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Inspiring Sustainability through Meetings & Events
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Inspiring Sustainability through Meetings & Events


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Inspiring Sustainability one meeting at time...

Inspiring Sustainability one meeting at time...

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  • 1. Tamara Kennedy-Hill Executive Director, Green Meeting Industry Council Megan Rooksby,CMP GMIC Oregon Chapter President Maxvantage Meeting Solutions Inspiring Sustainability
  • 2. Who is the GMIC?
    • The GMIC is the premier global meetings community solely dedicated to sustainability not only through education but also by spearheading research, policy and standards for the meetings and event industry.
  • 3. GMIC Story
    • Nonprofit global membership based organization started in 2003
    • 500+ Members in 19 countries
    • 45 Supporting Business Partners
    • Member of the CIC.
    • Partner in the APEX Process.
    • Advisory Role in GRI.
  • 4. What is a Green Meeting?
    • A green meeting incorporates environmental considerations throughout all stages of the meeting process in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment and make a positive impact to host communities in terms of environmental and social legacies.
  • 5. Green Meetings – Better Meetings
      • Reduced environmental impact
      • Cost savings
      • Promotional benefits
      • Green business opportunities
      • Delegate and employee satisfaction
  • 6. GMIC Mantra
    • Sustainability is our Vision
    • Corporate Responsibility is our Obligation
    • Green Meetings are our Strategy.
  • 7. GMIC Member Community Destination Communications & Marketing Accommodation F & B Transport Venues On-Site Exhibits
    • Milestones:
    • Oregon is the first chapter to incorporate under the
    • Green Meeting Industry Council
    • The inaugural GMIC Oregon event was held on
    • July 15, 2009 at EcoTrust.
    • GMIC Oregon currently maintains close to 50 active members in the local community and seeks new members to join the sustainability conversation.
  • 9.  
  • 10. Is Green a Choice?
  • 11. Discussion Time
    • What is a challenge are you facing with greening in your meetings/events and or facility?
    • What is one change or idea you can put in action that reflects your organization’s or event’s commitment to sustainability (greening)?
    • What does the industry need to provide you to take your greening to the next level?
  • 12. The Business Case
    • “ Companies that report sustainability data generally experience higher gross margins and return on sales, higher return on assets, and stronger cash flow and rising shareholder return.”
    • PriceWaterhouseCoopers 2008
    Slide Courtesy of Meeting Strategies Worldwide
  • 13. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • The concept has been around for almost a century.
    • It encourages corporations/organizations to consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of its actions.
  • 14. Driving Business Pressure
    • FORTUNE 500 companies are increasingly recognizing that the most impactful climate change strategy is to “ green their supply chains .”
  • 15. What Do Corporations Say?
    • For many years, we have been working to mitigate our impact on climate change—through energy conservation programs, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and development of more energy-efficient products.
    • – Intel Corporate Social Responsibility Report.
  • 16. Fortune 500
    • "Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing the world today, and it is a key issue for our stakeholders, who expect us to minimize the impacts of our operations and products."
    • Gregory Q. Brown, President and CEO
    • Motorola Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  • 17. About Sustainability?
    • " We hold sustainability as one of our core values .“
    • -Keith Wendall, President and COO of Johnson Controls.
    • “ We aspire to be the most environmentally responsible company in the world.”
    • "... our Company's financial success depends on our ability to protect the environment, respect our employees and be responsible to the world community “
    • Johnson & Johnson Corporate Social Responsibility Report.
  • 18. What Planners Are Saying Today…
    • Are planning or expect to plan a green meeting
    • during the next year…
    • Association 44%
    • Corporate 51%
    • Independent 43%
    • 2009 Meetings Market Trends Survey
  • 19. 51% of independents (a 16% increase over 2008) 46.8% of corporate (a 10.5% increase over 2008) 44.4% both of association planners and government planners Source: 2009 Meetings Media Survey Who’s planning green meetings now 2009?
  • 20. Competitive Advantage 84% of buyers felt meeting industry should take environment more seriously into account Source: IMEX 3 rd Annual Survey Results 2008
  • 22. An average meeting attendee uses 20 pounds of trash PER DAY… … That’s compared to 4 - 5 pounds of trash per day when at home!!! Collect. Track. Report. Evaluate. Improve Just the Trash Facts
  • 23. Waste Diversion Defined
    • Waste diversion, or landfill diversion, is the process of diverting waste from a landfill and is typically measured by weight. – Wikipedia
    • The act of preventing garbage from being disposed of in landfills or incinerators by reducing the amount of materials that you use or buy, reusing products, recycling or composting. –
  • 24. Million Tons of Trash Challenge
    • Green Meetings Industry Council estimates conferences in the USA produce an estimated 10.5 million tons of trash.
    • 1 million tons therefore represents a reduction of about 10%.
  • 25. Inspiring Waste Diversion
    • Data Collection
    • Tracking Your Data
    • Reporting Your Results
    • Evaluating & Celebrating Your Results
    • Annual Improvement Plan
  • 26. What Data Do I Collect?
    • How much trash the event or company produced, and how much was recycled by weight at a minimum.
    • For those who are also reducing trash by composting, providing to donation programs or cutting back on things like paper you can collect this information as well.
  • 27. Track
    • Meeting planners and suppliers are partners
    • in collecting waste management data.
    • At the most basic level, ask your trash hauler:
      • How much trash they collect by weight
      • How much they recycle and/or compost by weight
    • Be specific about dates of measurement
    • To ensure venue and trash hauler compliance put it in your contract with an agreement to provide reporting by a certain date.
  • 28. Report & Evaluate Success Disposed Wet Waste/Food/Non-Recycables 5 tons or 5.5 yards 90 Gallon Recycling Totes 24 bins x 150 lbs each Paper, Plastic, Glass, Aluminum 3600 lbs or 1.8 tons Cardboard Recycling 1 and ½ bales Food Pans or Trays served 358 pans Total Number of food pans reserved in employee cafeteria 26 pans
  • 29.
    • Case Study: Client in North America 2009
    • Environmental Resources saved through
    • recycling this week = 2.5 tons of material
    • 6 Trees Saved
    • 166 gallons of oil saved
    • 8 gallons of gasoline saved
    • 2275 gallons water saved
    • 6278 kW electricity saved
    • 8 yards landfill space saved
    • Prepared by Allied Waste Industry
  • 30. Supplier Savings from Going Green
    • The Fairmont Royal York has saved $51,000 per year by switching from incandescent to fluorescent lights.
    • Scandic Hotels estimates energy and water conservation measures have saved EUR 18 million between 1996 – 2000. That’s over $27.7 million USD (Scandic Hotels, 2008)
    • Airports can save over $100,000 per year by recycling.
  • 31. More Supplier Savings
    • InterContinental Chicago O’Hare
      • Reflective roof system
      • CFL & LED lighting in all guest rooms and hallways
      • In-house purified water in corn based bottles
      • Organic or seasonal menus sourced locally
    • The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa
      • Replaced 4,440 standard light bulbs with energy efficient florescent bulbs
      • Saved over 203,000 kwh of energy and $61,000 annually
      • Stopped 317,165 lbs of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere
  • 32.
    • Develop best practices and voluntary standards that can be implemented to create a more sustainable meeting or event.
      • Sustainable: economic, environmental and social aspect of meetings and events.
    Green Meeting Events Practice Panel Mission (APEX):
  • 33. Meetings Industry Destination Communications & Marketing Accommodation F & B Transport Venues On-Site Exhibits
  • 34. Communication/policy Air quality Community Partners Staff mgmt/policy Procurement Energy Water Waste Eight Categories in each (sector) pie
  • 35. Ways to Get Involved
    • GMIC Chapters
    • Join the GMIC Oregon Chapter today! Booth #207
    • Join in on the Trash Action Challenge:
      • For the meetings and event industry to divert 1million tons of solid waste from by end of 2009. [email_address]
    • APEX Standards
  • 36. Tools & Resources –
    • Convention Industry Council Guidelines -
    • GMIC website –
    • PCMA Network for the Needy - /source/community/
    • GMIC & IMEX Green Meetings
    • Awards -
    • MeetGreen – book and calculator –
  • 37. “ 95% of the meeting professionals who have ever lived are alive today. We have the opportunity together to decide what this young profession will be about; bringing people and ideas together as part of the problem, or as part of the solution. “ David Berman, Expert Speaker on Design, Ethics, Social Responsibility.
  • 38. Questions?
    • Tamara Kennedy-Hill
    • Executive Director
    • Green Meeting Industry Council
    • 503-332-5739 direct
    • 1-888-450-2098 main office
    • [email_address]
    • OR
    • Megan Rooksby,CMP
    • GMIC Oregon Chapter President
    • EMAIL: [email_address]
  • 39. THANK YOU! BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD! -Ghandi Visit us at booth #207 now!