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Q4 language exam - Higher
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Q4 language exam - Higher


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Teachers often hear about how exams and subjects will not be useful to them in the world beyond school. Understanding language is perhaps one of the most powerful skills you can have. You need to understand how you are being manipulated and to manipulate!Language Exam – Q4 Powerpoint Templates Page 1
  • 2. To an extent – this means you have the world in your hands. Hurrah!Language Exam Powerpoint Templates Page 2
  • 3. Learning Objectives• Analyse two pieces of writing• Create a comparative answer S4L: Self-control and Commitment to Success Powerpoint Templates Page 3
  • 4. S4L: Self-control and Commitment to SuccessTo ensure this I want you to constantly evaluate my effort, your effort and your learning.Exit tickets... Powerpoint Templates Page 4
  • 5. What have you learnt__________________Quality of lesson_____/10__________Your effort______/10__________ Powerpoint Templates Page 5
  • 6. Today’s menu...Question 4 Section A Option 1Language Paper• Using the analysis that you completed, write a sample answer for Q4 of your language exam. This is going to be completed in exam conditions. Powerpoint Templates Page 6
  • 7. This is section A Q4 Why am I going on about Q4 so much? Powerpoint Templates Page 7
  • 8. Menu Option 1• In the exam you have 90 seconds per mark.• There a 16 marks so this means you have... (know this)• When you’re done, swap, peer assess against success criteria• Improve answer against peer set target Powerpoint Templates Page 8
  • 9. How to do it wellSkilled Writing 1. Identify and comment on the writers’ usewill of language to contribute to effect with explanation of layers of meaning ,including words and phrases. 2. Have some comparison between articles in use of languageExcellent • Have a detailed explanation, withWriting appropriate terminology, of how linguistic and grammatical features arewill used for impact It goes without • Comments begin to develop precise,saying at this stage that you should perceptive identification of layers of also have meaning with increasingly sophisticated quotations comparisons between texts embedded in your Powerpoint Templates response... Page 9
  • 10. NowUse the card to make a quick revision resource for Q4 – What you need to include – How to do it well. – How much time – Etc etc. Powerpoint Templates Page 10