We care award 2012 press release


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Commendations honoring people that make a unique difference in their communities.

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We care award 2012 press release

  1. 1. Lillian McMorris ...Your RESOURCEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information contact: Lillian McMorris, Your RESOURCE 888-812-5455 The 2012 We Care Awards To be Presented Friday, September 7, 2012(Las Vegas, NV August 2012) The Selection Committee of the We Care Awards is proud toannounce the 2012 Award Recipients. The 2012 We Care Award Recipients are Rev. PatriciaSpearman and Mr. James Healey.Rev. Patricia Spearman is celebrated for her work as Vice-Chair of the Nevada StonewallOrganization, her service in the United States Military as a Lieutenant Colonel and a candidatein the 2012 District 1 seat in the Nevada Senate. Rev. Spearman is the founding pastor ofResurrection Faith Community Ministries, a church in North Las Vegas.Mr. James Healey is celebrated for his work as the Vice President of SNAPI, his service withthe Human Rights Campaign as a celebrated member of the Board of Governors, his service asCo-chair of HRC-Las Vegas Steering Committee and his position as a political candidate in the2012 State Assembly in District 35.The We Care Award was developed and created by Rev. Wilfred Moore, Pastor of AbundantPeace United Church of ‘Christ in 2009. Rev. Moore is also the Producer of this year’s AwardPresentation. This award honors individuals for their contributions to the work of Equality andSocial Justice; such as Equality in the Workplace, Citizenship and Voting Rights, HIV/AIDSdiscrimination, Health Disparities, and Racial Identification. With the thought that all individualsare given fair and proper administration of the law; conforming to the natural law that all personsirrespective of their ethnic origin, gender, possessions, race, religion or sexual persuasion; areto be treated equally and without prejudice.The award ceremony will take place Friday evening, September 7, 2012, during the PrideParade. The parade will be held in downtown Las Vegas beginning at 8:00pm.Previous We Care Award recipients were, Yvette Williams, Dr. Echezonz Ezeanolue, MelGoodwin, Angela Harvey, Dawn Christensen and Chris Miller. All were and arecommended for making a unique difference in our community and helping to lead the fight forequality for all people.The public is invited to join the celebration and commendation of our 2012 Awardees;individuals that continue to fight the good fight of equality.The sponsors of this year’s We Care Award are the Human Rights Campaign, the NationalBlack Justice Coalition, and Abundant Peace United Church of Christ. Lillian McMorris … Your RESOURCE Telephone (888) 812-5455 Fax (888) 858-4696 www.lillianmcmorris.com lillian@lillianmcmorris.com