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Every thing which you need to understand sixth sense technology

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Sixth sense presentation

  1. 1. Muhammad Hassan 1 12-Jan-13
  2. 2. Muhammad Hassan 2 12-Jan-13
  3. 3. Inventor of sixth sensePranav Mistry, of Indian origin, a PhDstudent in the Fluid Interfaces Groupat the MIT Media Lab is the mastermindbehind the sixth sense technology.Liyan change and Paula Aguilera whichare students at MIT also done importantrole. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 3
  4. 4. Introduction• Sixth Sense is a wearable gestural interface thataugments the physical world around us withdigital information.• Technology that plays with Human gestures tomake the world more interactive and workflowmuch easier.• Sixth sense is basically connection and relationbetween physically things and digital things justsimple gesture with human body like hand andfoot gesture by using pocket projector, smart cellphone, mirror, colour marker and camera. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 4
  5. 5. Why sixth sense• Because of sixth sense Physical world is painted with the digital information.• You can carry your digital world with you wherever you go.• You can start with any wall or any surface as an interface even your palm. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 5
  6. 6. Contents1. Camera2. Colour marker3. Smart phone4. Projector5. Mirror Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 6
  7. 7. Working of contents Camera:-Camera captures the views of user’s hand gesture. It identifies theimages, gestures that user make himself. It also analyses thedigital pixels. Then camera sends all information to the smartphone for processing. It is also called digital eye. It’s working assame as our eyes. Our eyes capture objects and send to the brainfor processing.The camera not only recognizes, but also registers the user’sphysical hand movements using computer vision basedtechnology. For the camera to recognize these hand gestures theuser is asked to wear “marker caps,” known as the visual trackingfiducially, on the tips of his fingers. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 7
  8. 8. Colour marker:-Four types of colour marker red, yellow, greenand blue at the tip of user’s hand help thewebcam to recognize hand’s gesture. Everyaction of colour markers interpreted into gesture. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 8
  9. 9. Smart phone:-Mobile translates colour marker’s action in form ofgesture that capture by cam at the tip of user. Mobilebehaves as a computer for processing data. Nokia n95smart phone is used during making six senses (runningSymbian O.S s60 edition). Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 9
  10. 10. Projector:-The main purpose of projector to view information thatprocessed through mobile on any surface like person.Projectors itself have 3 hour limited battery. In futureday’s computer scientists are trying to lounged solarprojector. Pocket projector “pk 101 optoma” is used forsmart phone N95 during making sixth senses. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 10
  11. 11. Mirror:-Toward the downward direction on projector a mirror isplaced. The function of mirror is reflecting image on desiresurface. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 11
  12. 12. How it works•The hardware that makes Sixth Sense work is a pendantlike mobile wearable interface.•It has a camera, a mirror and a projector and isconnected wirelessly to a Bluetooth smart phone thatcan slip comfortably into one’s pocket.•The camerarecognizes individuals, images, pictures, gestures onemakes with their hands.•Information is sent to the Smartphone for processing.The downward-facing projector projects the outputimage on to the mirror.•Mirror reflects image on to the desired surface.• Thus, digital information is freed from its confines andplaced in the physical world. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 12
  13. 13. Applications of sixth sense Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 13
  14. 14. Make a call:-The amazing fun of this technology that you make a call withouttaking out cell phone, you just place your hand before the projector.A virtual keypad will appear on your palm; you dial numbers andcan make a call. Time detail:-If you have not wrist watch, you did not need to worry becausethrough sixth sense technology you are very close to time youcan make own watch you just have to draw a circle on your wristto get a virtual watch that gives your correct time. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 14
  15. 15. Drawing Application:-The drawing application allows the user you to draw on any surfaceby tracking the fingertip movements of the user’s index finger. Thepictures that are drawn by the user can be stored and replaced onany other surface. The user can also shuffle through various picturesand drawing by using the hand gesture movements. Viewing Map:- With the help of a map application the user can call upon any map of his/her choice and navigate through them by projecting the map on to any surface. By using the thumb and index fingers movements the user can zoom in, zoom out or pan the selected map. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 15
  16. 16. Taking Pictures:-Another application of sixth sense devices is the implementation of agestural camera. This camera takes the photo of the location user islooking at by detecting the framing gesture. After taking the desirednumber of photos we can project them onto any surfaces and thenuse gestures to sort through those photos and organize and resizethem. Access book information:- The system can project Amazon ratings on that book, as well as reviews and other relevant information. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 16
  17. 17. Access product information:-Sixth Sense uses image recognition or marker technology torecognize products. We pick up, and then feed us information onthose products. Flight updates:- The system will recognize your boarding pass and let you know whether your flight is on time and if the gate has changed. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 17
  18. 18. Information about People:-With help of face recognition techniques the sixth sense devicesare able to provide information about the people when we meetthem. The sensor detects the face and checks the data base forthe relevant information. The system will then project the relevantinformation about a person like what they do, where they work. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 18
  19. 19. Software codingComputer vision library is written in Symbian C++ (usedin Gesture tracking). The software for the sixth senseprototype is designed on a Microsoft Windows platformusing C#, WPF (window presentation Foundation WPF isthe combine application of UI, 2D graphic, 3Dgraphic, documents and multimedia). And open CV(computer vision). Processing is happen in mobile usingcomputer algorithm. The lines of code areapproximately 50,000. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 19
  20. 20. Advantages•Portable (small and light weight which is able tocarry).•Supports multi-touch and multi-use interaction.• Connectedness between world andinformation.•Cost effective.•Data access directly from machine in real time.•Mind map the idea anywhere.•It is an open source. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 20
  21. 21. Disadvantages•Hug disadvantage is no privacy while capturing picture(etc) of someone even a person don’t knows you arecapturing his picture.• It is not private enough just for user.•When a device projecting on a hard surface, peoplearound you can see the projection.•Projection is not better in a morning and bright areas. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 21
  22. 22. When it comes in marketIt is the most important issue when it comes in market.People and the manufacture, which are ready to havethis product out in market, do not know when this willbe out.Pranav Mistry said, “This prototype needs some seriousengineering and programming”.Everyone is waiting hoping this will be available inmarket once all the modifications are done. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 22
  23. 23. Conclusion•Sixth Sense recognizes the objects aroundus, displaying information automatically andletting us to access it in any way we need.•The Sixth Sense prototype implements severalapplications that demonstrate theusefulness, viability and flexibility of the system.•Allowing us to interact with this information vianatural hand gestures.•The potential of becoming the ultimate"transparent" user interface for accessinginformation about everything around us. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 23
  24. 24. Price:The whole system price is 350$.According to Pakistani currency is 34097rupees. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 24
  25. 25. Muhammad Hassan 12-Jan-13 25