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Metaphor classslides

Metaphor classslides







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    Metaphor classslides Metaphor classslides Presentation Transcript

    • METAPHORA metaphor also compares, but a metaphor is a bit more sophisticated than a simile.For one thing, in a metaphor, the words like or as are missing. So readers have to recognize the comparison on their own without those easy words which help us to spot a simile so quickly.
    • METAPHOR (CONTINUED)In a metaphor, a poet writes that X is Y. Readers understand that we are not to take the comparison literally, but that the metaphor helps us to see X in a new way. My brother is a prince.Razorback Stadium was a slaughterhouse.
    • Examples I am a rainbow"I am a rainbow" is a example of metaphor because it is comparing two nouns, a person, and a rainbow, but does not use “like” or “as”.
    • MORE METAPHORS Richard was a lion in the fight. Her eyes are dark emeralds. Her teeth are pearls. But Avoid Mixed Metaphors (combining two or more incompatible images in a single figure of speech): Management extended an olive branch in an attempt to break some of the ice between the company and the workers.
    • IMPLIED METAPHOR What is implied here about the speaker’s love?  Oh, my love has petals and sharp thorns.  Oh, I placed my love into a long-stemmed vase And I bandaged my bleeding thumb.And here, what is implied about the city and the subway?  The subway coursed through the arteries of the city.
    • DEAD METAPHORA dead metaphor has been so used and overused that it has lost its power to surprise, delight, or effectively compare. A cliché is a dead metaphor, a phrase so often repeated that it no longer has force: He hit the nail on the head. She was cool as a cucumber. Jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. This powerpoint show is crystal clear. Avoid the use of clichés in your own writing!
    • METAPHOR POEM TRANQUILITY BY STARFIELDSTranquilityTime slidesa gentle oceanwaves upon waves,washing the shore,loving the shore.Source: http://silviahartmann.com/metaphor-poem.php
    • Can you see that ocean?Can you feel the slow rhythm of the waves?Can you sense the essence of tranquility?Do you understand the concept of tranquility better now?Do you feel more tranquil in having touched this?