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  • 1. THE FUSSY BY: Sofía Valest González 92*
  • 2. THE FUSSYHello! I‟m Sofía Valest González and I‟m 14 yearsold, actually I‟m studying in I.E Loyola‟s school forscience and Innovation in ninth grade.I‟m a lovely person, I‟m smart and fun, I‟m a helpfulperson and I always believe in me.I love Harry Potter, that‟s the best book and it‟s alsothe best movie (in my opinion) in the world. I loveOne Direction too, I really like to listen music andtalk in the phone, I love to go out with the my bestfriend, Camila, I like to chat on internet and watchTV, I‟m a ordinal girl, I have mistakes, I cry, I falldown, but I always will live my life with love.
  • 3. THINGS YOU WOULD FIND1- One Direction2- Something about One Direction3- Trivia4- J.K. Rowling‟s foundation5- MISSING PET6- Endangered Animal7- Likes & Dislikes8- Biography with connectors9- Calendar
  • 4. ONE DIRECTIONOne Direction it‟s a Boy-Band composed by HarryStyles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson andLiam Payne. They began in 2010 by Simon Cowell inThe X Factor. In 2012 they won an award for theBest Song (What makes you Beautiful) in the BRITAwards.Now days they are already known around the worldas a good band.
  • 5. SOMETHING ABOUT ONE DIRECTIONToday we are going to know some things about OneDirection. 1- Harry, how old are you?Hello, I’m Harry Styles and I’m 18 years old. 2- Niall, do you have a pet?Hi, I am Niall Horan and I have a pet, it’s abeautiful cat and her name is Jess. 3- Louis, what do you like?Hello, I’m Louis Tomlinson and I like to have timewith my girlfriend Eleanor, I love her! 4- Liam, what you don’t like?Hi, I am Liam Payne and I don’t like marriage, Ilove my girlfriend Danielle but I have to be surethat I truly love her to get married. 5- Zayn, do you have a nickname?Hi! I’m Zain Javadd Malik but everybody callsme Zayn and that’s my nickname. 6- Guys, what do you do in your free time?Ok, in our free time, we 7- Where do you live?We live in London.
  • 6. 8- You have written a lot of letters, haven’t you?Yes we have! Our favorite song is “What makesyou beautiful”
  • 7. TRIVIA How much do you know about One Direction?1- What is the Niall’s pet name?a- Hedwigb- Katyc- Jess2- What is the Zain Javadd nickname?a- Zayn Malikb- Zainc- Javadd3- Who is Liam’s Girlfriend?a- Danielleb- Eleanorc- Ginny4- How old is Harry?a- 16b- 17c- 185- What Louis likes to do?a- Have time with Eleanorb- Sing a songc- Dance
  • 8. 6- What is the favorite song of 1D?a- Takenb- One Thingc- What makes you beautiful7- When 1D began?a- 2010b- 2011c- 2012
  • 9. J.K.ROWLING’S FOUNDATIONChildren abandoned area strong problem in oursociety. Celebrities aregood influence and theycan create foundations and help them.Joanne Kathleen Rowling who gives money of herbooks to children who lives in bad conditions.She has a foundation and she always helps theothers.
  • 10. CELEBS WITH A CAUSE 1- What do you do every day to help others?For help the others, I listen persons and I give themsome advices, I‟m a good company, I‟m friendly,honest and I don‟t do things that could affect theothers. 2- Do you know anybody who works to help others?Mothers are always helping others, for example theyalways cook us and they are always for us.Joanne Kathleen Rowling is another example, shehas a foundation and she gives money to the poorchildren. 3- How can you help your community?I can help my community recycling paper, savingwater and electricity.I also can help when I am good person in thesociety.
  • 11. WANTED SAMMY IS LOST Sammy is a Labrador, he is a puppy, he is anintelligent dog, he’s helpful, lovely and a good company. If someone finds him, please call 228-40-45 THANKS
  • 12. WANTED KATY IS LOSTSammy is a cat. She is white and small; she has blue and green eyes.She loves to play but she is really spoiled.If someone finds her, please call 453-61-21 THANKS
  • 13. WANTED HEDWIG IS LOSTHedwig is an Owl, She is white, small and she has blue eyes. She is really smart, but lazy. If you find her, please call 291-30-79 THANKS
  • 14. ENDANGERED ANIMALSName of the animal: PandaAppearance: They are cute, big and white andblack.Habitat: Bamboo forest on ChinaPopulation: 1000Food: climb and sit as a personSpecial Characteristics: They are beautiful andthey have black eyes.Reason why it is in danger: They don‟t haveenough food and they don‟t have a lot space to live.
  • 15. LIKES AND DISLIKESMusic:I like electronic and reggateon, I don‟t like Rancheramusic.Technology:I like technology because is an innovation thatchange the world, but I don‟t like slowly technology.Siblings:I like them because they always are there for me. Ihate when they lye me.Entertainment:I like to watch and read Harry Potter. I like to listenOne Direction but I don‟t like to read boring books.Clotting:I like to wear hot clothes and I don‟t like to weardresses.Parents:They‟re always for me but I hate when they makeme hard jokes.Love:I love the love „cause make you fly but I hate whenthe people plays with my heart.
  • 16. Physical Appearance:I like a lot of things of me. I like how I am but Idon‟t like my nose.
  • 17. BIOGRAPHYHi, I‟m Sofía, but everybody calls me Sofi, I reallylike Harry Potter but people say that I‟d preferTwilight, so I don‟t pay attention to thatcommentaries, I also like to go out with my friends,especially with Camila, we have a really goodmoments together. I also like One Direction, theyare a really good band and they are a beautifulguys.
  • 18. CALENDARListen One Direction: In my vacations, I listened One Direction every day.Travel and visit new places: In my vacations, I traveled and visited newplaces four times a month.Go out with Camila: In my vacations, I went out with Camila twice a month.
  • 19. Go to a pool: In my vacations, I went to a pool once a month.Study: In my vacations, I studied nine days a month.
  • 20. SOMETHING ABOUT MY HORARYI‟m Sofía Valest González and I‟m 14 years old, Ireally like Harry Potter‟s movies and books and Ilove British band named One Direction.I get up at 5:00 am, it‟s really hard because I don‟tlike to get up early, then I take a bath and getdress. I also have breakfast, usually cereal or eggsand before taking the bus I wash my teeth. I reallylike to travel in a bus „cause I like to see how thethings change. I always take the bus to go toschool.When I arrive to school I meet my friends and webegin classes at 7:00 am, sometimes a classmateand I play Nintendo DS when we bring it and weplay in breaks, during the classes we talk a lot and Ialways listen One Direction in class and in a day,the word” Harry Potter “is always in my mouth.When the journey finish I talk with my friends andwe leave school at 2:00 pm.I arrive at home at 3:00pm and then I have lunchand before turning on the computer I have to makemy bed and I also have to wash the dishes. I‟mstarting homework at 4:00pm, after I talk one hourin the phone and I‟m going to sleep at 10:30pm.In weekends I used to go to English class, so I mustto get up early and be ready at 11:00 am, I havelunch and after that I go to classes. At night I goout with my friends.
  • 21. OUR PLANETThe planet and the ambient is really important inour life, without him we couldn‟t stay alive.These are some things that I do to care the planet. Iexpect that you follow, because the planet is mine,yours and everybody.♥ I always recycle paper .♥ I never water or energy.♥ I rarely throw garbage.♥ Sometimes I recycle cans.♥ Once a year, I grow a plantTOGETHER WE CAN HELP THE PLANET