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Mohenjo Daro Disaster
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Mohenjo Daro Disaster


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  • This story definitely had an unexpected ending. Great job!
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  • A bed? I don't get it. This would be a good story for parents to read to warm them against too much favoritism!
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  • This story was rather interesting, and I did not suspect that that was how this story was going to end! Great job!
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  • 1. Mohenjo-Daro Disaster
  • 2. There once lived a priest-king named Gopan who was the first in Mohenjo-Daro two have twin baby girls. Their names were Lona and Tamasi. The two girls couldn’t be more opposite; Lona was sweet and beautiful like her name-which meant pretty. Tamasi was dark and ugly like her name-meaning night.
  • 3. From the day of their birth, Tamasi showed a supreme hatred for her sister. As they grew up, she would seem sweet and innocent to her parents, but when they had their backs turned she would burn Lona’s dolls and even stick pins in voodoo dolls designed to look like her sister. But as hard as she tried, her parents only paid attention to Lona.
  • 4. Lona did everything perfectly. She got good grades and left all the boys in love. Her parents favored her over her sister and gave her everything she wanted. Tamasi hated everything about her and was ridiculously jealous. There was only one thing their parents hated: sleeping.
  • 5. For their 10th birthday, the king and his wife gave the girls a huge bath, in which they filled with Lona’s favorite thing, gold. All Tamasi wanted was a pony so she could run away and never come back. But her parents forgot about her wishes and gave her some flowers and some fruit. Lona’s bath was ordered to be built and she was given a pony and a puppy. As soon as the bath was built, they would have a big party and all their little friends would be invited.
  • 6. Tamasi was able to do one thing well and that was swim. Lonanever learned how, so she had to take lessons. But by the time of their party, she still couldn’t swim. Tamasi knew that and was going to take full advantage of it.
  • 7. The whole palace was decorated beautifully and cakes and presents were everywhere as the whole town of Mohenjo-Daro gathered at the twins birthday party. Everyone was amazed by the huge gold-filled bath and jumped right in.
  • 8. Lona tried to avoid the pool area as much as possible as Tamasi rubbed it in her face that she could swim, and well at that. She was having a blast while Lona sat back and sighed as she watched all her friends.
  • 9. Late after everyone had gone home, Lona was cleaning up the mess that everyone made. She was reaching in the pool to get a floatie, when Tanasi came up behind her and pushed her into the pool.
  • 10. All it took was a little push, and she fell right in. Tanasi held her under water until she didn’t struggle anymore. She was glad that she couldn’t watch her body sink to the bottom, for you cannot see through gold. As she walked away, she muttered “now they’ll notice me.”
  • 11. When news had gotten out that one of the king’s daughters was missing, the whole town was in search of her. The only person that wasn’t looking was Tanasi, because she already knew where her sister was.
  • 12. Nobody ever found Lona, until one day the king and queen decided it was time to fill the pool with chocolate. In order to do that, they had to drain the huge bath.
  • 13. Tamasi went with them to watch the bath get drained. She couldn’t help giggling as she watched, knowing what they would find at the bottom. After all the gold had been drained, what the king and queen saw was too painful to even look at.
  • 14. A bed! The sound of their screams echoed through the whole town. Tamasi laughed out loud and then skipped off with a broad grin on her face.
  • 15. Though her parents were forever devastated, they would never know what truly happened to their beloved Lona. They now appreciated their one and only daughter Tamasi more than ever. And that’s all she ever wanted.
  • 16. THE END!