Love Doesn't Always Have a Happy Ending

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  • This story definitely had a shocking way of ending it! Great job!
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  • 1. Love Doesn’t Always Have a Happy Ending
  • 2. Once upon a time there was a king who ruled the ancient Mohenjo-Daro. His name was King Dakshi. Dakshi was 18 and had just inherited the throne from his father. Dakshi’s family was very pleased with being therulers of Mohenjo-Daro and would do what ever they had to stay the royal family.
  • 3. King Dakshi was loved by all of his people and no one ever complained about him. He also had a secret admire, Chandra.Chandra was educated, beautiful and came from a wealthy family. Dakshi knew Chandra loved him but for some reason he wasn’t intrested. This made Chandra very upset.
  • 4. Dakshi did brilliant things while he was ruler. He created a drainage system for his people. This helped many of his followers with there day to day activities and made theirs lives much easier. The popularity of Dakshi kept growing.
  • 5. Dakshi built himself something special using his drainage system. He told his people he couldn’t use the public wash areas and he must have his own place to bath. So Dakshi built himself a huge bath. Until then Dakshi would have to go to the public wash areas late at night. He said he did this because he did not want to be bombarded by people.
  • 6. Chandra found this very odd and didn’t understand why Dakshi was always so private. So Chandra decided she was going to spy on all the things Dakshi does.
  • 7. Now what many do not know is that Dakshi’s family had a royal secret.
  • 8. Dakshi’s real name was Ekaja and was actually a girl! Ekaja’s mother was failing to produce any children at all. If she was not able to produce a male heir the throne would be taken away from them. Finally