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Published in: News & Politics, Education

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  • 1. I Voted! Make a choice by voting…
  • 2. Why do we vote?
    • We make choices every day
      • What you want to eat
      • What you want to wear to school
    • You can make a choice because you like one thing better than another
      • Some choices have better consequences than others
  • 3. Why do we vote? (continued)
    • People in communities also make choices
    • It is a way that members of a community can make important choices about their government.
    • BUT BEFORE VOTING…people need to learn as much as they can about the consequences of each choice
  • 4. Before Voting - Get the FACTS
    • Learn about a subject you are voting on
    • Learn about a person you are voting for
    • Talk about the good and bad points of each choice with others
  • 5. Voting - The Process
    • An election - the setting for where people vote for a new law or a candidate (a person running for a special job)
    • There is a LOT of speaking and publicity around an election where people try to make others aware of what is going on and what to possibly vote for (CAMPAIGNING)
  • 6. Voting- The Process (continued)
    • The ballot - can be paper or electronic and lists all the choices available to vote for; people place a mark by their choice
  • 7. Voting - The Process (continued)
    • The vote- everyone’s vote is kept secret
    • Each person goes into a voting booth and makes a choice without anyone else watching
    • Voters DO NOT PUT THEIR NAME on the ballot
      • Why do you think this is?
  • 8. Voting - The Process (continued)
    • The count - the ballots are counted to see who won the most votes
    • Majority Rule : more than half of the people voted for a candidate
    • What about those people who did not vote for the winner?
      • They are the minority, but they still have rights and their ideas still matter. This is called Minority Rights
    • We are going to have a class campaign and election.
    • There will be 4 groups that will campaign.
    • Each group will have a:
      • President
      • Vice President
      • 2 to three campaigners to help
  • 10. Step 1 - The Platform
    • Brainstorm and create a list of 10 reasons for why people should vote for your group to be chosen.
    • THINK about ways you can improve the classroom and change the school for GOOD
      • Consider problems and how you can fix them
      • SLOGAN -think of a catchy slogan for people to vote for you…
  • 11. Step 2: Presentation
    • Each group will create their own powerpoint with their platform on it.
    • You will then present your powerpoint to the class.
  • 12. Step 2 - Presentation (continued)
    • You will make a powerpoint with 6 slides
      • 1 INTRODUCTION (title) slide
      • 5 PLATFORM slides
      • Each slide should have:
        • A background
        • A title
        • 1 idea
        • Bonus: picture and transition
  • 13. Step 3 - Listening
    • During each presentation, the other groups will be in the audience listening to the presenting group’s ideas
      • Think about if their ideas could work
      • Think about how it would affect you as a member of this class --do you agree or disagree
      • Write down questions you may have for this group
  • 14. Step 4 - The Debate