Balancing equations
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  • 1. Balancing EquationsJust repeat:“I know I can, I know I can!”
  • 2. Balancing equations Dueto the conservation of matter, equations MUST be balanced!  Atoms cannot be created or destroyed!  Thus, the atoms in the products must equal the total atoms in the reactants REMEMBER: The atoms are only being rearranged!
  • 3. Coefficients vs. Subscripts Subscripts tell us how many atoms there are in the molecule. O2This tells us that there are 2 Oxygen atoms bonded to each other: O=O Coefficients tell us how many molecules there are. 2O2This tells us that there are 2 molecules of O2 O=O and O=O
  • 4. How to balance an equation Writeout the equation with the reactants and products formulas MgO + HBr ---> MgBr2 + H2O Magnesium oxide and Hydrogen Bromide becomes Magnesium Bromide and Water.
  • 5. How to balance an equation Countthe Atoms of each element on both sides of the equation. MgO + HBr ---> MgBr2 + H2O 1 Mg 1 Mg 1O 1O 1H 2H 1 Br 2 Br
  • 6. How to balance an equation Usecoefficients to balance the equation MgO + HBr ---> MgBr2 + H2OWe need a total of two hydrogen and bromine on the reactants side in order to balance this equation.
  • 7. How to balance an equation Finally…. Our balanced equation MgO + 2HBr ---> MgBr2 + H2ODouble check your work, by counting again: 1 Mg 1 Mg 1O 1O 2H 2H 2 Br 2 Br
  • 8. Try one on your own!H + O  H 2O H- 1 H- 2 O- 1 O- 12H + O  H2O
  • 9. Let’s do another, for fun!!Fe + HCl ---> FeCl2 +H2 1 Fe 1 Fe 1H 2H 1 Cl 2 Cl Fe + 2HCl ---> FeCl2 +H2
  • 10. Let’s try a couple more…N2 + O2 ---> N2O5 2N 2N 2O 5OWe need to balance out the Oxygen first,then the Nitrogen. This gives us… 2N2 + 5O2 ---> 2N2O5 4N 4N 10 O 10 O
  • 11. One More…C2H4 + O2 ---> CO2 + H2O 2C 1C 4H 2H 2O 3OC2H4 + 3O2 ---> 2CO2 + 2H2O