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  1. 1. Mohenjo-Daro<br />
  2. 2. Chapter One<br /> Mohenjo- Daro is a beautiful place to live thought the young king, as he looked out the window of the sanctuary. His name was Maitreya, and while the city was troubled by invaders, it had never seemed more serene and beautiful than on that warm spring day. The birds sang, and the river lazily flowed off in the distance. The people bustled down the streets, heading into the building. Stepping down stairs, he saw that already the room was full of people. Behind the crowd, Maitreya could just make out Rajata. <br />She stood by the pool, its reflective surface shining from the light of the sun. Maitreya smiled, and Rajata waved to him. Then, looking out to the masses of people now gathered, he cleared his throat and began the rituals. <br />
  3. 3. Chapter Two<br /> As Maitreya was cleaning up after the morning ritual, he heard quiet footsteps. Turning around, he saw that it was Chatura, one of his advisors. Nervously, she began to speak. “There have been many reports of a great army approaching. From the scouts descriptions, it is probably King Dhiren.” <br /> “This is a serious concern Chatura, send more people to investigate this matter further” Maitreya remembered the last time King Dhiren had tried to invade. He had been stopped before his army had reached the city, but many lives had been lost.<br /> Chatura hurried off, and frowning, Maitreya returned to polishing the alter, lost in thought. <br />
  4. 4. Chapter Three<br /> Rajata found him sitting on the edge of the bath, with his feet dangling in the water. Children splashed around, while mothers and fathers floated contentedly, confident in their children’s swimming abilities. The sounds of laughter and chatter filled the air, punctuated by a few good- natured shrieks from splashed passer-buyers. The sun was warm, and Maitreya nodded contentedly in a conversation with an elderly couple. They waved a cheerful good-bye as their grand children tugged them away through the clear water. Rajata sat down, and the young couple smiled at one another, enjoying the time spent in each others company on a beautiful <br />spring day. The serenity was shattered when Chatura, gasping for breath, raced over. Panting, she gasped out to Maitreya that the army was only a few hours away, that they had been tricked. There was no time for an evacuation, or time to raise an army, only to wait, and pray.<br />
  5. 5. Chapter Four<br /> Maitreya stood in front of the giant statue, and prayed Let me save my people Mighty One, they depended on me. Save them from certain doom, and shelter them. The great clay creature slowly turned its head, and spoke. It said I will do as you ask. I will take your people to my world, where they will be safe. However, someone will have to stay behind. After all, these people cannot stay with me forever, so I will return them when that person says they are safe to go back. Maitreya saw cloud of dust, forming just over the hill, and knew that the great army was close. Who could I ask to stay behind, away from their family, and in terrible danger for so long? Chose quickly, the great being rumbled, or even my intervention may not be enough.<br />Desperately, Maitreya shouted over the thunder of marching feet, I’ll stay, protect my people! Like a bolt of lightning, something blindingly bright shot across the sky. When it cleared, the busy city streets were deserted, and the vibrant brick houses were empty of life. Even the Great Bath was empty. All that was left was a little clay statue.<br />