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Describing matter
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Describing matter



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Is anything that has mass and takes up space. Matter
  • 2. A pure substance is a single kind of matter that is pure, meaning it always has a specific makeup. For example: table salt, sugar and baking soda Pure Substance
  • 3. Physical properties & Chemical properties Every form of matter has 2 kinds of properties.
  • 4. A physical property is a characteristic of a pure substance that can be observed without changing it into another substance.
  • 5. For example, a physical property of water is that it freezes at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius.
  • 6. Physical properties can be used to classify matter. Examples of physical properties: •Melting Point •Texture •Color •Flexibility •Density
  • 7. A chemical property is a characteristic of a pure substance that describes its ability to change into different substances.
  • 8. Examples: The ability of a substance to catch fire The ability to react: rusting The ability to form a new substance or property (baking a cake, burning toast). Chemical properties are also used to classify substances.
  • 9. An element is a pure substance that can’t be broken down into any other substance by chemical or physical means. Elements are the simplest substances.
  • 10. You are already familiar with some elements. *Aluminum which is used to make outdoor furniture and foil. *Pennies are made from zinc (but covered in copper)
  • 11. A mixture is made up of 2 or more substances – elements or compounds, or both – that are held together in the same place but NOT chemically combined. Can you think of any other examples?
  • 12. Homogenous Mixtures: This is a mixture that is so evenly mixed that you cannot see the different parts. Heterogeneous Mixtures: This is a mixture where you can see the different parts.
  • 13. An example of a homogenous mixture! Can you think of any examples? A solution is……
  • 14. Saltwater Sugar water Air ( nitrogen gas and oxygen gas as well as other gases) Examples of Solutions
  • 15. The End