educate Council MÜDEK in 2007 in both its 1st and 2nd curricula. Engineering was simultaneous with the development of education enabling them to define the multidimensional engineers producing digital and thematic knowledge technology, acceleration of population growth, change The departmental staff includes totally 57 including 10 problems in their field and to produce technically and who will carry out the production of all manners of maps professors and 8 assistant professors in five divisions. in socioeconomic structure and the largescale increase in economically suitable and sustainable solutions with a and plans for various purposes and at various scales; and environmental pollution. YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERINGYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING global and interdisciplinary outlook. perform engineering measurements for technical projects The department aims to educate specialists in the The department has two divisions and its academic staff for various branches of engineering. harmonization with the environment of investments in the includes 4 professors, 12 assistant professors and 14 The Department is a contemporary branch of engineering, agriculture, industrial, transportation, tourism and energy research assistants. requiring intensive and active use of electronic sectors which form the basis of progress for the completion of the process of development. The department initially focused on drinking water supply, purification and Divisions › Geodesy › Photogrammetry and Remote Perception Divisions › Measurement Techniques › Environmental Sciences › Cartography › Environmental Technologies › Public Land Survey Contact Contact Department of Enviromental Engineering Department of Geomatic Engineering Davutpasa Campus 34220 Davutpaşa Campus 34220 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Esenler - İstanbul - Turkey Phone : +90 212 383 5356-57 Phone : +90 212 383 5272 Fax: +90 212 383 5358 Fax : +90 212 383 5274 60 www.ce.yildiz.edu.tr www.jfm.yildiz.edu.tr 61
    • FACULTY OF CHEMICAL AND Department of Chemical METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING Engineering YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF CHEMICAL AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING Chemical Engineering, is a vast engineering branch related in addition to conventional methods), The four main engineering departments within the body of the Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering to the design, development and application of processes chemical engineering thermodynamics, employ 148 teaching staff at graduate and postgraduate levels. involving the changes in chemical structures, energy crystallization, kinetics, catalysis, reactor design, contents and/or physical states of materials. Recently, it polymer technology, cement technology, boron The aim of the faculty is to educate engineers who have a strong background in their field, are capable of solving has been developing quite fast and beyond the classical technology, environmental technology (air and water engineering problems and designing solutions, and possess an awareness of professional and ethical responsibility. application areas, forcing the frontiers of science and pollution), nanotechnology, electrochemical processes, Students of the Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering receive an education focused on advanced tech- technology through collaborations with other engineering food technology, biochemical engineering, mathematical nologies which allows them to perform applied scientific research on interdisciplinary engineering issues in the class- fields. modeling and computational applications. room and laboratory at international standards at the Davutpafla Campus. Departmental curricula within the faculty The Chemical Engineering Department of Yildiz Technical The Department, consisting of three subdivisions namely structure are regularly updated in view of national and international developments. University is providing service to its students through Chemical Technologies, Process and Reactor Design, and The Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering carries out many group and interdisciplinary R&G activities curriculum and laboratories established in accordance Unit Operations and Thermodynamics, has 9 full-professors, with its vision and mission criteria. Department staff have 2 associate professors, 15 assistant professors and 21 supported by University Research Projects Coordinatorship, KOSGEB, TÜBITAK and DPT, and also provides experimen- bilateral relations with different national and international research assistants (5 with PhD) who aim to contribute to tal research and consulting services to a diverse range of industries. institutions with the aim of doing research studies on the field and to the society through various research and The faculty also pioneered the signing of a framework protocol between Yildiz Technical University and the Mechani- various subjects such as energy technologies (coal, applied studies. cal and Chemical Industry Corporation, adding a further step to its services in line with the values of the university natural gas, biomass and hydrogen energy), separation and following university policies. technologies (supercritical extraction and pervaporation The Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certificate in February 2006. The faculty also received a Proficiency Certificate from the Ministry of Environment and Forests in the Divisions field of Flue Gas. The studies for education (MÜDEK) and laboratory (TSEN ISO / IEC 17025) acredition continue. › Chemical Technologies › Process and Reactor Design › Unit Operations and Thermodynamics CONTACT Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Contact Phones : +90 212 383 4550 +90 212 383 4556 Department of Chemical Engineering Davutpasa Campus 34210 Fax : +90 212 383 4557 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Phones: +90 212 383 47 26 Fax: +90 212 383 47 2562 www.kmm.yildiz.edu.tr 63
    • Department of Mathematical Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Engineering YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF CHEMICAL AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERINGYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF CHEMICAL AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING The department of mathematical engineering’s vision is to The department provides its students with knowledge The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering technologies and adapt them to their own field of educate the engineers who are equipped with basic and and abilities in basic mathematics, basic engineering and focuses on the production of usable metals and their alloys specialization, who can continue their individual applied mathematical knowledge, and capable to form the contemporary computer technology designed to enable from nature, natural resources, base metals and various development on the basis of their basic knowledge and are mathematical model of the incidents faced in engineering, them constantly improve themselves. Graduates of the unused products, the development of their properties suitable to team work. economy and social life and to find solutions to the problems Department of Mathematical Engineering play an active role and their behaviour in various environments and finds, For educational and research purposes, the department modelled by themselves and to make software programs and in the modelling, solution and interpretation of problems in researches and develops new areas of use for them. incorporates Chemical Analysis, Electron Microscopy, applications; to be a leading establishment which produces the engineering, economy and services industries. In addition to significant work on metal-based materials, Measurement and Calibration, Non-destructive Testing, science at these subjects by following the contemporary The department has presently 4 Professors, 3 Assistant the production of ceramics, plastic and composite Corrosion, Metallurgical Pre-processing, Plastics, progresses. Professors, 12 Ph D Assistant Professors, 13 Reserach Assistants materials, research and development into their properties; Composites, Casting, Ceramics, Mechanical Testing, Plastic The department believes curriculum development to be (3 of which have Ph.D) and 2 specialists. educational and strategic developments towards materials Forming, Raw Material Base Preparation, Powder Metallurgy, a dynamic process and therefore annually reassesses and design and use, new application and the improvement of Workshop and Heat Treatment Processes laboratories. restructures its curricula in line with a contemporary approach the impact of metallurgic processes on the environment The educational infrastructure of our department has to education. are also among the work areas of metallurgical and attained Quality management standards and possesses materials engineering. laboratory and educational accreditation. In metallurgical and materials engineering education, Our department incorporates two divisions and continues Divisions theoretical, practical and laboratory work is carried out its educational, research and practical activities with › Foundations of Mathematics and Mathematic Logic which is required to educate engineers who have the academic staff of 9 professors, 3 associate professors, 11 › System Analysis background to plan the work necessary in the fields assistant professors, 4 research assistants holding PhDs, 13 › Topology of activity outlined above, who can use contemporary research assistants and 1 specialist. › Applied Mathematics › Applied Mechanics Divisions › Extractive Metallurgy › Materials Engineering and Science Contact Contact Department of Metallurgical and Department of Mathematical Engineering Materials Engineering Davutpasa Campus 34210 Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Phones: +90 212 383 4590 Phones : +90 212 383 4660 / 4661 Fax: +90 212 383 4590 Fax : +90 212 383 4661 64 www.mtm.yildiz.edu.tr www.mem.yildiz.edu.tr 65
    • Department of Bioengineering Bioengineering is an engineering discipline which applies In Bioengineering department, researches on biopolymers;YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF CHEMICAL AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING the principles and methods of engineering and physical synthetic vaccines; enzyme stabilization and regulation; chemistry sciences to life and medicine sciences for enzyme reactions; DNA and drug delivery carriers; drug understanding, defining and solving the problems of design; biomaterials; gene cloning and protein engineering; Medicine, Physiology and Biology. biosensors/biochips; parasitology and virology; cell culture; The Bioengineering Department has been continuing its tissue e nginee ring; stem ce ll; chemothe rap hy and master program since 2003 in YTU Institute of Science cryopreservation have been carried out. Furthermore, and Technology. The bioengineering department got 1 umbrella Project consisting of 23 sub-projects named the approval of HEC to start undergraduate program “Biomedical materials and artificial tissues” and 4 DPT within Chemical-Metallurgical Faculty. Furthermore, the projects are currently being carried out by the academic doctorate program, run by the bioengineering department staff. Numerous national and international projects have since 2007, is the second approved program providing been completed in the department so far. bioengineering education among state universities. The energetic and dynamic academic staff of Bioengineering department is equipped with state of art bioengineering department with 3 professors, 2 associate labs and facilities for instruction and research. professors, 3 assistant professors, 12 research assistants and 6 project scholarship holders coming from different › Biomedical Materials and Artificial Tissues Laboratory disciplines such as chemistry, chemical engineering, › Cell Culture Laboratory biology, molecular genetics, physics and medicine is ready to train bioengineers of the future. › Biopolymers and Vaccine Engineering Laboratory › Bio-nanotechnology and Biosensors Laboratory › Biomedical Materials and Artificial Tissues Joint Laboratory and 11 laboratories established within the scope of the umbrella Project. Contact Department of Bioengineering Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90 212 3834626 Fax: +90 212 3834625 66 www.bioeng.yildiz.edu.tr
    • Department of Art FACULTY OF ART The department provides the necessary background and technical knowledge for art production and criticism, AND DESIGN with academic staff including 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, 10 teaching staff, 1 instructor, 1 specialist and 14 research assistants. The department presents 3 programs: The Combined Arts Program The aim of our program is to train artists and art instructors with a strong mind and developed ability who carry out progressive The Faculty of Art and Design was founded in 1998 with the vision of becoming a pioneering faculty in the educa- work using the accumulation of the past, assess the interactions of diverse fields in the sphere and environment of art, transform tion and research of contemporary art and design. The faculty has three divisions incorporating 7 undergraduate and thought into form and are not attracted by superficial explanation. 5 postgraduate programs. The educational program has been formed to enable our students to use basic artistic concepts, assess and shape the change and transformation of life, combine everyday life and art, know and actively and efficiently use the possibilities provided by their All programs of the faculty aim to train individuals who have adopted an interdisciplinary approach to art, constantly materials. develop themselves, follow the multifaceted developments of the age, are active in the national and international art YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ART AND DESIGN milieu, have received a sound basic art education, combine traditional methods with contemporary approaches and The Art Management Program technology, display an evolved creativity in thought and practice and able to assume the mission of research and The Art Management Program has been founded to train individuals who carry out and implement research which will bring directorship in addition to art and design applications. together the sphere of art and society at large. During their education, our students obtain the ability to manage ethical, political, The faculty implements a curriculum which enables our students to create unique and experimental products and to educational and social problems and gain a critical point of view by taking as basis the significance of art and culture. accelerate their development in line with their tendencies. The Photography and Video Program The aim of the Photography and Video Program is to train modern, creative, well-equipped and productive photographers and video artists. The department implements a curriculum which enables our students to obtain a significant and respectable place in the national and international milieu and shape their creativity and design ability, providing them with technical excellence and distinction. CONTACT Faculty of Art and Design Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvari 34349 Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Contact Phone: +90 212 383 2696 Department of Art Fax: +90 212 236 4180 Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvari 34349 Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey www.sts.yildiz.edu.tr Phone : +90 212 383 2718 Fax : +90 212 236 418068 www.sts.yildiz.edu.tr 69
    • Department of Department of Music and Communication Design Performing Arts The Communication Design Program is a 4-year undergraduate course which enables its students to comprehend the The department has three programs and academic staff includes 1 professor, 1 associate principles, theories and experiential dimensions of communication design. professor, 2 assistant professors, 14 teaching staff and 10 research assistants. The program aims to equip students with the knowledge and ability to organize and present ideas and information Modern Dance Program formed of text, image and sound in new digital media environments like video, interactive computer environments, The Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Art and Design Dance Program has been providing the education to enable its students multimedia, communication technologies and information transmission systems. achieve excellence as dancers, performers, choreographers and teachers in their respective fields of art. The program also carries out design work which presents the social and cultural aspect of communication in addition The courses aim to support the individual creations of students and for them to internalize their branches and produce art with an to seeking an intelligent resultant of the impact of sound, image and text. interdisciplinary approach using music, combined arts and new media and forms. The curriculum has been designed to assist students in gaining complete physical discipline and individual style as artists. Dance The academic staff includes 2 professors, 1 assistant professor, 2 teaching staff and 4 research assistants. students earn the ability to transmit the basic components of contemporary dance techniques valid today, develop their dynamic YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ART AND DESIGNYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › FACULTY OF ART AND DESIGN abilities in the light of these components and to form the space-body relationship by taking risks. With courses consolidating creativity, perception aimed at the inner experience of the body and the self becomes the foundation of developing their individual style of movement in the light of anatomical and somatic concepts. The curriculum includes academic dance theory as well as dance practice. Musical Ensembles Program The Musical Ensembles Program was founded with Yildiz Technical University’s vision of becoming a pioneering university in science and art; and aims to educate talented musicians according to a well-designed and constantly developing curriculum. The curriculum has been formed to provide our students with superior performance qualities both individually and as a member of an ensemble and enables our students to internalize a critical viewpoint and an innovative and sharing understanding of work which closely follows developments in their respective fields. Audio Design Program The aim of our program is to train investigative, creative and innovative composers, musicologists and music theoreticians who have the knowledge and abilities regarding the scientific, structural, aesthetic, social, historical and technological dimensions of music and can combine traditional methods with contemporary approaches and technology. Contact Contact Department of Music and Performing Arts Department of Communication Design Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvarı Yildiz Central Campus Barbaros Bulvari 34349 Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey 34349 Besiktas - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90 212 383 2700 Phone: +90 212 383 2731 Fax: +90 212 236 4180 70 www.ilet.yildiz.edu.tr www.sts.yildiz.edu.tr 71
    • Department of SCHOOL OF FOREIGN Basic English LANGUAGES The Department of Basic Language provides English Preparation courses to students who do not pass the proficiency test in line with the “Obligatory Foreign Language Preparation Education and Examination Regulation.” Yildiz Technical University School of Foreign Languages was established in 1998. The aim of the es- tablishment of this school is to teach English for academic purposes and provide the students with This department provides English Preparation. All students enrolled at Yildiz Technical University take part in the English Proficiency Examination at the start of the Fall Period. Students who receive a minimum of 60 points out the necessary academic skills to communicate in English, to express themselves orally and in writing, of 100 at this examination or the points listed below from international exams earn exemption from preparatory to read and interpret the academic and current foreign texts. education and register directly at their departments. Instruction in School of Foreign Languages is carried out in two separate departments, namely Basic YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES English Department and Modern Languages Department, by 172 instructors. TOEFL (CBT):173 (PBT): 500 CPE: C IELST: 6.0 FCE: B CAE: C Students who receive 59 or less points from the proficiency examination take part in the level determination examination and are distributed to classes at levels A, B and C. CONTACT School of Foreign Languages Davutpasa Campus 34210 Esenler- Istanbul - Turkey Phones: +90 212 383 4904 / 4905 Fax: +90 212 449 1739 www.ybd.yildiz.edu.tr72 73
    • Department of Modern Languages Undergraduate English lessons and the Social Optional Foreign Language lessons are presented by the Department of Modern Languages. The Vocation School of Foreign Languages presents foreign language education aiming to enable students express themselves both verbally and orally in English and follow developments in their respective fields via publications in this language. This department provides the obligatory English lessons during undergraduate and postgraduate education. It is a prerequisite to take these courses to succeed in preparatory education. In addition to English, Advanced English,YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES English reading and Speaking, Professional English and Business English courses, our department also provides the foreign language credit lessons (English, German and French) for two-year degree students. 74
    • AYAZAGA CAMPUS SCHOOL OF VOCATIONAL STUDIES Department of Technical Programs 78 Department of Economics and Administrative Programs 78
    • School Of Vocational Studies In the rapidly changing world of today, the school. These are Department of the necessity to meet the renewed Technical Programs and Department of requirements of society in technical and Economic And Administrative Programs. social fields for new professions brings Giving two-year period education, the an added importance to vocational school keeps on the associate degree schools. education with 14 programmes. Having The Yildiz Technical University School of accomplished our high school as a Vocational Studies was founded on the technician, the students take place in basis of this understanding in 1984 with the sector as an intermediate labour the aim of training the wellqualified, force. Students have vocational training high-performance mid-level workforce at the end of the fourth semester to see the application of the education theyYILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY › SCHOOL OF VOCATIONAL STUDIES adaptable to scientific and technological development and capable of realizing got and to develop practical knowlegde. the high-quality production demanded Our academic staff includes 1 associate by the business and services industries. professor, 5 assistant professors, 35 There are two main departments in teaching staff and 2 specialists. Department of Technical Programs Department of Economics and Administrative Programs › Computer Technology and › Banking and Insurance Programming › Real Estate and Property Management › Industrial Electronics › Accounting › Air Conditioning and Cooling › Tourism and Hotel Management › Construction › Occupational Health and Safety › Mechanics › Design Printing and Publishing › Restoration › Ceramics › Cartography & Land Surveying Contact School of Vocational Studies Ayazaga Campus, Buyukdere Cad. No: 69 34398 Maslak - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90 212 285 0530 (4 lines) Fax: +90 212 276 6888 78 www.myo.yildiz.edu.tr
    • U ICAL NIVER HN SITYILDIZ TEC Y YILDIZ CENTRAL CAMPUS Barbaros Bulvari 34349 Yildiz-Istanbul - TURKEY Phone: +90212 383 70 70 (40 lines) DAVUTPASA CAMPUS 34220 Esenler - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90212 383 70 70 Fax: +90212 449 15 14 AYAZAGA CAMPUS Buyukdere Cad. No:69 34398 Maslak - Istanbul - Turkey Phone: +90212 285 05 30 (4 lines) Fax: +90212 276 68 88 www.yildiz.edu.tr