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The Luxurious King
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The Luxurious King


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  • 1. The Luxurious King
  • 2. Once upon a time there was a priest king named Yamir. Yamir was a good king, but at times became very selfish. He ruled the city of Mohenjo-daro. It was very urban-like, and Yamir decided things needed to be a little more up to date.
  • 3. All the cities around Mohenjo-daro contained clubs, pools, movie theaters, sports bars, and anything you could think of. Yamir also had two kids: Sagar, 23 and Sampat, 21. Sagar and Sampat each were extremely bored in this city, and were debating whether they should move or not. They consulted with their father.
  • 4. Yamir said absolutely not, but the two men refused to listen to him. Yamir then bribed them to stay by telling them he would get his minions to build them whatever they wanted. The two agreed immediately.
  • 5. Yamir told the minions that they had to build a sports bar and a club next to each other, with a pool in between the two. After a year, they were completed. “About time”, said Sagar and Sampat.
  • 6. The boys took complete advantage of these places, and spent every night possible having the time of their life. They finally began to love their father. This was until things started to get out of hand.
  • 7. Yamir explained to his little minions that he had put up too much of his son’s drunken attitudes. He finally ordered them to knock down the club and the sports bar.
  • 8. All that was left now was the pool in between, which nobody really used in the first place. This changed instantly, and now everybody was using the pool more than ever. Everybody was fine with just a pool in the center of town, besides the king’s sons.
  • 9. Sagar, Sampat, and Yamir all had a little meeting that night in their castle. The two sons were furious, and their father quite frankly did not care. To conclude the meeting, the two moved to a town far away from Mohenjo-daro, never to see their father again. At least now the city was back to its normal self, and most of the population was satisfied.