Culture & Sub Cultures


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  • Am trying to find the characteristics of the older consumer sub culture can someone help me out.
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Culture & Sub Cultures

  1. 1. Influence ofculture andsubculture CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR By Jeetesh Kumar
  2. 2. cultureCulture is defines as the sum of total of learned beliefs, values, customs, thatserve to direct the customer behavior of members of a particular society. – The beliefs & values – Customs In f lu e n c e o f c u lt u r e : 4) On Cultural value systems: – Ethics:- good, moral, immoral – Aesthetics:- beautiful, ugly, pleasant, unpleasant. – Doctrine:- political, social, ideological. 2) Culture exist & reveals at different levels. – Supranational level:- Reflects different dimensions of multiple cultures/ different societies of Nations. – National Level:- Dimensions of cultures of country and national characters. – Group level:- Held with in a country with various sub-divisions of the society like family, reference groups, & other closely held
  3. 3. a theoretIcal Model of cultures’ Influence on behavIor
  4. 4. culture & consuMer behavIorC u lt u r e s a t is f ie s n e e d s : – Satisfy needs of people by guidance, suggestions, standard practice, etc. – Ex: it tells us about food habits, dress codes, worships, rituals about birth, death & other social occasions – Culture is generally consistent & enduring & followed as long as it satisfies needs of people. – It is changed/replaced as and when it does not solve its very purpose.
  5. 5. An ad showingmany racialsubcultures
  6. 6. culture & consuMer behavIor• C u lt u r e is le a r n e d : – From social environment – Anthropologist’s define: Formal, Informal & Technical way of learning – Types of studies Enculturation & Acculturation – Marketers’ focus on informal learning.• C u lt u r e is D y n a m ic : – Changes occur due to Technology, Migration, Wars, Resources availability, Changing Values, etc. – Also known as ‘TRENDS’. ( Ex: Fashion, Automobiles, Foods, Entertainments, Lifestyles are few Hot object to study.)
  7. 7. D iv e r s it y B y In d ia n R a ilw a y s In d ia nV illa g e B y A m u lE m e r g in g C u lt u r e R it u a ls &T r a d it io n
  8. 8. the MoveMent of cultural MeanIng
  9. 9. culture & consuMer behavIor• M e a s u r e m e n t o f C u lt u r e : – Rokeach Value Survey : Two different list of 18 values (Terminal & Instrumental) are studied. • Terminal values: Ex: Personal goals, Freedom, Equality, Social recognition etc. • Instrumental values: Ex: Ambition, Responsibility, Intellect, etc. – List of Values (LOV): Similar to Rokeach Method Where values are 0nly 9. – Values & Lifestyle System (SRI VALS): Based on Need Hierarchy & Social concept. (32-26 values listed) ex: Actualisers, Believers,
  10. 10. dIversIfIed culture
  11. 11. subculture• Sub-culture is defined as a distinct cultural group that exists as an identifiable segment within a larger, more complex society. Ex: Nationality, Social class, Religion, Language, Age, Gender.• D iv is io n s O f S u b -c u lt u r e s : – Nationality Subculture: With in a particular country. Like in India – Anglo Indians, Parsees, Moghuls, Pathans, Indo-Chienese, Sinhalese, etc. – Religious Sub-culutre: Based on different faiths , Beliefs,& Religion. Like Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc
  12. 12. subculture & consuMer behavIor – G e o g r a p h ic & R e lig io u s S u b - c u l t u r e : Ex: South Indians, North Indians, North-east Indians. – R a c i a l S u b - c u l t u r e : In USA Caucasians, Africans, Asian, American & American Indians.Generation Tweens Twixters Generation Baby Boomer OlderY Market X Market Market Customers – A g e S u b -c u lt u r e : – G e n d e r as a Sub-culture: All societies have assigned different traits & roles for Males & females, like breadwinners for Males & Homemakers for females etc.
  13. 13. MarKeters focus• Marketers’ focus on satisfying traditional tastes & preferences.• Companies are now focusing more on Age sub culture & gender subculture.• For Ex. 1) L i f e s t y l e »2 ) L e v ie s »3 ) U p c o m in g s e g m e n t of U n is e x u a l S a lo o n s »4 ) A u t o m o b ile s lik e T V S - S c o o t y & B a ja j-p u ls a r
  14. 14. tradItIon as culture
  15. 15. Th a n k s &R e g a rds