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  • 1. Judaism: Do Now: 2minutesWrite down 8 things you learnedfrom the video.
  • 2. Who is Jewish?• Ethnicity• Faith• Culture• Self-identification
  • 3. Unifying featureBelief in the ONENESS of God who worksthrough HISTORY and who has CHOSENthe Jewish people
  • 4. Today14 million JewsMany are non-practicing
  • 5. Story of God’s acts through historyAbranham These are the father of patriachs.Isaac They were nomads, following flocks. father ofJacob father ofTwelve Sons
  • 6. StoriesNo systematic presentation of beliefs.Stories that said: Worship ONE GOD withburned animal sacrifices.
  • 7. Heart of Jewish StoryExodusEnd of Genesis – Abraham’s descendantswere slaves Exodus – story of Moses, leading people outof slavery toward becoming a nation
  • 8. Sinai and the Law Ten CommandmentsFocused on - Obedience and loyalty to God - How to treat othersJudaism became a religion of law. Jews werepeople who were obedient.
  • 9. After SinaiIsraelites conquer Canaan.
  • 10. Hebrew MonarchyKing David 1) Israel became a miliary power 2) Wanted to rebuild temple (Solomon did)
  • 11. Exile and ReturnNorthern - Isael enslaved and disappearedSouthern – Judah take captive, but kept identity
  • 12. Diaspora - scattering Babylon Persia Egypt
  • 13. Once out of Israel, Jews had tochange Synagogue Scripture = Torah 10 adult males
  • 14. Rabbi (religious leader) study scripture teach community debated how to interpret and apply laws
  • 15. Jews lived apart no work on the sabbath keep kosher dietary laws
  • 16. At time of diaspora -hope for a messiah to re-establish thekingdom
  • 17. Jewish Scripture - TanakT – Torah (Law)AN – Neviim (prohphets)AK – Ketuvim (writings)
  • 18. Other writingsRabbis wrote interpretation of law - Talmud - Mishnah - Gemara (analysis of Mishnah)
  • 19. Kabbalah Mystical Judaism Not widely practiced Writing = book of Zohar
  • 20. Four major beliefs One one God
  • 21. Four major beliefs This God has chosen only the Jews to be his people on earth
  • 22. Four major beliefs God’s choice of the Jews in an expression of love, but also a call to obedience of the law
  • 23. Four major beliefs Special reward – eternity Gentiltes, too – for living right