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Do now 11.29 problem of evil

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  • 1. DO NOW – Cosmological Argument
    On the table are notecards and some art supplies. Take one card and a few colored pencils (that you can share with the people near you) and draw a picture on the notecard of the cosmological argument. Put your name on the notecard.
    You have four minutes. Also please put out your work from last class.
  • 2. DO NOW – Teleological Argument
    Turn your flashcard over to the blank side.
    You will see six pictures quickly. Each picture will have a number. Without consulting your neighbor, write down the number of the picture that you think best represents the teleological argument. You will have only one chance to see the pictures. You will have 10 seconds to write after you see the pictures.
  • 3. DO NOW – Teleological Argument
    Picture 1
  • 4. DO NOW – Teleological Argument
    Picture 2
  • 5. DO NOW – Teleological Argument
    Picture 3
  • 6. DO NOW – Teleological Argument
    Picture 4
  • 7. DO NOW – Teleological Argument
    Picture 5
  • 8. DO NOW – Review Problem of Evil
    On a paper for today, define these words:
    Now write one statement or question that uses those words and explains why evil is a problem for a theist.
    You have 4 minutes.
  • 12. Prezi
    Finish the prezi on the problem of evil.
  • 13. DO NOW – Discussion Preparation
    Brainstorm with a buddy, but copy and fill this chart on your own paper. Write as many as you can think of and be as specific as possible using examples from Life is Beautiful.” 6 minutes.
    Examples of good Examples of evil
  • 14. DO NOW – Turn in your work
    Turn in your work from today. Be sure your name is on your DO NOW paper and your notecard.