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  • 1. Pocahontas(Rebecca Rolfe)
    By Sophia
  • 2. Introduction
    I hope you love love love my power point as much as I do!
  • 3. Early Life
    Pocahontas was born in 1595 in Virginia. She was a member of the Powhatan tribe. When she was only 10 years old England came to America. She also loved to visited James Town a town that England made when they got on their land. She made friends with them. The Powhatan tribe were fighting often when she was little.
  • 4. Challenges and Problems
    Native Americans the English did not get along as much as Pocahontas and John Smith did. Pocahontas’s dad was going to kill John Smith but she saved him by taking her body and covering his body with hers she said that they had to kill her but they would never kill her.
  • 5. Special Talents and Abilities
    Pocahontas could transform into a English woman that was pretty hard. She could save someone’s life. She also could get along with the English people.
  • 6. Why I am Famous
    Pocahontas saved John Smith’s life by covering his body with hers. She meat the king because of the Accomplishment saving John Smith’s life.
  • 7. Important People in her Life
    Her father (Powhatan) because he toke a lot of care of her. Also King James because he is role and she meat him in 1616 when she died. And last but not lest John Smith because he was her best friend.
  • 8. Contributions to Society, Culture and History
    Pocahontas was married in 1614 to John Rolfe. Pocahontas now is called Rebecca Rolfe because she is now a English woman. In 1616 she sailed to England with her husband and son. She died in 1616 (she was sick).
  • 9. Character Traits
    She was brave because she saved John Smith’s life. Spirit because she has a mind of her own she did not always do what other people wanted her to do.
  • 10. Interesting Facts
    Pocahontas went to James Town and found out that John smith was dead. Pocahontas felt like she lost a friend.
  • 11. Ending
    I hope you loved my power point as much as I did!
    I hope you thought my power point was sweet!