The 10 commandments of the common computer (1)


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This is my new and improved version of the 10 core rules of Netiquette. Called "The 10 Commandments of the Common Computer" it focuses on the 10 rules of Netiquette, which is like etiquette, except for the Internet.

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The 10 commandments of the common computer (1)

  1. 1. The 10 Commandmentsof the Common ComputerBy: Little man, Free Willy, and Fluffy Panda
  2. 2. Why Some People Dont Use ProperNetiquettePeople dont use proper Netiquette for the following reasons: They feel safe and invisible behind their computer screen, giving them the lack of respect online. With all this combined, there is no empathy for the person on the receiving end. But, words do hurt the person or people that get that comment.
  3. 3. Rule #1 Remember the HumanTreat others how you want to be treated.This is the Golden Rule. Respect it. If you treat someone dirty, expect to be treated dirty in return. This is the same if you treat someone nice. They will treat you nice.
  4. 4. Rule #2 Adhere to the samestandards of behavior online thatyou follow in real life!In real life, most people dont break the law. A lot of the time because were afraid of the consequences. Think the same way in cyberspace. If you run into a dilemma in cyberspace, follow your code. Youll find the answer. Also, if youre tempted to do something bad,chances are its bad netiquette.
  5. 5. Rule #3 Know where you are incyberspace. People can track where you have been inthe internet. Say if you were looking around ona website, a person can stalk you and be meanto you and just make you mad and also makeyou feel bad. Dont be mean. Be nice.
  6. 6. Rule #4 Respect Peoples TimeThis rule means that you shouldnt waste other peoples time. Maybe they are in the middle of something important. Lets say that person is saving the world, but fail because you decided to text them. Of course that wouldnt happen, but you gotta respect their time.
  7. 7. Rule #5 Make yourself look goodonlineMake sure that you spell things right. Also, know what youre talking about so you dont look like a bonehead. Make sure you say thing Also, so that they make sense. Dont post stuff just to start an argument. And, more than likely, dont swear online.
  8. 8. Rule #6 Ask the right questionsIn the virtual world, our strength is in numbers. Share your knowledge. Dont be afraid, you will most likely pull someone out of the dark. That was the reason of the internet. To share knowledge. Once you pull out someone, you will talk to them a lot. This is the spark. Once ignited, more people will talk. Oh, and be sure to ask the right questions.
  9. 9. Rule #7 Dont Let Flame Wars GetOut of ControlSure, it can be funny to watch people flame each other, but keep it under control. Most likely there are other people in the same place where your flaming. They may not want to listen to you fighting. So, if they ask you to quiet down, respect that and be quiet.
  10. 10. Rule #8 Respect other peoplesprivacyIf you wouldnt want someone going through your e-mail and other stuff, Dont go through their stuff. It could cost you a lot of things, like a job or a friendship.
  11. 11. Rule #9 Dont abuse your power. People on the internet abuse their powerto make people mad and irritated. But if theyabuse the people on the web they wouldreport them and get them in trouble. So justgo on the web to do your thing. Dont be mean. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  12. 12. Rule #10 Be forgiving for peoplesmistakes.Some people are new to all the internet, and dont know any better, so they make mistakes. Then of course, there is that one group that rags on them for that. If someone acts stupid, most likely they are new, and you should forgive them. Even if they arent new, you should still forgive people. In order to have a civilized place, people have to forgive each other.
  13. 13. Works!!!!