Vincent van gogh

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  • 1. Vincent Van Gogh
    By: Gabriella
  • 2. Early life
    Vincent Van Gogh was born in a small dutchvillige of Groot Zunder on march 30,1853. He was poor in the beginning of his life. His mom and dads names are Theodorus and Anna cornelia. They had 7 kids including vincent he was the oldest kid in the family.
  • 3. Important people in my life
    Theo vincent brother was important because vincent didn’t like how his art teachers were treating his paintings so he moved in with Theo. And another important person in his life is Paul Gaugniu he was vincents art teacher
  • 4. Challenges and problems I had
    His art teachers didn’t like how vincent was painting because they said your paint is to thick you hurry to much and you don’t follow are rules so they showed vincent how they do it there way and he didn’t like it there way.
  • 5. Character traits
    Vincent Van Gogh was serious, he was also hard – working, he was hard - working because he worked hard on a potato farm picking potatoes.
  • 6. Special talents and Abilities
    He can paint almost any thing. He liked being a preacher so he followed in his fathers foot steps to be a minister.
  • 7. Accomplishments [Why I’m famous]
    He’s famous because of his beautiful paintings his paintings became master pieces he sold them for millions of dollars
  • 8. Contributions to society ,Culture and History
    He had many beautiful paintings
  • 9. Interesting Facts
    Vincent Van Gogh had mentel illness so he cut off his ear