Info About The Yarns And Specs


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Info About The Yarns And Specs

  1. 1. How we measure up... We have hosiery in a variety of styles – tights/hold–ups/knee-highs/ankle highs/footlets and stockings. All our hosiery is produced to be the best value for money, with high performance, great fit, maximum comfort and wearability. Hosiery Terms • Denier Denier is the term used to describe the thickness of the hosiery. In simple terms, the finer the tight the lower the number, and the thicker or heavier weight the hosiery the higher the number. The denier of the product will determine how the product will look on the leg. 10 denier or less Ultra sheer Extremely elegant, cooler in summer, can give the illusion of bare legs when wearing the correct skin tone 10 to 20 denier Semi sheer Elegant and practical for everyday or evening wear. The most popular denier range, giving even coverage to legs. Stronger than ultra sheer. 25 to 35 denier Semi – opaque Still elegant for dressy occasions, stronger, longer lasting and slightly warmer than sheers. 40 denier or more Opaque Very durable and long lasting. Practical for everyday use. Warmer and ideal for cooler weather. Offers complete cover for the leg. • Lycra Almost all hosiery now has a Lycra content. Hosiery containing Lycra is stronger and fits better on the leg, resulting in increased comfort. The more rows of knitting that contain Lycra the better the result. Lycra is the registered brand name of Du Pont for elastane fibre. • Purista Purista is an exciting new treatment designed to keep your fabrics cleaner and fresher for longer, increasing your comfort and giving you a new, fresh confidence in your clothes. Your clothes will retain that just washed feeling after a full day at work - no matter how stressful your day has been! Hosiery Available @ Sock Shop • Tights The most popular form of hosiery, available in 15 - 70 denier. • Stockings The most traditional form of hosiery, with two separate legs worn with a suspender belt to keep the item in place. • Hold Ups These maintain the sexiness of stockings without the inconvenience of having to wear a suspender belt. Cooler in summer, they have a silicone band at the top of the leg which holds them in place against the skin. Beauty products, talc and body lotions should be avoided when wearing hold-ups, as these lessen the grip between the silicone and the skin, which is key to keeping the product secure and in place. They are available in 15 - 70 denier and also some fashion styles. Hold ups- avoid moisturisers when using our silicone based products. In the event of any irritation please discontinue using them. For those who are allergic to silicone products we offer an alternative, our classic nylon stocking. • Knee-Highs These are ideal to wear under trousers as the product stops just below the knee. They are available in 15 - 70 denier and also some fashion styles. • Ankle Highs These are again ideal for wear under trousers but stop just above the ankle. They are cooler to wear during the summer months and are available in 15 - 40 denier. They can currently be seen on the catwalks in ‘bright fashion colours’ worn with stilettos. • Fashion Lines An exclusive range of high fashion hosiery including: tights, fishnets, knee highs, hold–ups and ankle highs. This range changes seasonally to incorporate the latest fashions and colours for legs. • Chic Essential Hosiery Generally an Autumn and Winter range of opaque hosiery that includes patterned and luxury yarns available in tights, hold-ups and knee-highs. How To Wash Your Hosiery
  2. 2. • We recommend that you use our hosiery wash bag to protect and prolong the life of your hosiery during washing. This printed polyester zip fastening washbag can be used in your ordinary 40 degree wash. • Click here to order one today Size Height Hips Small 5'1" - 5.4" 34" - 39" 155cm - 163cm 86cm - 99cm Medium 5'1" - 5'4" 40" - 42" 155cm - 163cm 102cm - 107cm 5'5" - 5'8" 34" - 39" 165cm - 173cm 86cm - 99cm Large 5'5" - 5'8" 40" - 42" 165cm - 173cm 102cm - 107cm 5'9" - 5'10" 34" - 39" 175cm - 178cm 86cm - 99cm X-Large 5'5" - 5'8" 44" - 52" 165cm - 173cm 111cm - 132cm 5'8" - 6'0" 40" - 52" 172cm - 182cm 101cm - 109cm - © Copyright 2006 Sock Shop Limited | Privacy | Terms & Conditions | Customer Services | Site Map - Powered by Chapter Eight