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  • 1. Colorado
  • 2. Location Relative: West of Colorado is Kansas, East of Colorado is Utah, North ofColorado is Wyoming, and South of Colorado is New Mexico. Absolute: Colorado is 40 degrees North and 105 degrees West.
  • 3. Regions1.] Colorado is in the Western Region2.] Colorado is also in the Rocky Mountain Regionof the United States. Area Codes:3.] The area codes for this state are :303-719-720-970
  • 4. PlaceLandmark: Mesa Verde National ParkLandform: Rock towers and clay homes were built there by canyon rocks and clay from Mesa Verde National Park. Also mountains rivers and tall peaks tower the state of Colorado.Climate: high temp: In the summer the average high temp is 84 degrees. .For the cold months the average is low is 28 - 6 degrees.
  • 5. MovementTransportation: The people who live in Colorado take cars, busses, skies, trains, airplanes, and trucks. They also use Royal Gorge Railroad Colorado Central Railway and Pikes Deck Cog Railway for Railroads to transport trains, Denver International Airport, and Highways like Interstate 25 and route 1570.Exports: Coors Beer, Colorado Lamb, Rocky Ford Cantaloupes, Columbine Honey, and Palisade Peaches.Agriculture: Wheat and other GrainFruit and Veggiesand Ranching and or
  • 6. Human/Environment InteractionAdapt: Colorado snows a lot so the people who live there have to adapt to the weather by: Wearing long pants, gloves, hats, boots, and heavy coats.But in the summer time it tends to be very hot and dries up a lot.Modify: The Pueblo people built the Mesa Verde National Park and this modified by putting houses and rock buildings to the state by inserting them onto the land.Depend:The Colorado River, rock cliffs to build their houses in the side of other canyons in Colorado.