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Published in Technology , Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Onychophora By Wyatt and Silus
  • 2.
    • It belongs to the domain Eukaryote.
    • The kingdom Animalia.
    • Believed to be the missing like between worms and arthropods.
    • Usually halve grey, brown, blue and rarely red skin pigments.
    Classification,and description
  • 3.
    • Has a arthropod like hemocyanin.
    • The hemocyanin takes protein from oxygen.
    • Basically the respiratory system is made of thousands of tiny oddly distributed pits that allows it to breath.
  • 4. Habitat
    • Velvet worms usually live in eastern Australia and New Zeeland.
    • They usually live in topical and sub tropical forest areas.
  • 5. Special abilities
    • The shoot out a sticky saliva that traps their victims in a paste that is kind of like super glue so that they can bite off a part of the body and feed.
    • They feed by sucking out the undigested juices.
    • The slime is also used to trap predators for an escape .
  • 6. Body features
    • They halve a vertical bilateral symmetry that runs from their head to their anus.
    • They halve hundreds of tiny claws that allow them to latch on to their prey.
    • They also halve thousands of tiny teeth that allow them to bit off a part of their victims to suck out the proteins.
  • 7. Body features prt. 2
    • The claws are used to hook on and stabilize its self when climbing or walking
    • The claws are like are feet
    • It has a velvet textured skin (thus its name)
    • It antennas are used for sound like other animals with antennas
  • 8. Digestive system
    • The digestive track starts right behind the head.
    • The intestines begin in the throat where our wind pipes are.
    • The throat’s sole purpose is to absorb partially liquefied foods
    • They halve saliva pallets that lubricate the food to allow it to pass easily threw its 1 intestine
    • The intestine consists only of a single layer of epithelial tissue
    • Witch means that it doesn’t halve a outer layer of skin around the intestine (unlike humans)
  • 9. Interaction
    • Interaction with a velvet worm is very unlikely to come in contact with unless you live in Australia or are visiting Australia
  • 10. Phylogeny (history)
    • Has been date bake to the Cambrian period
    • They have been believed to halve evolved form the same ancestor as arthropods
    • The ancestor had characteristics or each one
  • 11. Bibliography
  • 12. Thank You For Watching