Fraction Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall
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Fraction Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall






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Fraction Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall Fraction Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall Presentation Transcript

  • Part a piece of a whole Part Whole
  • Divide to separate into parts
  • Fraction names a part of a whole
  • Half one of two equal parts
  • Third one of three equal parts
  • Quarter one part of four equal parts
  • Numerator the number above the fraction line, to show a number of parts in a whole
  • Denominator the number below the fraction line, to show the number of equal parts that the whole is divided
  • Common denominator having the same denominator
  • Lowest terms A fraction is in simplest form when the top and bottom cannot be any smaller. To simplify a fraction, divide the top and bottom by the highest number that can divide into both numbers exactly.
  • Equal having the same value, size, or number
  • Equivalent fractions different fractions that have the same value
  • Proper Fraction a fraction less than one, with the numerator less than the denominator
  • Improper fraction a fraction whose numerator is greater or equal to its denominator
  • Mixed Number a number that has both a whole number and a fraction
  • Tenth one of 10 equal parts
  • Hundredth one of 100 equal parts
  • Thousandth one of 1,000 equal parts
  • Decimal a fraction whose denominator is a power of ten
  • Ratio a relationship between two items
  • Percentage a rate or amount in a 100 Percent (%)
  • Data information collected to be studied
  • Statistic a piece of data from a big quantity of information
  • Analyze/ Analyse to study something closely and carefully
  • Interval a group of numbers in between two ordered points Intervals
  • Average a typical or central value of a set of numbers; sum of a data set divided by numbers in the set
  • Mean the average of a data set Image from
  • Mode the value or values that appear most in a data set Image from
  • Range the difference between the maximum (biggest) and the minimum (smallest) value in a set of data Image from
  • Median the middle value in a data set ordered from smallest to largest Image from
  • Minimum the smallest amount Image from
  • Maximum the largest amount Image from
  • Probability the chance that something will happen