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view this powerpoint for your reflection (which is due on Friday)

view this powerpoint for your reflection (which is due on Friday)

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  • Mindanao storm in late 2011 Post quake relief in Japan


  • 1. Singapore In the World International Friendship Day
  • 2.  Remind us of the importance of having good relationships with other countries This also involved giving a hand to other countries that are afflicted with natural disastersInternational Friendship Day
  • 3. VideoJapan Earthqu
  • 4. ◦How do you think some of the victims of this earthquake felt when it happened? ◦What kinds of aid do you think they would need after the earthquake happened?Think about it….
  • 5.  Relief supplies such as ready-to-eat porridge and water systems sent from Singapore Both governmental and NGOs sent relief teams to help the victims such as searching for their lost ones and providing medical aid to those injured.Relief teams sent to Japan
  • 6. VideoJava Quake Relie
  • 7. ◦ How can the relief teams help in providing on-site help to the victims of natural disasters? ◦ What other things can the relief team do to help the victims of natural disasters rebuild their lives?Minds-On –Complete yourreflection
  • 8.  According to Singapore Red Cross, there is an increasing trend of individuals who band together and going directly to disaster zones to help. ◦ Previously, only big organizations sent relief aid For example…Trends in Singapore…
  • 9. Hearts-On – Complete yourreflection (Fancy Cards) If you were given the chance to send kindness messages to the victims in Japan, what would you say? Write one message that you would convey to the victims.
  • 10.  Natural disasters are unpredictable. We can do our part to help others who are afflicted by natural disasters ◦ one of which is to engage in humanitarian efforts that provides relief to victims of natural disastersConclusion
  • 11.  What can I do to help countries that are afflicted with natural disasters?Hands-On – Completeyour reflection