Iv drop calculations
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Iv drop calculations






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    Iv drop calculations Iv drop calculations Document Transcript

    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 Jan 17­10:56 AM HW Practice Exam #4 1
    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 Parenteral Medications Directions for Calculating IV Flow Rates A. To find flow rate stated in cc's per hour (if not given in th Total volume of solution = x cc's in cc's Total number of hours to # hours run Example: 1000 cc IV solution ordered to infuse over 8 hours. Jan 6­7:58 AM HW Practice Exam #4 2
    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 This number (cc/hr) is used to calculate drops per m (When answer is not even ­ round to nearest whole n Example: 1000 cc solution to infuse over 6 hours. Jan 6­8:02 AM HW Practice Exam #4 3
    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 To find flow rate stated in drops per minute: Drop factor is the number of drops it takes to equal 1 cc with a specific type of IV tubing. The drop factor is stated on the tubing package. cc/hr. x drop factor gtts/min = 60 min/hr Example: The drop factor is a 15 gtts/cc and the flow rate is 120 Jan 6­8:02 AM HW Practice Exam #4 4
    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 Example: The drop factor is 20 gtts/cc and the flow rate is 100 Jan 6­8:05 AM HW Practice Exam #4 5
    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 IV Formulas Amount of Fluid per hour: ml/hr or cc/hr Total Volume TV Total # of hrs to infuse TT How many drops per minute: gtts/min. ml/hr x drop factor (given) 60 min/hr Example: 100cc x 20 = 33 gtts/min 60 Jan 6­8:05 AM HW Practice Exam #4 6
    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 How much drug in 1 ml (or cc) of fluid? Total amount of drug =   TD Total amount of fluid      TV How much drug in hour? 1.    TV      = TT (total time)    # cc /hr 2. Total amount of drug   = TD        Total time (TT)          TT What time of day will the IV end? Current time   +    TV     = end time                              ml/hr With IV fluids ­ round off to the nearest whole number.   Jan 6­8:07 AM HW Practice Exam #4 7
    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 Examples 1. Ordered: 5 mg Available: 2 mg/ml How many ml do you give? 2. Ordered: 5cc Available: 10 mg/ cc Jan 6­1:32 PM HW Practice Exam #4 8
    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 3. IV Order: Dwith 20 meq Kcl per liter to infuse at 50 cc/hour. 5W To prepare this solution, the nurse uses the stock preparation of Kcl (10 meq/5cc) to add to the 5W to of D the concentration ordered. liter make The drop factor is 60 gtts/cc. How many gtts/min will the IV run? How much fluid will the client receive in 24 hrs? How many meq of Kcl will client receive in one hour? Jan 6­1:33 PM HW Practice Exam #4 9
    • Flow Rates January 16, 2013 4. Ordered: 2 mg/kg Client weighed: 44 lbs How many mg will the client receive? 5. Ordered:1/2NScc's/hr will 2 liters overper hour? How 5 D many to infuse be infused 16 hours. Jan 6­1:36 PM HW Practice Exam #4 10