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Module 2 Review Game






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Module 2 Review Game Module 2 Review Game Presentation Transcript

  • Finish Start Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Marine Science
  • Finish Start Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Module 2 Quiz Game
  • Welcome to The Game! This game will take you through information from Module 2. Click on the first box. Read through the information on the screen, and click on the BEST of the choices. Be careful, though. If you choose the wrong answer, you’ll be taken back to the initial screen, and you’ll have to start over! HAVE FUN! Click here to go back and get started.
  • Round 1 The deepest part of the ocean is in the Pacific, called the ______ _______. Marianas Trench Submarine Canyon
  • Round 1 The inhabitants of this ocean zone have to deal with constant change! Pelagic Zone Intertidal zone
  • Round 1 Mountains that rise above the surface of the ocean are called ________. Seamounts Islands
  • Round 1 The large flat area beyond the continental slope is called the _____. Great beyond Abyss
  • Round 1 Robert Ballard discovered what famous sunken ship in 1985? Queen Elizabeth II Titanic
  • Great work! Now move on to the next step. Go to Round 2.
  • Round 2 A piece of equipment called Jason Jr. was used to take a picture of the Titanic … what is this piece of equipment called? Submarine Cargo carrying sled Remotely operated machine
  • Round 2 Biodeterioration of the Titanic has been caused by which group of organisms? Microbes Barnacles Shellfish
  • Round 2 _____ serve as hiding spots and nurseries for many marine organisms. Estuaries Rivers Seamounts
  • Round 2 Desiccation happens to intertidal animals when excessive sunlight causes ________. Loss of water Heat stroke Loss of sight
  • Round 2 What type of map uses contour lines, isobars, and hachure lines? Bathymetric Elevation Hachure
  • Great work! Now move on to the next step. Go to Round 3.
  • Round 3 The part of the pelagic zone that doesn’t receive light is called the _____ zone. Aphotic Unphotic
  • Round 3 The boundary area that has a dramatic change in temperature is called the _____. Thermocline Aquacline
  • Round 3 The tail fin details are used to help identify which type of animal? Whales Sharks
  • Granite Living organisms Round 3 What is biogenous sediment made of?
  • Round 3 Bioluminecense Chemosynthesis Hydrythermally Sulphurization Sulfides and oxides become the energy source for the deep sea through the process of _____.
  • Great work! Now move on to the next step. Go to Round 4.
  • Round 4 Identify the item marked in purple in the picture. Continental Slope Continental trench A B
  • Round 4 The deposition of sediments is also called ___. Sublimation A Dropping B Accretion C
  • Round 4 Waves coming in constantly at the same angle is called a _____. Rip tide A Constant current B Longshore current C
  • Round 4 The ebb and flow of tides is caused by ___. Gravity of the sun and moon A Gravity of Jupiter B Earth’s magnetic field C
  • Round 4 Beaches in Florida are mostly pink or white because of what type of sediment? Quartz A Biogenic B Granite C
  • Round 4 Deposition of sediment is not affected by which of these factors? Waves cause by wind Flow of tides Seasonal weather Temperatures A D B C
  • Great work! Now move on to the Finish
  • Congratulations! Now you will be better prepared for the Module 2 Test! If you use what you have learned here to help you study then you will be on the track to success! Thank you for playing!