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  • Green IT Pakistan

    1. 1. Green InformationTechnology( G I T )Presentation
    2. 2. Green ITPrepared ByMuhammad Ismail Memon(Green IT Consultant)
    3. 3. “Going to Greenthe call of the day”The New World SloganGreen IT
    4. 4. Here Green is refer to “ protecting the natureor environment sustainability ”What is Green ?Green IT
    5. 5. Why Companies useGreen Strategy ?Global Warming & E-Waste Pollutions these two majorissues are going to be climbing up the Governments,Consumers and media agenda. Therefore smart companiesuse Green strategy to innovate, create value and buildcompetitive advantage for Company Reputation Operational Cost Savings Corporate Social Responsibility Legal Compliance Involves Staff In Doing Something Good For The Environment.Green IT
    6. 6. What is E-waste ?E-waste (Electronic Waste)describes end-of-life electricalgoods such as computers,televisions, printers, and mobilephones etc. Each year between20-50 million tons of e-waste isgenerated worldwide, persistentorganic pollutants and heavymetals, are released fromelectronic waste, which caneasily accumulate in the humanbody through the inhalation ofcontaminated airGreen IT
    7. 7. What is Global Warming ?Green House Gases (GHGs)naturally blanket of the earthand responsible for GlobalWarming (more or less stabletemperature) ,which could leadto severe floods, droughts,raising the sea levels andother environmental effects .In other words Green houseGases (GHGs) effecting bothlife and world economy.Green IT
    8. 8. How Information Technologyeffect on our Environment?• The sum of all the computers operated across the world todayaccounts for more CO2 emissions than global air traffic.• E-waste is another factor that is bothering us. 2.7% of the totalwaste contaminating the environment around us is a part of e-waste, and the problem that arises is that this waste iscontinuously dumped into the surrounding without beingrecycled.• According the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), theaverage office worker in the US uses 10,000 sheets of copypaper each year• According to the Columbia University “ Guide to GreenComputing ”, if the paper used each year for personal computingwere laid end to end, it would circle the Earth more than 800timesGreen IT
    9. 9. What is Green IT ?Green ITGreen IT is the name attached to thismovement, which represents anenvironmentally responsible use ofcomputer systems and relatedresources with efficiently, effectivelyand minimal or no impact on theenvironment, & reduce energyconsumptions and environmentalwaste.Green IT start In 1992, when the USEnvironmental Protection Agency(EPA) launched “Energy Star”, avoluntary labeling program which wasdesigned to promote and recognizeenergy efficiency in monitors, climatecontrol equipment, and othertechnologies.
    10. 10. What is the Goal of Green IT?The goal of Green IT is to increase environmental sustainability throughout theentire Computer lifecycle along the following four complimentary paths: Green use — reducing the energy consumption of computers and otherinformation systems as well as using them in an environmentally sound manner Green disposal — refurbishing and reusing old computers and properly recyclingunwanted computers and other electronic equipment Green design — designing energy-efficient and environmentally soundcomponents, computers, servers, cooling equipment, and data centers Green manufacturing — manufacturing electronic components, computers, andother associated subsystems with minimal impact on the environmentGreen IT
    11. 11. Where is Pakistan stand inGreen IT?Unfortunately in Pakistan not havingeffectual environmental legalcompliances, for that reason majorityof IT professionals unaware with thisstate of art environmental IT practiceand lack of skills & expertise toimplementation of Green IT. As aresult they are unable to get the socialand economical benefits for theirorganization with this sustainable ITstrategy.Green IT
    12. 12. What to do Pakistan forGreen IT?Pakistan goverment must be force companies toimplement environmental compliances in thereorganization. Also private organization must be providehigh quality training on Green IT skills to their ITprofessionals or hire qualified Green IT professionalsto help them to get maximum ROI from informationtechnology resources and raising the respect of theirorganizations with adopting this noble technology.Green IT
    13. 13. What is the road map to Green IT? Develop a Green IT awarenessprogram. Identify a Green IT best practices. Identify energy conservation strategiesand practices Reduce paper consumption. Examine computing procurementguidelines Identify E-Waste disposal or recyclingproceduresGreen IT
    14. 14. What is the first step for GreenInitiative ?As a first step towards going green,perform a thorough Green Audit. Theaudit will highlight the existing state ofGreen IT initiatives, provide suggestionsfor improvement, and make clear thecosts of going green compared to not.Green IT
    15. 15. What are the Benefits ofGreen IT ? Maximize energy efficiency Reduce the use of hazardous materials such as lead Reduce papers consumption. Maximize recyclability of both a defunct product and anyfactory waste Improve operational efficiency, Provide new revenue & cost saving opportunities. Improve the company image with the help of CorporateSocial Responsibilities (CSR)Green IT
    16. 16.  Turn off your computer at night so it runs only 8 hoursa day, You will reduce your energy bill by 67% Purchase LCD screen as compare to Monitors. its usesignificantly less energy and not effect on eyes. Enable the Standby/ Sleep mode and powermanagement settings. Forgo the screen saver Review document drafts and e-mails on screeninstead of printingContinue…………What are the Basic tips forGreen IT ?Green IT
    17. 17.  Use Multifunction printer (Printer, Scanner , Copier andFax all in one machine) or Duplex Printer (Doubleside printing facilities) save cost, energy and paperconsumption Use Inkjet printer, its consume 80%-90% less energyas compare to LaserJet Printer Reduce E-waste, Keep your computer life at least 5years Use low power desktop (Thin Client) or Laptopcomputer to reduce energy consumptions more than50%. Use Server virtualizations to enhance productefficiency.What are the Basic tips forGreen IT ?Green IT
    18. 18. What we want from You?Make the commitmentPersonally & OrganizationallyforEco-Friendly or SustainableIT.Green IT
    19. 19. Green IT
    20. 20. Think Green,Save Green,Live GreenGreen IT
    21. 21. Who am I ?Hello, my name is Muhammad Ismail Memon, I’m aGreen Information Technology (GIT) Consultant. MySpecialty to provide Eco-Friendly IT ResourceManagement Services for my clients.I aggregate mycontributions on me at imuhammadismail@gmail.comorGive me call at +92 300 2257534Just scan my QR Code to grab my contact details!Green IT
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