The epic of mohenjo daro


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  • I'm a little confused. Should I be happy that they won? Why did they go to war?
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The epic of mohenjo daro

  1. 1. The Epic of Mohenjo Daro<br />
  2. 2. Part 1-Intro<br /><ul><li>Many, many years ago there was a middle-aged man named Nokumanu
  3. 3. He lived in the town called Djinitu, now known as Mohenjo Daro
  4. 4. Nokumanu worked for the head priest making sculptures of him. Because the priest (Gihando) thought he created the most elegant ones of him.
  5. 5. Now, during this time period there were many wars between their village and the neighboring village (Dinkit)</li></li></ul><li>(cont)<br /><ul><li>One day there was a messenger who was from Dinkit sent to Djinitu.
  6. 6. He found the head priest bathing in his 20 ft bath tub with two women with him.
  7. 7. He informed the priest that there was to be a war if something wasn’t done to solve the property problem between the two villages.
  8. 8. “WHAT IS THIS?!, YOU SHALL BE THE ONES TO BE SOLVING THIS, YOU HAVE STRIPPED US OF AT LEAST HALF OF THE CRESENT CIRCLE” Gihando revolted.</li></li></ul><li>(cont)<br /><ul><li>“Excuse me sir but I am but a mere messenger, please accept this, if I come home with it, I am to get beheaded.” the meek messenger informed him.
  9. 9. The Priest unwillingly took the leaf enscribed with writing.
  10. 10. “THE PEOPLE OF DINKIT REGRET TO INFORM YOU THAT IF NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT THE CRESENT CIRCLE ISSUE THEN THERE IS TO BE WAR” read the priest in a whispering voice while the two ladies stood aw-struck.</li></li></ul><li>(Cont)<br />Nokumanu was called into the bathing area by Gihando after the women had walked briskly and eagerly out of the room to spread the word which was against Gihando’s wishes. <br />Nokumanu was to inform all the guards of the situation.<br />They prepared for war.<br />
  11. 11. Part 2- War<br /><ul><li>The date, day, and hour were all set.
  12. 12. Tomorrow was the day that they are to go to war.
  13. 13. Nokumanu was searching for Gihando early that morning.
  14. 14. “Gihando we need to prepare or troops” yelled Nokumanu
  15. 15. He turned the corner into the bathing area and stood, frozen from head to toe.</li></li></ul><li>(cont)<br /><ul><li>Gihando was laying in the middle of the tub, with no water in it.
  16. 16. His lifeless body was limp and cold with blood strewn everywhere, a bloody spear in his collar.
  17. 17. There was a note that read: NOKUMANU, BE VICTORIUS, BE FREE, BE KING.
  18. 18. After deciphering it, he concluded that he Nokumanu, who had no family, never knew a family, was now the king of Djinitu.</li></li></ul><li>(cont)<br /><ul><li>The horn sounded to begin the war.
  19. 19. He was late, he put on what he found as armor in Ghihando’s makeshift closest and set off.
  20. 20. All he could see was blood strewn every inch of dry desolate landscape, he could see nothing, no life, no happiness, not a single alive soul.
  21. 21. He was alone with the howling wind.
  22. 22. He had arrived one second too late, there was no one to claim victory, no one to name the best.
  23. 23. He had let Gihando down, and he knew it all too well.</li></li></ul><li>(cont)<br />As he trudged back to an almost empty Djinitu he realised that he could help save his people by smashing down the wall that exsisted between the two cities, as a piece offering.<br />Once this was done he created one more small idol statue of Gihandu which he kept hidden under a stone pile at the back of his palace.<br />