What is a coal mine?

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  • 1. Coal Mining (Local History) This is the Redding Pit.
  • 2. General Learning Intentions    To know what coal is used for. To know what a coal mine is. To understand what life was like for a coal miner.
  • 3. Coal Mining Look at this picture of a coal miner. •Describe what he is doing. •Describe his clothing. •What is he holding? •What is the coal for?
  • 4. Coal is an energy source for heat. Have you ever seen coal? What is it used for?
  • 5. Coal is used to generate, or make electricity:
  • 6. Coal mining is getting coal from the ground: Some coal comes from near the surface, but most comes from deep underneath the ground.
  • 7. A coal mine and its structure is called a colliery:
  • 8. Imagine… Look at the next few pictures. Imagine what it was like to work in a coal mine.
  • 9. Here is an underground coal mine.
  • 10. Coal mining underground a long time ago:
  • 11. A very long time ago!
  • 12. Look how small the tunnels were.
  • 13. Time to write.    Draw a picture of a miner at work. Show how he felt by the expression on his face. Think of three words to describe his job. (adjectives)
  • 14. Technology time! How on earth did the miners get in and out of the mine?  Talk with your partner about your ideas. Draw a picture to show how you think they did it.  Create a junk model to show your solutions. 
  • 15. What do we know now that we didn’t know before?  Tell your partner what you know about coal mining. Swap over. Now tell the class.  Have you been a successful learner?  