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Creditworthiness essay Creditworthiness essay Document Transcript

  • Students will write a five-paragraph essay using vocabulary terms explaining the factorsthat affect creditworthiness and identify ways to avoid financial loss.Your essay should answer the following question: How can a person maintaincreditworthiness and avoid financial loss? Use the three C’s of credit to help you. (focuson Capacity and Character)*Remember to use transition words at the beginning of each new paragraph!*Make sure you follow the basic paragraph structure we have been working with!* DO NOT USE PERSONAL PRONOUNS!!!Skill Proficient - 4 Effective - 3 Emerging - 2 Novice - 1AssessedContent Use of content terms Use of content terms Use of content terms Use of content terms demonstrates an in depth demonstrates an demonstrates an demonstrates an and effective understanding of the understanding of the incomplete or inaccurate understanding of the topic. There is use of topic but leaves some understanding of the topic. There is a facts that are aspects unaddressed. topic. Minimal use of facts substantial use of facts connected to the Limited facts that are vaguely connection to the that are strongly activity. somewhat connection activity. connected to the activity. to the activity.Analysis Clearly logical response Response that Response that Response that has little that includes worthwhile includes worthwhile includes some worthwhile information information that is information that information that and addresses the connected to and addresses the partially addresses essential question in a effectively answers the essential question. the essential limited way. essential question. question.Synthesis Student uses most if not Student uses some Student uses a limited Student uses minimal key all of the key terms the key words and the number of key words words and response has response has an effective response has an and the response has an ineffective or simplistic structure. appropriate structure. a confusing structure. structure.Competency 2 Illustration/cartoon and Illustration/cartoon Illustration/cartoon Illustration/cartoon and student evaluation and student and student student evaluation demonstrates an effective evaluation evaluation demonstrates a confused grasp of the target demonstrates a grasp demonstrates a or inaccurate grasp of the competency. of the target limited grasp of the target competencies. competency. target competency.