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Daily agenda project 02 creating and editing a web page
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Daily agenda project 02 creating and editing a web page

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  • 1.
    • Monday 9/20Tuesday 9/21Wednesday 9/22Thursday 9/23Friday 9/24  Elements of a Web Page   Notepad HTML Tags and Attributes Creating and Editing a Web Page Creating and Editing a Web Page   Business Smarts Activity By default Notepad and Netscape Navigator are installed with Windows.     Business Smarts Activity The change of a mouse pointer to an hourglass when moved over text, for example, indicates that a link is available from the text.     Business Smarts Activity When choosing your background, be sure it overpowers the information on the Web page.       Business Smarts Activity HTML has seven different levels of headings numbered 1 through 6, with 6 being the largest.     Business Smarts Activity It is good practice to start with a Heading 1 style and then to use a Heading 3 style as a way to add visual interest to a page?     DAILY AGENDA What is HTML?HTML Project 02:  Creating and Editing a Web Page SLMProject 02 VocabularyCase Perspective, HTM 29Complete Project Files: Campus Tutoring Service Web Page On your own, read project 02 and complete the project files by reading carefully through the directions (step-by-step instructions and screen captures).  Use the PowerPoint in the Figure Files folder as a guide.  HTM 30-62  DAILY AGENDA Complete Project Files:  Campus Tutoring Service Web PageProject 02 VocabularyComplete Apply Your Knowledge:  Editing the Apply Your Knowledge Web Page, HTM 64 Complete In the Lab 1:  Creating a Personal Web Page, HTM 65   DAILY AGENDA Project 02 VocabularyDeclaring the Document Type and Did you remember toComplete Project 02 Reinforcement, use of ALL materials  EV password:  campusComplete In the Lab 2: Creating and Information Web Page, HTM 66Complete In the Lab 3:  Composing a Personal Web Page, HTM 67  DAILY AGENDA Complete ALL activities for Project 02Project Files2AYKITL 1ITL 2ITL 3Choose 1 Case and Place to create on your own Create your Personal Web Page: What is your favorite band?  Create a Web page that describes your favorite band.  Identify the group members and the instruments they play.  Describe their last/previous tour dates with locations.  Images of your band/band members should display on your web page.  Do not forget to state why they are your favorite band.  Be creative! After lunch, Project 02 Tags Quiz, EV  password:  heading   DAILY AGENDA Project 02 Objective Test, EV  password:  background True/False Multiple Choice Project 02 Production Test - Creating a Web Site with tags and attributes learned in the project.   Quiz of the Day A Web page's title should be concise yet descriptive and briefly explain the page's content or purpose to the visitor.   Quiz of the Day When using text links on a Web page, it is recommended that you use the phrase Click here. Quiz of the Day Typically, lists are definition lists, though they are occasionally bulleted or numbered. Quiz of the Day If you are using a Heading 2 style for a specific level of text, you always should use a Heading 2 style to break up information at that level. Quiz of the Day NA Homework Project 02 Vocabulary due WednesdayHomework Project 02 Vocabulary due Wednesday  Homework   Homework Study for Project 2 Objective Test, Production Test Homework Enjoy your weekend!  We begin Project 03 on Monday!