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Hr presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. Group Members Saddam Hussain Mudassir Ali
  • 3. Saddam Hussain
  • 4. Telenor
  • 5. Telenor HR Practice
  • 6.  History of Telenor International Background  Pioneer Mobile Company  Largest communication Provider in Norway  Great expansion of share in stock exchange  Good relationship with customer in all Europe  World leading company in satellite communication
  • 7.  Acquiring a license in April, 2004  Coverage the area  Quality services  Interconnected agreements  Call Centers  History of Telenor In Pakistan
  • 8. Introduction  Telenor Pakistan launched its operation in March 2005 as the single largest direct European investment in Pakistan.  Setting precedence for further foreign investment in the telecom sector.  In two years, they have grown to became a leading telecom operator in the country .  In fiscal year 2006, they achieved nearly 200% growth in subscriber base the highest in the industry by a wide margin. Telenor is the fastest growth mobile industry in Pakistan with coverage reaching deep into many of the remotest areas of Pakistan
  • 9. Mudassar Ali
  • 10. Vision  Telenor shell be a driving force in renewing, developing and introduce new solution that simplify our customer workday  Telenor vision id demanding setting an ambitious goal for the organization and its individual employees  Renewal and simplification of our own structures and routine is a prerequisite for attaining competitive power and added values
  • 11.  Creative value  Expending market share  Strong communication with society  Creation of profitability and market growth  Introduction of an advance technology  Freedom choice Goal
  • 12. Recruitment Policy  Recruitment is responsible for personal selection for all of Telenor Pakistan.  Co-ordinate with all departments on sourcing and recruitment of qualified candidates in accordance with the approved hiring plan.  Job advertisement (Website and newspaper )  All information e.g. test date, place, age, qualification are given in the add
  • 13. Skills Required Joining Telenor  Communication  Customer Focus  Derive for result  Developing self and Others  Innovation and change  Team work
  • 14. Application Process  Telenor aims to make the whole selection process as possible so that applicants know exactly what's happening and expected by you  Any person can make his resume by using Telenor online CV building tools.  Post CV through an automatic system  Then the selected CV,s are examined by concerned HR people and only the short listed candidates are contacted for interview.
  • 15. The recruitment process takes 6-8 weeks  Before applying for any position, it is very important for the graduates to assess themselves and recognize their interests, their strengths, and those avenues that they may like to discover, short the candidates need to have a strong sense of their career track.  Telenor Pakistan believes in equal opportunity. At Telenor they have very diverse aptitude functioning for them that also include “Persons with Disabilities”. The salary packages at Telenor Pakistan are very competitive and Telenor has the best insurance policy for its employees as compare to its competitors.  And Telenor Recruitment process may take some weeks.
  • 16. Saddam Hussain
  • 17. Training In European Telenor setups training system is much energetic. Telenor is not carrying out best training in Asia because less revenue is generated in the markets. Especially in Pakistan training is always ignored by all. However Telenor for its employees keeps on conducting 1 day training during their career with it.
  • 18. Job Duties  Equal and uniform strategies are carried out everywhere in Telenor. The requirements of the duties are same at and Telenor offers flexible work hours to its employees in its customer’s service call centers. Everyone is remunerated on good performance in financial units as well as acknowledgment and applaud. Its reward system is same everywhere.  Up to Rs.1, 000,000 medical insurance for self and family is provided for free to all employees. Telenor prefers to retain young and healthy employees because there are more health problems in elderly in Asian countries. Instead of pension plans Telenor provides provident funds.
  • 19. CHALLENGES  Telenor faces a lot of challenges with the ever increasing needs of HR. It is really hard to employ and keep the most excellent candidates particularly around the world. The global companies face many disputes regarding the cultural uniqueness of respective countries. They have to adjust culturally to the environment of respective countries. The organization is exposed to many challenges to make them perform at their best when even hiring the HR staff for that country.
  • 20. CONCLUSION After deeply studying the Human resource Department (HRD) of Telenor Pakistan, I consent that Telenor Pakistan is carrying out realistic ethnically compatible approach for its HR. Though it’s not promoting the “cultural identity” programmed that insistently, but even then it is facing fewer cultural disagreements among its HR. The may be the reason that Telenor is only operating in two markets that are Asia and Europe. The European marketplace holds almost the identical cultures moreover three (3) of its Asian market countries are Muslims. I came through very extraordinary facts concerning managing any company’s Human Resource. I think that managing a spirited and culture friendly Human Resource in a spirited worldwide market is a hard job. However, so far, Telenor Pakistan is quite successful in recruiting and retaining astonishingly gifted Human Resource worldwide.