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Camp champion

  1. 1. Visiting Camp Champion at The Outdoor School 5th grade
  2. 2. What should I bring to camp?• My teacher will give me a packing list.• I need a sleeping bag and pillow or sheets and blanket to sleep on.• I need clothes and toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hairbrush or comb, etc.)
  3. 3. Traveling to CampWe will ride in a school bus to camp.My teacher will tell me if I can bring a book or a game to use on the bus.My teacher will tell me if I can choose who I sit by on the bus.There is not a bathroom on the bus. I need to go before I leave.
  4. 4. Who is going to camp? All 5th grade students at Baldwin.Mr. Crowley Mrs. HookMs. Kane Mr. MaterMrs. Webber Mrs. StevensMrs.Trippe Mrs. Quiroz
  5. 5. Where we sleep• Students are divided into groups of 10-12. Each group will sleep in a cabin along with at least one adult.• The cabins have bunk beds. You need to be flexible when choosing your bunk. You may get the upper or lower. Either is ok. If you feel like you need a different spot, you can ask someone nicely to trade with you.
  6. 6. Where we eat• We will eat with our cabin group in the dining hall.• If you have allergies, your parents may send food with you to eat.• If you take medicine, you will be given your medicine at mealtimes.
  7. 7. What do we do?• We will go to different classes with our cabin group. Some classes are science classes.
  8. 8. Some are at the Ropes Course
  9. 9. I can choose to try any of the Ropes course activities. If I am not comfortable with an activity, I can politely say “No, thanks.” I can make my cabin mates feel good by cheering for them. They will cheer for me.
  10. 10. Free time activities
  11. 11. Rules at Camp• You must stay with your camp group at all times.• You need to show respect to the camp leaders by using Whole Body Listening during class.• If you need to use the restrooms during the night, you must wake up the adult sleeping in your cabin before you go.
  12. 12. What do I do if I need help?Being with new people in a new environment can be challenging at times.If I have a question, feel stressed or worried, or I just need a break to be by myself I can ask my teacher.
  13. 13. Wildlife at CampCamp Champions is in the country, not the city. Thereare animals like ducks and deer in the area. There arealso insects and spiders. I should not touch any of theanimals or insects.A common insect at Camp is theDaddy Longleg spider. They do nothurt people. They will not hurt me. Idon’t need to be afraid of them. I can just walk awayfrom them if I don’t like to be around them.
  14. 14. Hidden Rules & Social Secrets at CampIn the Cabin:• Most kids don’t bring a security item like a blanket or stuffed animal. If you really need one, bring a small one that you can keep in your bed.• Most kids sleep in shorts and a t-shirt. You can wear pj’s if you would like to.• Kids do not walk around the cabin in their underwear or naked.• Most kids get dressed and undressed either on their bunk or in the bathroom. If you’d like privacy, you can go into one of the stalls to change. Just make sure to do it quickly so others can use the bathroom.• You may bring a book to read before bed to help you get sleepy. When the adult tells kids it is “quiet time” that means you must not talk or whisper.• It is important to be considerate of others in the cabin. Keep your stuff in your bag or on your bunk - not the floor. If you have an upper bunk, make sure to climb the ladder and not step on someone else’s bed.
  15. 15. Social Secrets in the BathroomWe have to share the bathroom with many other kids. It is important to take care of business quickly so others can use the toilets, sinks, and showers. There are two bathrooms. One for girls and one for boys.The showers will look similar to the one on the right. You will take a shower on Tuesday night.1. Carry your sleep clothes, clean underwear, towel, and shampoo and lay them on the bench or hang them on a hook.2. Close the first shower curtain. Then start the water and close the second shower curtain. This will keep the bench area dry.3. Get in and take a quick shower, come out and dry off and get dressed.4. Before you leave the area check to make sure it is clean and you have all your belongings.
  16. 16. Social Secrets During ClassWe will get to do lots of different types of activities. You will prefer to do some more than others. You can be flexible and participate in all of them.• When it is time to leave a favorite area you can say to yourself, “This was fun! My teammates will have good thoughts about me if I move on quickly to the next activity.”• This camp focuses on the idea of “Challenge By Choice”. This means that I am encouraged to try all the activities, but I can set the level of challenge I wish to do. For example, I can try the rock wall, but I don’t have to feel like I MUST climb to the top. I can stop when I’ve gone far enough for me.• If I don’t feel comfortable trying an activity I can politely say, “No thanks.” I will keep my brain in the group even when it is not my turn and cheer on my teammates.• Sometimes we might play a game that I’ve played before. The rules might be different since we are playing a camp version. I will listen carefully to the rules and follow the camp rules. It is ok if they are different.• If I don’t understand a direction, I can raise my hand, wait to be called on, and ask the teacher to explain it again or give me more information.
  17. 17. Social Secrets in the Dining Hall• Often you will get to sit by your favorite friend. Sometimes you may need to sit by others just like you do in the cafeteria at school. Being flexible and sitting by someone new gives you an opportunity to make a new friend!• If you don’t like the food choices you can either choose to eat PB&J or from the salad bar. When the food is passed out, say “No, thank you” if you don’t wish to have some.• Table manners are important when eating with others. Make sure that you use your napkin to clean your face and eat with your mouth closed.• All campers are expected to help clean up. The counselors will show us where to put our plates when we are finished. After you clear your plate, it is a good idea to check your area and wipe up any spills.• When eating with others you can practice having a conversation. If you already know the person sitting near you, then use your friend file information and talk to them about a subject they are interested in. If you don’t have a friend file about the person, you can start a conversation by asking a question or making a comment about an activity that you both did that day. For example, you could say “What did you think about the climbing wall today?”
  18. 18. By using flexible social thinking we can all have a good time at camp.When I get home I can tell my parents all about the fun activities. I can tell them about my conversations and new friends that I made.Going to camp is going to be great! 