Once upon a time a baby was born. Her name was Ananya. When Ananya was born the entire town of Mohenjo-Daro came to see he...
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Mohenjodaro Story


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Mohenjodaro Story

  1. 1. Once upon a time a baby was born. Her name was Ananya. When Ananya was born the entire town of Mohenjo-Daro came to see her. The reason for this was because she was so extraordinarily beautiful. Ananya had a wonderful childhood. She played with her two best friends Pari and Tula daily. Ananya went to school every day of the week except for Saturday and Sunday. She always loved learning but her favorite thing to do was to swim. If it were up to Ananya she would live in the town’s bath. Although she knew the bath was meant for cleaning your body, she could not resist the urge to go for a swim whenever she could. When Ananya turned twelve her parents, Rajan and Gumati knew it was time for her to get married. They figured it would be an easy task, but boy were they wrong! They searched high and low throughout Mohenjo-Daro. They went to the river, to the wells, to the courtyards but ever man they found seemed to dislike Ananya. Months passed and there was still no luck for their daughter. Rajan and Gumati thought it would be a good idea to visit their priest-king to ask him for help. That day, they found him near Main Street. “Please help us,” her parents begged. But he could not do anything. He told them that in order for Ananya to get married they needed to have patience; the right man would come when the time was right. Rajan and Gumati were devastated. They never thought they would have any trouble finding a man for Ananya because she was so beautiful. For another year they lived with no husband for Ananya. On one very hot summer day Ananya went for a swim. She was about one foot away from her destination when a male tourist from India named Varun bumped into her. He hit her so hard that she fell right into the bath. Varun quickly apologized with great sympathy. He felt terrible for what he had done and wanted to know if there was anything he could do to make it up to her. Ananya knew it was rude to say there was so she kept silent and swam a few laps. Varun was about to walk away when he realized that he loved how she swam. She looked beautiful and elegant floating through the water he thought to himself. At that moment he asked Ananya to marry him. She was extremely surprised but she accepted. They got married the next week. Their wedding was spectacular and very traditional. Ananya and Varun lived a very happy life with many children to share their good times with.<br />The End! <br />