Measurement Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall
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Measurement Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall






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Measurement Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall Measurement Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall Presentation Transcript

  • Distance is how far apart objects are
  • Width Distance from side to side; Describes how wide a shape is
  • Length Distance from end to end; Describes how long a shape is
  • Height Distance from base to top; Describes how high a shape is
  • Perimeter The distance around a 2-dimensional shape TIP: Add together all the lengths of the shape
  • Meter Basic unit for measuring distance
  • Millimeter (mm) Unit for measuring distance 1 m = 1000 mm
  • Centimeter (cm) Unit for measuring distance 1m = 100 cm
  • Kilometer (km) Unit for measuring distance 1000 m = 1 km
  • Ruler A tool used to measure length
  • Measuring Tape A tool used to measure length
  • Circumference The distance around the circle
  • Radius Any line that connects the center of the circle with any point on the circle
  • Diameter A line segment that passes through the circle and has both of its endpoints on the circle
  • Area The amount of surface inside a shape
  • Square Unit Basic unit for measuring area Square centimeter (cm2) Square meter (m2)
  • Capacity How much a container can hold Volume The amount of space (matter) inside a 3- dimensional object
  • Cubic Unit Basic unit for measuring volume Cubic centimeter (cm3) Cubic meter (m3)
  • Liter (L) Basic unit for measuring capacity
  • Milliliter (mL) Unit for measuring capacity
  • Graduated cylinder A tool used to measure volume
  • Weight How heavy an object is
  • Mass Amount of matter in an object
  • Matter Something that has mass and takes up space
  • Balance scale A tool used to measure weight
  • Weighing scale A tool used to measure weight
  • Milligram (mg) Unit for measuring mass 1 g = 1000 mg
  • Gram (g) Basic unit for measuring mass
  • Kilogram (Kg) Unit for measuring mass
  • Temperature The measure of hotness or coldness of something
  • Celsius Unit for measuring temperature
  • Thermometer A tool used to measure temperature
  • Angle formed by 2 rays or segments that have the same endpoint
  • Degree (º) Unit for measuring angles
  • Protractor A tool used to measure angles
  • Time The ongoing sequence of events taking place
  • Second Basic unit for measuring time
  • Minute Unit for measuring time 60 seconds = 1 minute
  • Hour Unit for measuring time 60 minutes = 1 hour
  • Day Unit for measuring time 24 hours = 1 day
  • Week Unit for measuring time 7 days = 1 week
  • Month Unit for measuring time ~ 30 days = 1 month ~ 4 weeks = 1 month
  • Year Unit for measuring time 365 days = 1 year 12 months = 1 year
  • Clock A tool used to measure time
  • Calendar A tool used to measure time
  • Map scale The ratio of the length in a drawing (or model) to the length of the real thing
  • Accurate how close a measured value is to the real value (Adjective)  ACCURATE  Precise  Accurate  Precise  ACCURATE  Precise  Accurate  Precise
  • Precise how close the measured values are to each other (adjective)  Accurate  PRECISE  Accurate  PRECISE  Accurate  Precise  Accurate  Precise
  • Estimate A close guess of the actual value, usually some thinking or computing (verb)
  • Unit A measure of something; A word that gives meaning to a number value (noun) 23 grams 3 kilometers 8 months
  • Measure Finding a number that shows the size or amount of something using a tool (verb)