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Day 34 ccp Day 34 ccp Presentation Transcript

  • DO NOW• Use class notes to fill in 7.2 worksheet.
  • Agenda1. Do Now- Fill out 7.2 Worksheet using the notes we made as a class yesterday.2. Review3. Supreme Court Notes4. Supreme Court Case Activity
  • Competencies/ Objectives• Competencies: Students will demonstrate and understand the organization of the American Court System.• SWBAT identify the powers of the Supreme Court.• SWBAT recognize the importance of Supreme Court decisions.• SWBAT teach classmates about a Supreme Court cases and create a political cartoon on their case.
  • Power of Judicial Review• Judicial review- allows supreme courts to decide whether a law or presidential action is in agreement with Constitution.• Ultimate authority to make decisions.• If the court decide law conflicts with constitution is becomes unconstitutional.• Established by John Marshal(1801-1835)l in 1803.
  • Choosing Cases• More than 7,000 cases are filed each year.• Court usually hear 130 to 150 of those cases.• 4 of the 9 must vote to hear a case.• If they choose not to hear a trial the lower courts decision is upheld.• Remand- sent back to lower courts for a new trial.
  • Hearing and Deciding Cases• Oral arguments• Each lawyer has 30 minutes to present argument then they read written arguments on the case.• Justices hold private meeting and simple majority wins.• Opinion- explains reason that led to the decision• Concurring opinion-different explanation for agreeing• Dissenting opinion- reasons a justice thinks decision is wrong
  • Supreme Court Justices• 9 justices since 1869• 1 chief justice, 8 associate justices• Appointed for life by president with Senate approval.• Can only be removed by impeachment.• No special requirements to be Supreme Court justice.
  • Checking the Courts Power• President appoints justices with Senate approval• Congress can write a better law if previous law is declared unconstitutional• Congress can amend the constitution (16th amendment and income tax)