Patient record management system(s.e. diagrams)


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Activity List, Gantt Chart, Network Diagram, ER Diagram, Data Flow Diagram, State Transition Diagram

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Patient record management system(s.e. diagrams)

  1. 1. PATIENT RECORD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Software Engineering Project By: Javeria 11-arid-3303 MIT-2University Institute of Information Technology, Rawalpindi(UIIT,UAAR) Pakistan
  2. 2. • Introduction• Scope• Functional Requirements• Non-functional Requirements• Activity List• Gantt Chart• Network Diagram• Entity Relationship Diagram• Data Flow Diagram• State Transition Diagram• Testing
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION• Hospitals these days use excel sheets to maintain the various patient details like patient information, ward, bed number, billing details etc.,• manual operation• number of patient details that are stored in a single excel sheet is limited.• Searching for information with respect to certain criteria could be difficult.• data stored in those excel sheets is not very secured.• If we want to maintain more than one copy of this excel sheet then inconsistency may arise.• We make use of a database to provide the required details, instead of using an excel sheet.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION(Cntd..)• The information regarding patients can be stored in database.• It can update the table fields (patient details, the amount to be paid / any balance remaining, the ward number, the bed number, the registration number, case number, etc.) as soon as a new patient admits.• Enter the ward number for the patient either in the general ward or the ICU.• Settle all bills pending to be paid by a patient before the patient’s discharge.• Keep a track of all beds occupied / free in both the ward and the ICU.• Keep a track of all transfers of patients from the general ward to the ICU and vice versa.• View information of all patients details, their admit time and the amount to be paid based on the treatment given and the ward selected.
  5. 5. SCOPE• This system can be used by only team members and administrator of a particular hospital.• The database can be used by team members in order to search, edit and add patient details.• The database can be accessed only after installing the software on local system.• This software can be used by only by a single user at any instant.• The systems’ usage is confined to usage by single organization.
  6. 6. FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS• The system should add the details along with automatically generated registration number of newly admitted patients to the database.• The system should search for existing patient details for a given registration number.• The system should keep the track of vacant and occupied beds in general ward and ICU.
  7. 7. NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS• Usability: The system should be user friendly and self-explanatory.• Availability: The system should be available 100% for the user and is used 24 hrs a day. The system shall be operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.• Accuracy: The accuracy of the system should be limited by the accuracy of the speed at which the users of the system use it.• Access Reliability: The system shall provide 100% access reliability.
  10. 10. NETWORK DIAGRAM 2 3 41 5 9 6 8 7
  11. 11. Receptionist Patient ID Name Patient ID Receive Ward no. Name In Patient Out PatientBed no. History History Record saved in Patient Record Database ENTITY ManagedRELATIONSHIP by DIAGRAM System Administrator
  12. 12. DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Level 0 System Update Administrator data Get Patient view RecordGet Databaseview Patient data stored Patient
  13. 13. Level 1 Patient Received by ReceptionistIndoor/outdoor Take patientpatients registered history,in Store record Patient record database Manage Allocate Patients ward no. / bed no.
  14. 14. Patient record database Level 2 Manage patients Amount to be paid based Keep track on treatment given /ward Add new of free selected indoor/ Search beds outdoor patient by patient name Show free info beds in Make Add ward and patient bills ICU Search patient Show inAllocate free bed to Allocate free bed patientnew indoor patient View patient to new indoor info registration no., patient name, date discharged, date Allocate ward admitted, history, no./bed no. treatment, bills View to indoor patient patients details
  15. 15. STATE TRANSITION DIAGRAM Fees paid allocate Outdoor treatmentLogin to ask patient registration patient Take no. Doctorthe system New details treat the patient patient info Indoor patient patient Patient leaves Allocate bed no. in ward/ICU Patient details added to Receive database treatment Treatment completed Pay the Update bills database All bills cleared Patient Patient details discharged added to database
  16. 16. TESTING
  17. 17. Javeria