Effective Time management


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This presentations is about time management, how one can improve their time, what are those things/activities one should avoid. And some important Tips and Tools.


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  • Ambitions, aim or desire.Goals are like maps, and gives us directions. If u don’t have a map while u r travelling, u will be lost.When u set ur goals, u r actually setting ur destination.
  • Use calendar to schedule your appointments, meetings and other responsibilities.Use RescueTime, because it gives u an accurate pic of how u spend ur time to help u become more productive each day.Regular exercise gives u energy, reduce stress levels and helps u focus.Take small bites of meal compared to large will help u keep ur brain alert. Drink water to help hydrate ur body and keep ur mind happy.
  • 1: Last minute preparation, Assignment deadlines.2: Exercise and health, planning time and setting goals.3: popular activities, emails and phone calls. 4: Excessive TV and surfing the Net, Time wasters and Entertainment.
  • Avoid procrastination: listen or talk to peoples who inspires u.Divide the work into little steps.Changeur work environment.
  • You can measure ur productiveness @ the end of the week or month. Here are some of the sample questions that might help u.
  • Wat u have today enjoy it, use it and implement it, becuz u don’t know wat will happen tomorrow.
  • Effective Time management

    2. 2. CONTENTS Goals.  What is Time Management ?  Why it is important ?  Skills & Techniques.  Common Mistakes.  How productive are you?  2
    3. 3. GOALS To be able to have control over your life.  To be healthier and happier.  3
    4. 4. What is Time Management ?? Development of processes and tools that increases the Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness.  Art of arranging, organizing and scheduling one’s time.  Plenty of books, workshops, classes and seminars are available.  4
    5. 5. Why??? Time is limited.  Time cannot be stored.  Multiply goals.  More quality work.  It is irreplaceable resource.  Keeps you on track.  Helps discipline ourselves.  5
    6. 6. Utilizes the time productively.  Improve quality of life.  Reduces stress levels.  6
    7. 7. Techniques to Boost Time Management Be clear about Goals.  Schedule your time.  Monitor how you spend your time.  Avoid multitasking.  Exercise.  Eat healthily.  Block other distractions.  Use Priority Matrix.  7
    8. 8. Priority Matrix Important And Urgent Important and Not Urgent Not Important And Urgent Not Important and Not Urgent 8
    9. 9. Common Mistakes Failing to keep To Do List.  Not setting Goals.  Not Prioritizing.  Procrastination.  Taking to much load. 
    10. 10. HOW PRODUCTIVE YOU ARE?      Do you know how much time you are spending. Do you prioritize your tasks. Do you set time for planning and scheduling. Do you take breaks. Do you use To Do List or any other types of tools. 10
    11. 11. Time is free, but PRICELESS. You cant own it, but you can USE it. You cant keep it, but you can SPEND it. Once you’ve lost it, you can NEVER get it. 11
    12. 12. Thank You!!! 12
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